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Chapter 1: Free

Moth's POV

I glared angrily at my dirty prison. Filled with guards and dusty floors, it was no place for a princess. For royalty. I was the future king's betrothed for Pete's sake! Take note of the "was." I was going to be the future queen of Faerie, but that mortal. That human. That girl called Sabrina Grimm blew it. I had stolen Cobweb's most powerful love potion, and was going to slip it into his drink. But, the human who had captured Puck's heart, foiled the plan. She knew, but didn't say a word. Quite idiotic I should say.

Although Puck's heart did not belong to me, it would soon.

Oz's POV

'Ah, the Big Apple. The city where Faerie lies. The birthplace of the Sisters Grimm' I thought, 'Where lies the fairy we need.'

I hurried through the bustled streets to Central Park. I reached the statue and put on my disguise. I would be an idiot to walk into Mustardseed's domain, without at least a mask. I was going to sneak in as one of the guards, and recruit the pretty royal fairy, as one of the Scarlet Hand. With, the promise of Puck being unharmed, and her husband.

I got in without anyone noticing. "Hey," I said to the guard troll, "your shift is over." The troll scratched his head and went away. "You…are no guard," came a voice so quiet, that it was almost whispering, but not quite. "Are you the one they call Moth?" I questioned. "Yes. What do you want, peasant?" She whispered hoarsely. "Would you like to leave this dungeon? This place is unfit for one with noble blood, such as yourself," I said beguilingly. I noticed she perked up a bit at the mention of her escape. "To grant yourself your escape, all you have to do, is join the Scarlet Hand, a loyal organization," I paused, "Your service is greatly valued, and if you succeed in your mission, you will be the ruler of Faerie." Moth smiled wickedly and said, "Let's do it."

Chapter 2: I Hate You

Sabrina's POV
5:00 AM

Bright sunlight shone through the window, nearly blinding me. I groaned and looked at the clock. 7:00 A.M. The first day of school was today. And, unfortunately, Puck had to take us by flying. Going to school had pros and cons. Pros: I got to meet other girls my age and wouldn't have to keep doing training with Granny Relda. Cons: The girls might think I'm weird and Puck had all the same classes with me. I started combing my hair with a brush. When it was perfectly smooth, I started on my outfit. I decided on light faded skinny jeans, a long blue shirt with the words, "Hand over the coffee and no one gets hurt", a slightly white baggy jacket, and grey and black checkered converse high tops.

So far, nothing had gone wrong this morning. As if on cue, the loud clattering of pots is heard, and a fairy boy is heard laughing. In the background is two girls yelling and an almost wolfish growling. Sigh.. Why can't our mornings ever be normal? I walked down the stairs to satisfy my curiosity. "What happened?" I asked Granny. "Well, Puck, decided to bang a bunch of pots around a couple of minutes ago," Granny said, "Nothing to worry about liebling."

Puck's POV

Oh my god. Mustardseed sent me a letter, and it's not good news.


Someone, who we suspect is Oz, freed Moth. Watch out for Sabrina, for I fear that she is in the greatest danger. As we know, Oz is part of the Scarlet Hand. In order for Moth to have gained her freedom, we suspect that she has been recruited into the Scarlet hand. Moth was probably hired to get rid of Sabrina and Daphne. We have discovered that when Moth made her escape, she took a love potion, a invisibility potion, and her magic flute to summon the pixies. Make sure that your "minions" don't help her accomplish the job she has been sent to do. Make sure that Sabrina doesn't go do something seriously stupid. Keep her and the rest of the Grimm family close.


Second son Titania and Oberon, King of Faerie

The letter above means that I have to be Sabrina's protector 24/7 and what's worse, I have to go to school!