/The elegant carriage door opened and Mike took my hand and helped me step out of the carriage. We were about to board the luxurious Twitanic as first-class passengers. Although I was excited to see the subject of much gossip and fuss, I was bored with the many ships Mike took me on and also, I did not love Mike. We were set to be married in three months and I was as unenthusiastic as can be. Sure, Mike was rich, successful and handsome enough, but he was rude, conceited, controlling, degrading to women and had no interest in getting to know me. I yearned for something more.

I secretly desired a man that would love me for me, who would understand me and who loves spending time with me. In silence I pined for someone who would put my needs and wants first, with who I would never get bored. But mostly, I wanted someone who wasn't just plain rude. But there was nothing I could do. Our families arranged this in need of "connection" and "money" even though both of or families are rich enough and very well connected. But our families know only of power, money and connections. Sometimes I wonder if they know nothing of love or friendship. I don't think that my parents can see the fact that Mike and I are not meant to be. But there is nothing I can do to help it.

Mike began to lead me towards the boarding deck and I sighed, thinking only of all the boring diner parties with Bruce Ismay, that little wife of his, Thomas Andrews, Captain E.J. Smith and many others "connected" to this grand ship. I wanted to live, to see things I had never seen before. And mostly, I wanted a man I love next to me the whole time.