Ema heard the gun cock, and then felt it at her temple. The man she had trusted, the man she had laid her entire life story with, was now holding it there, threatening to shoot it into her brain.

Klavier stood in front of her, eyes wide with uncertainty. He didn't know what to do.

"Last chance, Mr. Gavin," the man purred, "Choose one. Do you want to save the love of your life…or this one?" After saying this, he hit Ema on the head again with the end of the gun.

Ema winced, her body taking another beating.

Klavier didn't speak for several minutes, his eyes never leaving the other girl across the room. Finally, he spoke softly. "I choose…her." And he pointed. Ema gasped.

"Wise choice, Mr. Gavin." the man said grinning, as he shot the gun.