Title: The Other Half of Axel (Drabble)
Genre: Kingdom Hearts
Rating: PG14
Characters: Axel's Somebody, who I call Lae
Inspiration: Lae's Heartless (see my DA)
Note: From a random plotbunny involving Axel's Somebody, Lae, and then goes on to tell the story of Lae's Heartless. I might eventually finish this.

Lae didn't quite know what the world was coming to. Yesterday, he had been working on that new airship Mas Gerkva managed to smash up again, and now.. he was....

He ran his oil-stained hands through his fiery hair once more--a nervous gesture he had picked up from his father, they both always came home with oil and ink, respectively, in their hair.

The familiar gesture seemed so out of place when golden eyes--not blue, never blue ever again--stared back at him. The hand running through the hair was tanned like a sailor's instead of deathly pale like it should have been and his hair shouldn't be this red. It just shouldn't.

Lae knew what this transformation meant. Everyone on his world knew what it meant. He just--fuck everything to ash--no one ever thinks it's them that will be the sacrifice!

"Oh... oh no." A soft voice behind him drew a sharp breath "No. No, no, no." Lae snatched Terjii's arm before he could bolt.

"Ter. Please." Lae tried to plead, to comfort, to growl, all at once, but it just came out in a tone like something shattered and broken, sharp and rough.

"Let go of me." Terjii's voice was flat, but Lae didn't obey, instead he tried to catch the boy's hazel eyes, but those were frozen like shards of ice. "Let me go, bird."

Lae withdrew sharply, like he had been slapped or stung.

For a moment, tears seemed to want to fall from those warmly colored eyes, "Laeku..." Then the coward ran, like Lae had known he would. Ter was never the strong one in all the years they had known one another.

As water began to welt up in his own--golden, not blue, never blue again--eyes, he felt the heat of his skin turn it to steam.

"Oh, and so I'm not allowed to cry for myself. That's just ...blazingly great." Lae growled and slammed the window open. Ter would tell someone, and that someone would tell the fire guards, who would be on their way to 'contain' him soon. He only had so much time to escape.

Some of the Phoenix's sacrifices had escaped... hadn't they?

As he launched himself out his window, Lae heard a cry rise up in the city, and a Darkness invaded his thoughts.