"For fucks sake Swan, what do you want?" He was obviously annoyed that I had barged into his room, but why the hell would I care?

"I want it back, now." I growled at him.

"I have no idea what you are talking about." He said innocently, I knew different.

"Give me back my CD Cullen, you're not funny."

"Oh, do you mean this one?" He flashed one at me and then held it above my head. It was my CD all right, it was the one I had got for my Christmas from Angela.

"Give it back!" I shouted in his face and reached up for it, he held it just out of my reach, even on my tiptoes. He then pushed me and I fell backwards onto his bed. He clambered on top of me, threw the CD onto his bedside table and kissed me gently, getting rougher until our breathing was in shreds.

Just then his brother walked into his room to see if I needed help with the supposed ass-kicking I was meant to be giving Edward at this moment in time.

Instead of kicking his ass, I was lying on his bed with him on top of me, my heart racing, my breathing ragged, him kissing my face, my throat, and me moaning quietly as he did so.

I heard a low oath from someone, and I was sure as hell that it wasn't Edward, his lips were trailing down my jawbone at this moment in time.

I opened my eyes and saw both Emmett and Jasper standing there gawping at us.

"Oh shit." I said quietly.

Edward raised his head from my neck and looked over his shoulder to see what I was swearing about.

"Oh shit." He repeated when he saw Emmett and Jasper's shocked expressions.

"Nice ass kicking Bella..." Emmett said, "I'd accept getting beaten up by you any day..."

"This isn't how it looks." Edward said quickly.

"No, yeah, no, it's not how it looks." I said, I couldn't think properly.

"Of course not, just because you are still lying on top of her obviously shows that nothing happened." Jasper spoke directly to Edward.

"I think we should just leave them in peace, at least they have sorted their differences now, that was really what we were aiming for, so I guess our job is done." Emmett grinned and left, Jasper close behind him.

Edward turned back round to me with a mischievous look in his eyes and said.

"Now where were we?"

"Edward, this is all wrong. I should hate you, I do hate you, don't I?" I tried to push him off of me and I failed, Edward wouldn't budge.

"Not anymore, otherwise you wouldn't have reacted to me the way you did." He said smugly.

"I don't know Edward, I don't understand..."

"Then don't think about it..." He said, leaning in to kiss me again.

I raised a finger and pushed it against his lips. I then used his moment of shock to push him away and get off of his bed. He got up and stood in front of me. He wound his arms round my waist and looked straight into my eyes.

"What's wrong Bella? Don't you want me?" He teased.

"I don't know Edward, I need to think this over..." I was still confused. Just a few hours ago I had been ready to kill this guy for what he did to me, and I had thought the feeling was mutual. Apparently not...

He dropped his arms as I struggled against them, his pride in tatters as I had just rejected him when he threw himself at me. I was walking out of the room when I stopped and turned round in the doorway. Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw.

Edward was staring at me, looking lost and alone, a single tear rolling down his cheek.

Guilt flooded through me as I turned away and ran out of his house.

How the hell had all the months of tormenting each other led to this? I thought, bursting into tears as I slammed the Cullen's front door behind me.