Bella towed Edward towards the park just on the edge of Forks. "Come on, Edward! It's a nice day," she argued, for Edward had been reluctant about going to the park.

"Vampires are supposed to stay inside on nice days," he reminded her stubbornly. She huffed.

"It's not that nice," she pointed out, gesturing to the cloudy sky. "See? No sunlight. You're fine." Edward sighed, but allowed her to lead him into the park. She eased onto a damp bench, and he sat beside her. Their hands intertwined loosely, and they smiled lazily at each other as the afternoon dwindled towards dusk.

Suddenly, there was a shout and the sound of a gunshot. Edward tensed, but even he was not fast enough to stop the small bullet that hurtled towards Bella. Her eyes stared unseeingly, her mouth open in acute surprise. And then… the bullet disappeared. Edward was already at her side, reaching for her, trying to help her. She looked scared, certainly mortified, but not in pain. Bella showed no signs of physical distress. It was then that Edward noticed her hand, clenched into a fist in front of her.

"Bella?" he asked, his voice frightened and panicked. Slowly, carefully, she opened her hand, glancing up warily at him. There, nestled in her palm, was a small black bullet. Her hand showed no signs of damage.

"I'm…sorry, Edward," she breathed. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you."