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She had always been told that she'd grow up to be a heartbreaker. It was the eyes, she was told. Those bright shiny emeralds surrounded by long, thick eyelashes. Those eyes could make contact with you for a split second and quicker than anything, with a bat of the lashes, or a quick rush of tears, she would capture you forever and ever.

Rogue smiled happily as she paraded down the sidewalk with her daddy. She was four and a half, and he had let her come along for his daily trip to the local grocery store. Her momma had made her a green linen dress for the springtime, one to match her eyes, she said, and although Rogue for the most part disliked dresses, she couldn't help but like the simple, sleeveless, green garment. It also helped that her stuffed bear had a matching one, courtesy of some leftover fabric. So in her pretty green dress, for all the town to see, she skipped proudly by her daddy's side.

"Good morning," greeted the sales clerk to her father, before he rung up the newspaper and carton of milk. Her father mumbled a hasty response as he fumbled with his wallet.

"Good Morning," chirped Rogue in response. The cashier peered over the counter at the white-banged, pigtailed child who was tugging at her father's pant leg, begging to be picked up. With a groan, he complied, and Rogue was brought to eye level with the cashier.

"Why, hello there, little lady!"

Rogue, suddenly shy, hid her face in her father's chest. The cashier, Joe, chuckled to himself.

"Ah guess she's going through the shy phase right about now. Well let's seeā€¦" He rummaged through the candy jar next to the cash register and pulled out a lollipop. At her father's assent, he cajoled, "How about Ah get a chance to thank the little girl who greeted me so politely this morning? Ah know you're shy, but Ah just wanted to thank you for making my day and being so kind as to coming into mah humble institution here." Rogue peeked an eye at the man behind the counter, not understanding his words. Joe smiled.

"And what pretty eyes you have! Here, you get a watermelon lollipop to match the green." Rogue's ears perked up at the treat. She reached out, but then looked up at her daddy to make sure that it was okay. He nodded, and with a chubby hand, she took the candy from the man.

"Say 'Thank you' to Joe," her dad prodded, as she unwrapped the lollipop. In her tiny child voice, she cried, "Thank you Joe!" As he handed back his change, Joe looked to her father.

"Take care of her," he warned half-jokingly. "She's bound to be a heartbreaker, with those pretty green eyes."

"Thanks, Ah will," her daddy responded as he turned to exit the store. "See you tomorrow, Joe."

"All right now."

Rogue smiled happily as she held the green lollipop in her hand. Her childhood innocence prevented her from taking Joe's words too seriously, so she was blissfully unaware of what life had in store for her. Undoubtedly she would have plenty of love and heartbreak in store. But for now, what was most important was the feeling of a new dress, a free lollipop, and the time spent with the number one man in her life, her daddy.


A/N: I hope you liked this little ficlet. I know that there aren't many fics with a young Rogue, especially any happy ones. So I decided to come up with this one. Hopefully I captured the innocence of a toddler. For now this is a one-shot, but I might add more, perhaps from different times in her life as she ages and faces/initiates heartbreak. What do you think?