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I was flying.

Of course, not literally, but pretty damn close enough. I was faster than any winged creature ever, I was sure. That was my pride…I was the fastest. I could outrun a friggin' Lamborghini if I wanted to.

A thought crossed my mind—why not? Surely the Cullens must have some sort of Ferrari, or Mozzerati, if not a Lamborghini.

Look alive, Leah, came the ever-annoying and ever-accompanying voice inside my head. No, it was not my own. You'd think I'd grow used to it—if not comfortable with it—after all these years. But, you would think wrong.

I sniffed, undignified. Whatever, I thought. I kept running, but slowed my pace a bit. He'd catch up soon enough.

Alright, everyone, he said, after a few minutes. All this is a reconnaissance mission. We don't want anyone getting hurt or straying too far. Collin, Brady, you two go east. Take Matt and Reese with you. Corey, Ellis, Quil, go west. Seth, take Zach and Nick south.

Yes, sir! That was Seth, my overly helpful, overly kiss-up little brother. Hey, I can hear you, Leah! he said.

I sniggered, making the younger kids laugh. Jacob scowled mentally, and Corey, Ellis, Collin, Brady, and Quil didn't know whether to appease Jacob or me, so they stayed quiet.

Leah, Seth, cut the brother-sister crap. We're serious now. I rolled my eyes. Seth looked at the ground.

It was her fault—

Seth, I don't care. Shut up.

Yes, sir.

I sat down on my haunches, waiting for what Jacob had to say next.

Jacob started again. What are you guys waiting for, a dance routine? Go!

And with that, everyone took off running. A blur of fur.

Except for me of course; I just kept sitting.

C'mon, Leah, Jacob said, rubbing past me.

I got up and trotted after, opting to stay with him instead of breeze past. Silence was rather common between us; I'd found that within the past years we'd come pretty close to understanding each other. I liked Jacob just fine, despite our past and his sometimes-irritating overflow of happiness. So we stayed at a moderate pace that we could've kept up for hours. And, as running required minimal cranial activity, I let my mind wander.

The first thought that came to my mind was—Sam. I shook my head. Not a good thought pattern. But I just couldn't stop it. I blocked my thoughts as best I could from Jacob.

Sam and Emily were happily aging with three kids. We'd stop in every once in a while. Not often for me really, because, even after all this time, I couldn't help but picture myself in Emily's place. Or at least in love, somehow. With someone to come home to. Quil had quit as soon as he and Claire were about the same age. There wedding had been a couple of months ago.

Seth was even worse. Yeah, he'd imprinted. It had been bad. It would have been bad even he wasn't my brother. I don't want to put it too explicitly, but let me say—bad. Good thing was, I liked her. Otherwise, she wouldn't have a head. She was 16, pretty, and she knew not to mess with me. It served her well. They were just kids, and they had fun, and that was good.

But it didn't really stop me from being so totally jealous it killed. How had my baby brother gotten his whole life ahead of him before I did?

I vaguely noticed Jacob slowing, so I slowed as well. He didn't stop, so I continued my convoluted thought processes.

My life had kind of resumed a very crappy resemblance of a normal one. Seth and I were taking care of Mom. Ah, Mom. She wasn't fairing so well. Both her kids were werewolves, and her husband was dead. She had developed Alzheimer' sucked. She didn't remember our childhoods, our birthdays, and now, us. Carlisle helped when we…couldn't. He was great, Carlisle.

In fact, he was the one who practically forced me to go to medical school.

Yeah, me, Leah Clearwater, a medical student. Not that I really wanted to go to Seattle University, rather, the fact that I wanted to make more of myself. I knew I wasn't going to practice, but maybe a college on the old resume would please possible employers when I quit this curse.

Another hope I held tight to was that maybe, he was there. The person who would end my misery. All sources would point to the fact that I wasn't ever going to find one, but I hoped.

Thinking about love made me think about Sam and Emily, Quil and Claire, Seth and Ally, the pack in general, and all the idiotic crushes that the new boys had on me (believe me, things like this were hard to hide when you were inside each others heads)… Stuff like this floated in and out of my brain, and then I caught a whiff of where we were headed.

North, as I had suspected, but here? Jake, not the time for a lovey-dovey pit stop.

Whoa, she's granted me with her mental presence…why'd you block me out?

I kinda like privacy…if you don't mind, O high and mighty Alpha.

Whatever, was his brilliant reply.

We ran a couple more miles, the smell intensifying, and then suddenly, Jacob braked. I stopped about 300 yards ahead of him. Trotting back, I formed the question in my mind.

Alright, I'll bite. What's up?

Leah, we gotta phase back. I can't have the others hearing this.

The other guys had faded out, but you were never safe in this body and this mind.

Regardless, I complained. Jake, you're married.

Shut up and phase.

It's cold, I thought as the mental connection faded. I dashed behind some bushes on two wobbly legs. After a while of wolf, human got a little fuzzy. Meanwhile, Jake had phased, taking his own cover.

"Dammit, Jacob. You get all scratched up."

"Can it, Leah, this is serious," he said.

"Oh, now I'm scared."

He ignored that and continued. "We gotta go to the Cullen's."

I nodded. "I figured."

"You know that kid who got hospitalized the other day?"

I pulled on a leaf, disconnecting the vein from its surrounding. "Who doesn't? It's Forks."

He smiled grimly. "Yeah, well he didn't just nearly die because of natural causes."

Oh, no.

Oh, no. No, D'Arcy. Oh, no, no, no. No!

I gritted my teeth. "How many…dead?"

He looked into the distance of to his left. "Luckily, none"

I let it out a breath. "Thank God. I guess that's good…but why are we here?"

Sighing, he said, "They wanted to talk to us."

"Why don't they want Seth?"

"We'll tell him later. Didn't want to scare the younger kids by having all of us away from them."

I nodded. "Well, then let's go."

It was rather awkward, what with both of us being naked, but we managed, darting between bushes and such. We made it though, and when both of us were taking cover, Jacob said, "Oh, one more thing…Carlisle's pretty beat up. She's not there, you know."

That took me by surprise. "What?! They're just letting her go?! How can they?! She's a loose cannon; she's a danger to everyone!! What are they thinking?!"

Jacob just looked passive. "Carlisle sent her away."

I gasped. "What?"

"He's really beat up, " he repeated.

"Well, this should be a cheery visit."

He smirked. "Oh, yes."

We were at the house in the next five minutes.

After we got clothes on, we sat in the living room with the rest of the family.

You know how when everyone else is all sad, you can't help but be sad yourself? Yeah, well that's how it felt now. It sucked.

D'Arcy and I were never close…she kind of sucked to be around. It'd been nice had she been just…depressed. Like me. We could've shared in misery. Well, she wasn't just depressed. D'Arcy was just…scary. Dangerous. Scarier and more dangerous than everyone I'd ever known.

Edward shot a glare at me. Obviously, he'd heard that, and obviously, he'd not liked it. I wasn't going to apologize, but I stopped my mental analysis.

I'll take a sec to describe what it was like. You have to understand, the Cullen's had really grown on me. Everyone except for D'Arcy had become almost…human. It did kind of help that Jacob's thoughts were always connected to mine, and he was married to one of them. Seth loved them, and Carlisle took care of Mom often, so…how could I not almost-love them?

So it really sucked when they were all like this.

Rosalie sat on the couch. She was stunning, naturally, but she seemed to have dulled. Her usually perfect hair hung limp, her face in her hands. She was D'Arcy's best friend. If I'd had one of those, I'm sure I would've been pretty crushed if mine had left. Emmett's huge arm that I was pretty sure would've been able to break me in two (at least human) with one swipe, wrapped around her. His face was devoid of his characteristic grin.

Edward and Bella sat on the other side of them. They both looked solemn. They held hands. Renesmee leaned against Edward's arm, her feet in Jacob's lap. She was on the verge of tears, and he looked at her feet, seeming to have no idea what to do.

Alice and Jasper sat by the windowsill, obviously distancing themselves. This had to suck for Jasper. He felt everyone else's emotions as well as his own, and as far as I was concerned, one set of emotions was enough.

Carlisle was so disturbing I could hardly look at him. He gazed at the floor with such utter hopelessness that I thought I might just explode on the spot. Esme gave him an odd side hug that probably would've worked had he been responsive at all. And he wasn't.

Meanwhile, I stood off to the side leaning against the wall, realizing how much they were freaking me out.

What I didn't understand was why everyone was so sad. I mean, hadn't some of their family left before? From what I understood, every one of them had taken a vacation of some sort…it was weird.

And why had they wanted us here? If it was just to have us sit in silence, well then I had other plans.

"Carlisle, we should tell them." Edward's voice shattered the silence like a nuclear bomb, so much that everyone but Alice, Rosalie, and Carlisle jumped. It was a blessed response to my thoughts however.

I looked at Carlisle in response, and everyone who looked like stone unfroze to look too. Carlisle was so gentle and kind, but he had an aura about him that just commanded respect. He was quite clearly the one and only leader.

He didn't move for such a long time; I thought he hadn't heard, but obviously, that couldn't be right. Finally, he took a shuttering breath. To the floor, his voiced cracked from underuse. After he cleared his throat, he said. "Should we?"

Rosalie looked up, directly at me. "We don't want to involve them. The less they know, the better."

"We already know," said Jacob, with the glum tone he always used when he was—well—glum.

Alice looked genuinely surprised. "Do you?"

It was me who spoke up next. "Course. D'Arcy's gone."

The Cullen's shared a collective look.

"They shouldn't have to face it," Jasper said to the whole.

"We definitely don't want them involved. " That was Esme.

Renesmee held tight to Jacob, obviously transferring thoughts to him. He gasped with horrible realization.

"Renesmee!" exclaimed Bella.

"I couldn't keep it from him. He has a right to know why,"—her voice caught—"why we won't be around."

Jacob was on his feet in, like, .5 milliseconds. "No!" he bellowed.

By now I was getting annoyed, especially because I was the only one who didn't know now. "No, what?!"

Emmett shook his head. "We can't have the pack know. Jacob can shield his thoughts. You're not bound to us like he is."

That thoroughly and completely pissed me off. "Like hell I do. What's so huge that I can't handle it?" I crossed my arms. "If Jacob is involved, so am I."

I was expecting some more resistance, but Bella spoke up. "Leah, the Volturi are going to kill us and everyone involved with us. "

My mouth dropped open. "What? Why?"

"Because they want D'Arcy, and there is nothing that's going to stand in their way."

Mmmhmmm...alright. This was Leah's point of view of course, in case you didn't know.

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