Author's Acknowledgements and notes…

33 chapters, around 140000 words, 395 pages and 184 reviews later… it's over.

Well, I can't believe I'm finally at this stage of this story. It has been one that puzzled me, forced me to look at things differently and I think really helped me improve in my writing style (not my grammar mind you… I still can't do commas for my life). This started out from playing D2:LOD on with characters named after Ranma characters. I started thinking… hey this might make a story. 11 months later, here I am.

I wonder what a lot of people expected out this story. I don't know what even I expected from it. And reaching the conclusion, I can't say I know even now. I've had the ending in my head for a while, wondering whether it would work or not. I know I could have done some completely twisted ending, tragic or mysterious but… I don't know. Sometimes, I just like a happy somewhat predictable ending for things. So shoot me.

I want to say thanks to a bunch of folks so hang on for a second while I list names. First of all, many thanks to Another Duck who turned being a contest winner into being an excellent beta reader. He got me moving when I stalled for a month, his helpful and oftentimes-humorous comments did wonders for this story. Even though he says I say it too much, I thank him very much for his help.

To the reviews that have been putting little notes up even if they've done it many times before… thank you. You made me want to write another chapter to see what you would say. That's you Jessi-chan, Lord Phantom, Starx, Vixen, Lord Specter, Ryoshu, may, ariel stormcloud, makotojs, Gohan, me, and Lian Leviathan.

To the rest who dropped a note, good or bad, thank you. It was great hearing what worked and didn't. So thank you Raneko, Aquaris, jmj, D-Chan, neko-chama, ChaoticCat, h, Zak, turtle-07, Dan Inverse, a little birdie, ikillyoupig, Makoto, loving you, C. Rose, Otaku King, Uri-Mistress, GaleDrake, Althena Journeymen, Ashura17, Cho Hakkai, reckless optimist, Sayaka, KurroNeko-Yasha, Commander Galos, Igvy, Mia , NekoRyuu, Uri-Mistress, Saliere, Inei Tenshi, Saggit (for his O Rare Ben Jonson award), Flameraven, MegaManX, Norad III the MSTing Battlecruiser, Sweetasians, Thomas S, Wlah, The Charlatan, Nisaa, Kaori, libhranan, Blood Of Odin, Milana Pashmina, Emperor Zhang, TimeLine, Sojourn, CCWiskers, Adyen, SSJ4-Bejita, and konton.

To everyone else who took the time to read this: THANK YOU!! I might not know who you are but the thought that I made someone happy by letting them read this, is great. Leave a note now if you want or remain one of the silent masses, either way I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Someone mentioned getting a copy of the entire story… it exists in a word document form of 1 MB. Let me know if you want it and we'll try to figure something out.

Thanks again, long live Ranma 1/2 and Happy READING!!