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In the midst of darkness she was born…

In the midst of darkness she had grown…

In the midst of darkness she had walked down her destined path…

In the midst of her darkness a flicker of light appeared and shone, lighting her way and her life…

On the endless bloody battlefields the girl danced and slew the people and hollows that stood across her path. Her midnight black hair billowed out behind her and her eyes glowed crimson as she spun her scythe in an arc and slashed through flesh as easily as butter.

Screams erupted and warm red blood spurted out and sprayed onto her pale emotionless face. Tears of blood trailed down from her face like a crimson ribbons and dripped onto her tattered white yukata. She wiped her hand across her face and then licked the blood from her long, slender fingers, tasting the metallic yet sweet liquid.

She glanced behind and saw a few shinigamis standing there dumbstruck, she sighed inwardly as she raised a hand and point it at the shiniagmis. They were thrown backwards by an invisible force and they landed roughly with thumps on the rocky ground metres away. They immediately leapt up and drew their zanpakutous, but at the same moment several huge hollows burst out of where they had stood seconds ago.

She had just saved them from being eaten by hollows, the shinigamis stared at the girl and swore they saw a faint smile on her lips before she turned away and disappeared from their sight. The girl came to a stop in the middle of the battlefields and out of her back burst beautiful yet deadly wings that were made out of blades, ripping her alreadt tattered and blood stained yukata even more.

They glowed an eerie silver as they flexed and spread out beside her, they were graceful and looked slightly skeletal. There were several shouts and roars, she glanced around and saw people from the two clans and hollows charge at her. The girl closed her burning crimson eyes as her wings shot around and pierced through the bodies and hollows that rushed at her from all sides.

She arched her wings up and the bodies dangled from her wings like rag dolls, she flung them aside as her hands became hooked and clawed, her fangs lengthened and she let out a snarl, baring her sharpened teeth. She swung her scythe at a huge hollow that approached her and sliced through it mask effortlessly, it screeched and vanished.

She looked up at the crescent, scarlet moon that hung in the dead, black sky before she hardened her resolve and charged back into battle.

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