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I guess I don't really know where I'm going with this...I'm not one for planning. This just kinda came out one day. The main character is one that's loosely based on myself, and originally had my name, but I decided to change it to D'Arcy--which is pronounced "darcy"--for one of the best hockey players ever :). And ironically, it means "dark", which will probably make sense later in the story. But who knows? :)

This is set in the future sometime. D'Arcy was essentially alive in our time, and was changed by Carlisle then. She was 17.

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It was a dark, gloomy day in our new home of Forks, WA.

Well, I guess it wasn't exactly a new home. It was for me, but for the rest of my family, it was a return trip.

For people who didn't know us, which was about everyone, it was hard to understand what possible draw this near constant downpour could have. To understand the answer to that question, you would have to understand us, which is much easier said than done.

So I sat in a bathroom, that I actually didn't have to use. It was a good cover when I needed to get away, though, so I was here quite often. I was lounging against the wall, sitting on the counter. There was no danger of anyone coming in here. No one did anymore. Probably because rumor had spread that this was where I usually was.

I absolutely loathed high school. I loathed these stupid uniforms of this goddamn private school. I hated all the rich snobs that wandered the halls in packs. I hated the stares that all the idiotic males gave me as I walked down the hall. I did my best to blend, but as far as anyone was concerned, it didn't work.

I looked in the mirror and I stared back at me. I could never really call myself beautiful. The truth was, I was too scary looking. My eyes were pitch black now—it usually diminished the effect if they were gold—so I was just…freaky. No other words to describe it. I looked so much more like what we were then anyone else. Plus I had to stand next to Rosalie, Renesmee, Bella, and Esme, which was not very flattering.

The door slammed open, and who else but Rosalie strode in, an expression of extreme frustration on her face. Rosalie was my sister, and my best friend. I love the rest of my family too, but despite her bitchiness, we understood each other the best.

That however did not diminish my annoyance as she interrupted my place of solace. She was fuming, so my next comment probably did not help the situation. "What the hell d'you want, Rosalie?"

She wheeled and glared at me. "Well, I did need some words of condolence before I go kill someone, but if it's too much trouble—"

That made me crack a smile. Rosalie, unlike other children did not flinch away. She crossed her arms over her chest. I asked, "Who d'you wanna kill, Rose? Anyway I can help?"

She sat down in the plush chair in the corner. "Edward." She growled his name.

I began, "What—"

And then her rant began. It was really easy to listen to Rose, because once she got started all you had to do was nod and agree at regular intervals.

She took a breath after she was done, which I was relatively certain she hadn't done since she began. "I'm sorry 'bout that, Rose. I'll help you figure it out," I told her, though I had absolutely no idea what it was that I would be helping with.

"Thanks, D'Arce. You're the best," she said, looking relieved.

I smiled. After a pause, I asked her, "So why you skippin' class?"

"I came to find you," she said simply. "Why are you skipping?"

I drew my knees up to my chest, and looked away. I hated to tell even Rosalie that I was weak, because that was the reason I was here. I just—couldn't stand it. I hadn't been trying as long. I mean, everyone had been through this (except Bella, she was a freak), so why did I feel so weak?

Rosalie knew and she looked away, too. "Oh."

We sat in silence, and outside I heard the bell ring. Neither of us moved to get up. "Look, Darcy, it's really not your fault. Everyone's been like you. It's a lot harder for you, I know. I don't think it's right what Carlisle's making you do. We shouldn't risk it."

I knew the words were supposed to come out kindly, but they really didn't. I just looked up at her in anger. "God, Rose, queen of tact."

Her eyes widened. "Oh, that came out all wrong, I didn't mean that, I'm really, really—"

But she didn't get to finish telling me what she was, because a large fist banged on the door. "Send Rose out, or we're coming in!"

She glanced one more time at me. I nodded, telling her she could go. It was Emmett. I did really love Emmett. He was the big brother of the family. He was also Rosalie's husband, thought nobody but our family knew that.

I waited five minutes, until I detected no more humans in the hall. It always helped to arrive later to lunch, because the excitement had boiled down, and they were a lot more bearable to be around if they were calmer.

So I left my safe haven and walked down the winding staircase to the lunchroom. It's not like I needed anything from it, I just needed to keep up the pretense. I entered the lunchroom, conscious of the stares. I bowed my head, and sat down heavily next to Jacob.

He smiled at me. I smiled back. A good thing about Jacob: he stuck out enough so that next to him, I didn't as much. Renesmee was at his other side, talking to her mother, Bella, and her father, Edward. Again, this was something that only we knew, as it would be strange that Edward and Bella had a daughter that was their age.

They were all wrapped in conversation, though the only ones eating were Renesmee and Jacob, who shared a huge plate. They were also married, like Alice and Jasper, Edward and Bella, Carlisle and Esme (though this was known).

So here I was standing out even more. I loved my family very much, but it just so happened that I was the only one without a mate. It sucked, frankly, with all the love flying around, that I was the only odd man out.

I settled for gazing fixedly at the opposite wall. I could pick out many imperfections undetectable to the rest of the population, except for my family again.

And then it happened.

My breath left me in whoosh and I could not remember who I was. D'Arcy Cullen was gone.

I opened my eyes. Bright, blinding, white lights rushed into my senses. I snapped them shut as quick as I could, which was pretty fast.

Hmmm…blinding white lights. Industriallights. Hospital lights.

Oh, ok. This is great, I thought to myself. It was undoubtedly a hospital. And if it was a hospital and people weren't freaking out because I didn't have a pulse, because I had a temperature colder than ice, Carlisle was my doctor.

As if on que, the door opened and my dear ol' dad walked in, his polished shoes clicking on the tile. I made no move to sit up. I heard his soft breathing as he sat down in a spinning, squeaking chair that at this moment annoyed the hell out of me.

Carlisle was great; I loved him as much as Rose. He was wise, loving, caring, and just so good. Esme was lucky to have him. He was my father, and I could tell him anything. He wasn't moody like Edward, mysterious like Jasper, idiotic like Emmett, or annoying like Jacob. He was constantly open to be whatever I needed him to be, and I really think he loved me a lot too.

However, he was bugging me right now, being all doctory.

"Get up."

It was a command, and as any defiant daughter, I complied while rolling my eyes.

"Y'know, the nicer a command is, the more likely the person is to comply. It's basic human psychology," I said, pulling down my skirt.

"You are not a human, and you complied, so I think that was alright." I dared a glance at his eyes. They were black like the rest of ours, and steely, the look he got when trying not to get mad. His eternally youthful face looked like it hadn't gotten any sleep in the past four centuries, which, ironically, was correct.

I stood and went to the window, turning it to transparent. Water cascaded down. It was dark. It looked like it was going to storm. I could feel him looking at me. It was clear he had something to say, but he was deciding to let me talk first. Truth was, I didn't know what to say.

So, "I dunno what to say." I was the true Ruler of Words.

I turned back to him, only to take an involuntary step back. His hands were stuffed in his pockets, as if trying to control himself, and I could tell they were like talons. He was the most terrifying I had ever seen him. He looked like…a vampire.

My eyes widened, in fear. I knew I was an excellent fighter; I just never wanted to use it, against Carlisle especially.

"You have no idea, do you?" His voice was rasping, quiet so that only I could hear, and shaking with rage.

I couldn't say anything. I was frozen with fear.

He looked at some random spot that wasn't me. "What do you think happened?"

My breath caught in my throat. No, no, oh no. I was doing so well. No. NO!

"Riley Bronson, I think you know him, is in the intensive care unit. They"—he emphasized the "they"—"have no idea why." His voice was now quivering. "And I...I can do nothing."

I was on the verge of tears, though I knew none would come. I'd sworn I'd never do that. Sworn. I'd done it anyway.

"Do you know how much it hurts? His life is slipping away. And there's nothing I can do." Still wild and uncontrolled, the picture of perfection (emotional and otherwise) was in my face. He had a good eight inches on me, his hands rested on the window on either side of my face. I shrunk back.

He didn't yell, but I wish he had. He said, "I'm so very disappointed in you." The bulletproof glass behind me shattered, work only of his hands.

My voice came out as a squeak, "Carlisle—"

"Go," he interrupted.



Before jumping out the two-story window, I looked back at him. He was seated in the chair that now, I could care less about. His face was in his hands. He shook with the dry sobs. And I knew it was all my fault.

I hit the ground running.

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