Total Love Island

A make it yourself story of 22 campers 11 girls 11 boys. There's gonna be 11 teams (each team one boy one girl) that will compete for a million dollars. What they have to do? Got to show that they love each other a lot. french kissing, maybe a little sex and stuff like that.




Age: (16 to 18)




Clothes(look below)

1-Everyday wear:



4-Formal(dresses and tuxes, smoking):

Percings, tattoos:


Medical condition(s): (if they have any)

Type of guy or girl:

So here's mine:

Name: Olivia Monihigh

Nickname: Oli, Via, Ol

Gender: Female

Age: 20(she's the host.

Stereotype: Like Chris and Trent. She sings and plays the guitar



Clothes(look below)

1-Everyday wear: A black strapless checkard on the side flashy pink, black mini skirt, pink converses. We can see her belly button.

2-PJs: A black tank top with flashy pink mini shorts.

3-Swimsuit: A black and white volcom bikini.

4-Formal(dresses and tuxes, smoking): A purple/plum short tube dress.(strapless)

Piercings and tattoos: A belly button piercing, a nose piercing, two holes in each ears and one at the top of her left ear. A star in the inside of her left wrist.

Hobbies: Singing, playing the guitar, torturing snobs.

Medical condition(s): None

Type of guy or girl: I'm the host, I don't need to do this.

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