Apologies about the less-than-amazing summary, but I had no idea how to sum this up.

It's a drabble that I've had up on my dA account for a while, but didn't post here - it was one of those bits of writing that just seems to appear on the page. It's based on TUE, so it would probably take place in the days/week after the events of that episode.

Danny Phantom (c) Butch Hartman

Debris scattered across the ground. Fires flickering and casting eerie shadows over the ground. Remains of a massacre littered everywhere. Silence, save for the cracking and popping of flames, horribly similar to the sound of bones breaking. Sharp tang of copper lacing the air, smothering the smell of smoke. Doesn't stop it from coiling through nostrils and throat, producing coughs, hindering escape. Scrabbling over broken concrete and glass, slipping in crimson puddles in the hurry to find somewhere safe, somewhere to hide, somewhere where there's freedom, with no cage, no fear, no running.

Chilling laughter shatters the near silence. A green blast reduces the rubble nearby to nothing.

The twisted game of cat and mouse begins again. The mouse scurries off, splashing through red pools with the cat laughing and following leisurely, toying with its prey.

Running again, always running, knowing if he catches –

No! Can't lose them, can't let them go, can't let them die, can't let it be my fault …

Insane cackling creeps up again. Bolt to the shadows, hoping the darkness will bring safety and ward off the fear and horror and – caught!

Beaten and thrown around, finally collapsing to the ground from the pain. Look up. See them, family and friends and a teacher, trapped next to a steaming chunk of metal, fear dripping out of every pore, eyes pleading with you to help them, save them, deliver them from this fate that is creeping ever closer.

Cold washes through the air. Weakly turn to the source of the cold and destruction and death; white flame, blue skin, serpent tongue –

Bloody eyes. Blood-stained hands. Cold-blooded black heart.

Murderer. Psychopath. Destroyer.


Hope you enjoyed it!

(If you have any tips for writing horror, please share them - I'm not familiar with writing it and I'd like to improve, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks)