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A ringing bell echoed through a plain street of New York City. Children piled out of a middle school, leaping in joy for the freedom that each Friday brought.

"Just five more minutes…just five more… they always wait for each other." Grover mumbled to himself. He was hidden inside a large trash bin across the street from a middle school and elementary school. He stood upon layers of rotten food and failing report cards. His head propped open the lid.

"I don't have to wait… I don't have a problem… no problem. Me? No problem… I just…" He scanned his view, "I just… thought that tree over there needs protection and… you know ever little part counts…. Oh! What I'm kidding myself for?" Grover sighed and released his grip of the side trash bin causing him to slide to the bottom of the trash heap. He cursed the person who threw away a perfectly good tin can and took a bite of it absently mindlessly.

"Face it Grover! You're sitting inside a trashcan, talking to yourself! You know why your here, why you have been visit here every weekday this month. If Chiron ever found out…," he shivered, "Well it's not like he's can prove it's them. I don't even know for sure…but they just look so much like them…"

Grover thoughts were interrupted by the voices he was waiting for; his hyper animal's ears pick them up from across the street. He stuck his head out once more to see for sure. "Yep, it's them." A girl, that looked the age of fourteen, sat down on the bench under the tree Grover wanted to save. She had short spiky black hair tied back with a headband with lightning markings on it. She wore all black, punk looking clothes and had a black ipod in her hand. She put one earpiece in her ear and offered the other one to the short blond hair boy standing next to her. He took it, putting it in his ear, and sat down next to her.

Grover tightened his grip on the trashcan side when the door of the middle school opened again. Two kids, about the same age, walked out and sat down on the edge of the fountain nearby the tree. The boy and the girl waved to the two sitting on bench, who waved back before turning back to their music. Grover was too focused on their appearance to notice what they were saying to each other, but they were laughing. The girl had long curly blond hair that she had tied back in a ponytail. She said something to the black haired boy sitting next to her and laughed some more. The boy used his hand to splash the girl with some water from the fountain and laughed back.

"It has to be them... it has to be... his green eyes… her grey eyes… it's them! But how can it be? Wake up Grover! Wake up!" Grover once again let go of the side, sliding back to the bottom. "It's been fifteen years! Fifteen for goodness sake! And look at yourself! You're sitting in a trashcan stalking six kids!"

He shook his head and placed his face into his hands. He was supposed to be helping Chiron look for Half-Bloods, their number had significantly lowered ever since the war and the other satyrs were having no luck bringing them up. So, Grover volunteered to take some time off, saving the wild and passing on the word of Pan, to help Camp Half-Blood. But instead of finding new Half-Bloods, he found six old ones; at least they looked like six old demigods… six dead demigods.

A second bell woke Grover from his memories. Out of habit, his poked his head out just in time to see the elementary school kids pour out of the building. The four kids Grover have been watching stood up when two similar looking kids joined them. The smallest of the six, a young black hair boy, jumped up and down, rapidly saying something to the boy that was sitting on the fountain. The new girl, who had long, black, braided hair, rolled her eyes. The oldest girl shouted at them to hurry up and together they started to walk down the street. Grover waited until they disappeared behind the corner before he climbed out of the trash bin.

Here he was again. Grover was sick this. Sick of lying to Chiron about where he was. Sick of abandoning his duties to Camp Half-Blood and, worse of all, Pan. Juniper was worried and angry him, probably thinking he was off with some bush, and all he did was ignored her. He even put off replying to Clarisse's letter, who checked in on him from time to time, for fear of telling someone what he has been up to. Shameful, that's what is was. It's not possible. For Gods sake, he was there at their funeral. He saw her there on that cold bed. He had been the one to find her, lifeless. But for some reason he wouldn't connect the two. He wanted them to be alive again, so they could go back to the good times when they were off having quests. He didn't want to face the truth. Grover had to make a decision. Should he follow them? (Again) What then? Should he try talking to them? Were they them? Would they recognize him? Fear had kept him from acting so far, but he knew he had to do something soon. But he was afraid that he had been getting his hopes up. "Come on Grover, be brave!" He sighed to himself and crossed the street.

Grover followed the six to a small suburban street outside main New York City. The two from the fountain walked hand in hand behind the rest. The younger two tried balancing on the edge of the curb, each trying to knock each other off. The oldest two were still listening to music on the girl's ipod. When they reached a large blue house, the youngest two ran inside followed by the two oldest. The short black haired girl shouted to the other two, who were crossing the street to a yellow porch house. She shouted something about not being late for dinner and went inside. 'Perfect' Grover thought, 'I can talk to them alone.' They dropped their backpacks on the ground outside the house and climbed the porch stairs. The blond girl sat down on the porch railing, letting her legs swing while she talked to the boy. Grover stood across the street, the two were too busy to notice him staring. Grover took a deep breath and said a silent pray as he crossed the street. The boy noticed Grover when he reached the curb, the girl then stopped talking to see what he is looking at.

"Hello," the boy said politely, "Can I help you?"

"Ummdoyouummknowmeummpercy?" Grover mumbled the words together.

"Sorry, I didn't catch any of that." "Are you Percy?" Grover spat out. 'Please! PLEASE! Be him.'

"No, my name is Peter."

Grover tried and failed to hide his face of disappointment. He turned to the girl, "Is your name Annabeth?"

The girl looked nervous, like she didn't trust Grover. She didn't trust Grover! Grover who had know her since she was seven. He look broke Grover's heart but he had waited to long to quit now. Grover guessed she had good reason. He had grown up a lot over the decade. He no longer looked like a middle school kid, more like a man right out of high school. He had on his usual jean pants and a "Hug Me! I'm Irish!" T-shirt on. His goat feet were hidden in running shoes that still made him walk funny and he wore a black Jazz hat to conceal his horns on the top of his head since they no longer fit under a baseball cap.

"Her name is Abby," Peter answered for her since she seemed to be incapable of speech at the time.

"Are you sure?" Grover knew this was a stupid question, but he didn't let go of his hopes.

"Yes, unless my named changed in the last ten seconds."

'Well he has Percy's sense of humor. Maybe if we keep talking they will start to remember,' Grover thought.

"Peter?" Abby said quietly, but Peter ignored her.

"Do you know me?" Grover asked twiddling his thumbs.

Peter looked at him for a while and then answered, "No, I don't think so. What's your name?"

"Grover Underwood," Grover pronounced his name slowly as if that would help.

"No, I don't know a Grover or any Underwoods."

"Peter," Abby jumped down from the railing and tugged on Peter's arm.

"What?" He said looking annoyed.

"Let's go inside," she gave a nervous look at Grover. Grover couldn't believe it, Annabeth would never be scared of him.

"Why?" Peter said completely unaware.

Grover smiled at their interactions, which he probably shouldn't have done because it freaked Abby out more. 'Same old wise Annabeth, same old clueless Percy.'

"Sorry, my mom wants us inside now." Abby said wisely. She grabbed Peter's arm and pulled him towards to front door.

"Are you sure you don't recognized me? Maybe a younger me?" Grover said desperately.

Peter took one last long look at Grover, "I'm sorry, no." He really did sound sorry, like he wanted to know who Grover was, but just couldn't remember.

"Sorry, we don't know you and we need to leave now! Good bye,' Abby pulled Peter inside the house and slammed the door shut. Grover stood there on the porch for a while. He was so close. He knew it was them. They looked and acted the same way they did when they Percy and Annabeth, but for some reason they weren't them anymore.

'How could this be possible,' Grover asked himself. He took one last sad look at the door and turned to leave. Grover knew it was them. He knew it deep down in his heart. He would be back. He would find a way to make them recognize him. He would get all them to recognize him: Thalia, Luke, Bianca, Nico, plus Percy and Annabeth. He will find a way. Maybe he would ask Chiron or Clarisse for help…or maybe not. Maybe he could ask Hades if he knew anything about this. He had to believe that there was some hope left. He had to believe that their friendship was strong enough. He had to believe that friendship would find a way.

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