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She doesn't know what to do with herself. The only person who ever made her do things is gone. She is simply a shell for which someone else must use.

She's too used to all her decisions being made for her entirely. She just a puppet with cut strings. In a garbage can.

But she is not worthless and she is not dead, a puppet is dead and a shell is dead also. That is the difference. And it matters to some at least.

Just not him.

Just not him, the one with snowy white hair, and the usual red-eyes that glare hard and cold into your soul. I hate him.

"I hate you." I say coldly, speaking my thoughts.

He doesn't even give a glance- he is used to my constant verbal hatred of him; he stopped rolling his eyes a long time ago and now only spares me a small chuckle. I hate how he laughs. It's like Edward's, except it's too different. It still has a angel's quality, but too dark of a undertone.

Everything he does has that same undertone, constantly bringing up the end of his words, looks, and movements.

I still don't completely understand why I'm with Caius (him of all peopleā€¦). I have the gist of it, as my protectors have died, I have been left defenseless. Not that the Volturi cares about that. They only care that I know the secret about their kind.

One of them, most likely the merciful one Aro, decided that my 'gift' of shielding should be used for them. I shouldn't be human for much longer.

I always wanted Edward to change me. No one else.

Oh God no.

I screamed, I screamed painfully and agonizingly. I couldn't breathe and all that came out was a hoarse whisper.

I felt lightheaded and dizzy and as if I was suffocating. Spots formed in my vision and blood- not mine for once, ran over me and soaked me.

I collapsed onto my knees and curled into myself sobbing and choking on my tears.

I still don't know how I broke away from their bodies. I stumbled from wherever I was to my home, into my shower, I didn't undress as I turned the cold water on for a few seconds before I fell out and crawled to my bed.

Charlie was out of town that night.

I died that night. I still have a heart beat, and I still breathe, but I am no longer alive.

I made it through a whole month, insomnia and headaches, pains, mental health going bad, and pills. A whole month of the summer spent sitting in my room hiding from the world, killing myself from the inside out.

If Charlie ever spoke to me, I didn't hear him.

If I ate, it was later thrown up. Not a eating disorder though.

If I thought, crying issued.

I think Charlie understood. I don't what happened to the Cullens. I told him that they had to go to Europe for some sort of a operation and Edward couldn't come back for a very long time. I think it was the only thing I said the entire month.

But then they came.

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