Chapter 6

By ShannaK

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Sookie sighed and stared out the darkened window before her. Curled up in an oversized chair, she found herself actually alone for the first time in the last two weeks. The library was on the second floor and while she had no way of leaving the large mansion, she was starting to get a better feel for those who resided here and those who stopped to see Eric for business. It seemed Pam had been left in charge of Fangtasia. She'd returned to the mansion not followed one night, bruises briefly marring her perfectly porcelain skin. What threw Sookie off were the claw marks that disappeared before her eyes. Her mind wandered to Sam and whether he might be searching for her in Bill's stead. If that were true, then Eric's words would indeed be true and her Bill was walking among them no more. Alas, that had been a week ago and there had been no sign from the outside world to indicate she even existed outside this building anymore.

Untangling her jeans clad legs from beneath her in the chair, she took a glance around her and moved to the window. Barred and security wired just like the window in every room she had been is so far. Even if she could get past the bars, the system would alert everyone in the house before she could even climb out. With vampires about, she wouldn't stand a chance even if by some miracle she got herself down to ground level. They moved more quickly than she could ever hope to. Her escape would have to come from a different avenue.

"Sookie, if you would follow me." Karey stood in the doorway, files in hand, Blackberry lit up and active and Blue Tooth system hooked around her left ear. The woman had been around her constantly since her arrival to the upper levels. She had determined that she handled multiple accounts and arrangements for Eric, including travel and hotels and safety and security. She had turned out to be a human size protection fairy. This allowed her the capacity to protect her keeper in all degrees. She had the mind capacity to work all security systems and make all guards react as needed and with blind faith and devotion to her keeper. She would stop walking sometimes, eyes glazed over, mouth speaking silent words, then suddenly move into fully active mode, barking orders into her headpiece, strutting down a hallway, typing away at her phone's online system. Sookie had begun to understand that these were threats to Eric the protector was sensing and acting on.

Sookie stood with a short nod of her pale, drawn face. Karey took no notice of the girl's expression or attitude; it had been the same since arriving and she did not care really if it changed or not. Karey knew her job was to keep the girl alive for Eric's sake. He needed her for his next operation and then it was whatever Eric decided to do with her. Karey couldn't waste time on a little girl's happiness. She did however understand the need to play nice and keep the girl under thumb.

"Have you found your accommodations acceptable?"

Sookie glanced at the woman whose face would never age. "It's fine. Where are we going?

"Ahh…to the point. I appreciate your bluntness Sookie. A treasure in a human I assure you. You have a meeting with Eric and one of his teams."

As they neared the meeting room, Sookie paused. After being inactive for two weeks, her mind constantly searching without success for another human mind to give her any information, she was suddenly bombarded with thoughts from a variety of people behind the closed doors. She stopped short behind Karey and grabbed her head, trying to sift through the thought processes, separate them and make sense of them. Karey waited patiently until Sookie's head turned upward again and her eyes met the fairy's sparkling ones.

"Yes, Sookie, Eric's team behind this door…all human. Do you have yourself quite contained and prepared to process everything now? Good. Let us proceed shall we?"

Sookie's eyes were wide but her mind determined as she entered the room after Karey. Eric stood at the front of the room, a dangerous smirk across his face. Seated at two long board room tables were a dozen humans, both male and female, as well as two other vampires she'd never seen and another being she did not recognize but whose thoughts she could not pull out.

**…had to be taken off assignment with the Bureau for this shit. I just, just got the in with the chief and now they pull me for a dumb blonde…what the fuck is Eric thinking!**

**…had better be good damn it. I left my cat at home alone. Have to remember to call Jack to feed her, might not be home in a few days. Is my cell phone here, did I leave it in the car, no, pocket, good, okay, remember call Jack to feed cat…come on Karey get this started so we can get into action here…**

**…thought she'd be taller really, maybe older too…such power in that mind. I wonder if she's ever had an MRI, her file doesn't say, just the counseling assessments when she was a child, nothing as an adult, does it grow more powerful with age, what a phenomenon…didn't get to find out much about that last telepath before her protector found us…Eric said he's done a good job keeping this one hidden…**

**…good thing her protector hasn't found her. I hear he's dead already, but to set up a vampire to be killed, Eric must be getting a bit desperate, hope there's no backlash on that one…**

**...so creepy just standing there in the corner, eyes all white and glazed over…does he have to wear that stupid black robe, so creepy and ancient…yeah, yeah, oh so powerful Seer in the building and all but come on…makes ya wonder if he's old enough to be from the middle ages or some shit…**

** …as long as he doesn't go off on a vision this time…I've never puked so much at the sight of anything before…never again…I'll leave this God forsaken room…**

Shaking her head, she followed Karey to the closest table and the two open seats halfway down the table's right side. A nod from Eric found Karey stood with a projector remote control in her hand, walking to his side as the lights darkened. The projector at the back of the room looked to be connected to a laptop and the screen lit up with text that made Sookie's breath intake sharply.


The room did not seem to share Sookie's surprise as Karey continued to the next slide in the show. As the slides progressed, Sookie understood this was a summary of some sort of take over slavery plan, they were not giving all of the information here though. It felt rather that she was gaining a piece of the puzzle and not the big picture for whatever this was that Eric had planned. From what she could tell though, to find the key to the success of his plans, Eric needed this seer standing silent and oblivious to the proceedings in the corner.

As the lights came up in the room, Eric waved his hand flippantly in Karey's direction and she made a small bow before stepping aside.

"Humans, you each play your own insignificant role in this plan and your cooperation has been most appreciated. Your silence here is valuable and we are reassured that it will continue to be so." Eric tilted his head almost imperceptibly and within less than second, the room was filled will about ten other vampires. "Please accept our greatest gratitude for your services and silence."

Sookie's head went spinning as the vampires whirled around her towards the meeting table. The fear was palpable in the room as the thoughts flooded her brain and she had to clutch at her head in a vain attempt to make the pain and fear stop.

The screams came next but they were short lived as all too quickly, the human voices and thoughts abruptly began to cease and Sookie shuddered at the cold slurps that resonated through the echoing room. Lifting her head slowly, her eyes were met with the face of the man who had been thinking about the seer, his blank gaze stared just past her shoulder and a trickle of red liquid slid down the side of his throat and met his white shirt staining the collar.

Sookie gulped and took a deep breathe before peering beyond this one lifeless body. Her fears were confirmed as her eyes met those of a young red headed vampire woman, crouching over this first dead human. The smirk and pure joy that radiated in this vampire's eyes made Sookie cringe and turn away. This proved to be not the best choice as her eyes were then able to take in the rest of the room. The vampires were each finishing their victims and the room began to empty of the fanged creatures, leaving their mess behind for their clean up crews.

"What have you done?"

Sookie stared, unable to tear her eyes away try as she might, at the gore that had piled up on the floor and on the table and chairs. She cringed and tried hard to calm her breathing but now the stench of blood and death permeated her senses. Her eyes travelled to the corner of the room where a small circle of clean floor wound about the seer. He stood still, covered in dark trench coat and staring off into the opposite corner of the room. His eyes were glazed over and just as she thought she was coming back to reality and being able to move within her situation again, a blinding light shot out in a wide circle from the frighteningly old man. Sookie screamed as the pain that shot through her mind seared and her vision went black.