Attention! Attention All!

Did I get your attention? Great. Good. Now listen up my dear readers :)

Due to popular demand via poll...


Envious Fop?

Klavier loves his girlfriend, Ema, and her scientific quirkiness.
At least he thought so.
Ever since he caught her on the streets with another man, things have been different.
And, although he won't admit it, he's jealous of their relationship.
Klavier is determined to figure out just exactly who this man is.
But when he finds out that this stranger is a wanted man, Klavier begins to wonder what the right thing to do is.

Should he admit he's been spying on Ema and save her from the hands of a criminal, or step back and do nothing?

Hopefully he picks the obvious one... XD
By the way, be prepared to see some old original characters that I've decided to keep:
~Jenni :)
~Rumiko :P

~Geneth [:P -- Frankensmiley