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Rogue was fourteen years old, and still far too innocent for someone who had experienced as much as she did. Her Mama died when she was seven and her father, grieving and spiraling down into a world of drinking and gambling, was not much of a present figure in her life.

She sighed. But now, at seventeen, she couldn't blame him for not being there for her.

She understood that the pain he felt was too much to bear. That it hurt too much for him to lose the love of his life and see her spitting image staring back at him with the same concerned expression on her face. It was enough to drive him to drink. Or worse, to shock him into sobriety.

When his daughter looked to him, it shook him to the very core, overriding any chemical effect that the alcohol had taken in his system. And as soon as his defenses were down, he was reminded of the tragedy that had taken place a few years before. Oh God, he missed her...

So he just left. Sometimes for the night. Sometimes for a week. And she learned to take care of herself. Slowly but surely, she began to lose her innocence about the world and gain some unwanted independence. And she was scared.

It all started when the bills came. And then the car was repossessed. And the dog died. And he wasn't there to help her with any of that.

So she pushed herself to do well in school, partly to make him proud, to show him that it was possible to adjust and move on. She took honors and AP courses, and was involved. She played sports and even found time to volunteer at the local homeless shelter. Imagine her embarrassment to discover her father stumble in, too ashamed to show his face at home. Imagine his embarrassment at getting caught by his daughter.

So the winter of her junior year, she got a job and started helping with the bills. Slowly but surely, the house began to improve. Her father even started coming around more and sobering up. And for a while things were better. She even found herself a boyfriend in the boy-next-door, Cody Robbins.

With him, she could be free and laugh. The harsh reality of her environment just faded away, and rather than worry about the bills, or whether or not her father would relapse, she could focus on being a girl again. And Cody was just what she needed.

He was reliable and caring, often coming by with some of his Mama's cornbread just to make sure that she had a special treat once in a while. He studied with her for her finals, even making up flash cards for chemistry. He cheered her on at her games, and did whatever he could to make her smile. He loved her.

And she loved him. She loved his warm smile and how he used to serenade her under the stars while she swept the front porch. She loved that Cody always treated her and her father with respect, despite his now tarnished reputation. And she knew, despite her youth, that this was the man that she would share the rest of her life with.

And then came spring recess. As they sat under their tree, her head on his shoulder, hands intertwined, lazily watching the fireflies dance, he began to speak of the future. Of expectations, and happiness, and love. And he presented her with his class ring on a thin gold chain.

"For you," he said, well aware of the significance of this gesture. "So you don't forget about me while Ah'm visiting mah aunt in during the break." And with the upmost gentleness, he lifted up her hair and clasped the chain around her neck.

She looked up at him, a twinkle in her emerald eyes and a radiant smile on her face.

"Of course Ah wouldn't forget you, Sugah. Ah'll be waiting right by our tree."

And they kissed underneath the moonlight.

And just like that, he was gone. And because of her, no less. Due to some stupid mutation. She choked back a sob, not wanting her new foster parents, Raven and Irene to hear her. But they seemed to sense when it became too much for her to handle.

Irene was always there, with a mug of tea, to listen. And Raven, when she was home, would provide words of encouragement and hope that one day her powers would be manageable.

And it was times like these that she was reminded of her one great memory with her father. Before the drinking, before Cody, before everything. She remembered old Joe, and his prophecy. But little did she know that the heart that she'd break would be her own.


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