This is a AnnXDaigo fic. Ann's thoughts and feelings as she moves to Tokyo. The title means 'Memories in the Sand'


It's spring here, Daigo. I miss you. Spring is supposed to be a season full of hope, but I do not feel it. Any spring without you is colder than winter. Daigo. I want to see you.

"Ann?" A shrill voice startles Ann out of her thoughts, even more so when she feels a heavy weight being thrown onto her. She stumbles backwards, confused for a second on what hit her. It is Asa-chan, one of her friends from elementary school.

"Asa-chan!" Ann exclaims, hugging her childhood friend.

"Hey, don't forget us!" Two melodious voices join in the cheering and delighted squeals from the two girls. Two more girls join the small circle, each of them scrambling to hug their long-lost friend.

"Edacchi! Micchon!" Ann cries, her other two friends from childhood. The four girls squeal in delight, jumping up and down and embracing eachother.

"We made it to the same high school! We made it to the same high school!" The girls squeal over and over.

There are many tears of joy and laughter. But Daigo, these tears are not tears of happiness, they are tears for you. I miss you. Daigo…

"Hey, you girls," A gruff voice shatters the happy reunion. "get in line! They're distributing the class lists now!" The counselor that called them out of their reunion goes to stand in a group of other freshmen. The girls straighten out their uniforms and get in line, each one praying that they will be in the same class. Ann prays for that, but she also prays for her far-away boyfriend, Daigo.

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