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About a week later, on some remote island in the living world…

"You just had to accept that trip from Ichimaru, didn't you?" Hitsugaya huffed, glaring at the woman he'd somehow managed to come to call his wife. He still wasn't sure he hadn't been drunk at Orihime and Ulquiorra's wedding.

"Well, look at it this way, Toshiro; we finally get to spend some time together, alone. Without interruptions. And, the ship serves the best food," Matsumoto tried to console her grumpy little husband.

"At least we're only stuck here until the cruise ship docks on the return trip," Hitsugaya mumbled.

"You know, 'Sex on the Beach' isn't just a drink…"

Hitsugaya perked up happily at Matsumoto's words. He looked hopefully to Matsumoto who winked back playfully. "No, no it's not. And I'll be damned if you aren't screaming my name in just a few minutes."

Hitsugaya had himself and Matsumoto undressed and enjoying the feel of the incoming tide brushing their feet before Matsumoto could even squeak out a proper response. Of course, a hand between her legs and mouth covering hers probably had something to do with that.

And, true to his word, she was screaming happy variations of his name in only minutes.


Eight weeks later, in the Fourth Division recovery ward…

"Congratulations, all of you. Orihime, Ulquiorra, you've been blessed with a beautiful little girl, weighing in at six pounds, even. And Nel and Grimmjow, your little boy is just as beautiful, weighing in at seven pounds," Unohana smiled warmly.

More happy exchanges and congratulations were just beginning to be made when the emergency alarm sounded. All taichos and fukutaichos made haste in getting to the first division meeting hall.

The crowd gathered and continued growing, Renji being the last one to hobble in, still limping from the cast on his leg. There was a murmur around the room as they all debated the different reasons the meeting had even been called.

"I bet Aizen is invading again!"

"Nah, I'll bet they're finally gonna make Ikkaku take a taicho position."

"He might have bankai, but is he really cut out to be a leader?"

"Maybe Yama-jii is finally announcing his retirement?" there were several hopeful noises of agreement to this.

However, Yamamoto stepped in soon after the comment, sneezing violently. He quickly called the meeting to order, and there was a collective gasp of surprise when Aizen stepped into the room.

Yamamoto instantly called for the noise to cease, and the room silenced. "Aizen has come today to sign the peace treaty between Hueco Mundo and Seireitei. The conditions of this treaty are as thus:

"One: Visitation by all Shinigami and Arrancar between the two worlds shall be open. Violence is strictly prohibited. You need only to make certain you have the proper forms.

"Two: Aizen has decided to continue his rule in Hueco Mundo, and has ceased his attempts to become 'god.' Therefore, in order to maintain balance and peace, we will establish ambassadors from each world in the other. Applications may be picked up at the front desk.

"And, third: The real-estate market in Hueco Mundo is finally beginning to take off, and all desiring Shinigami may purchase lands and homes there. Aizen has agreed to allow Shinigami a special discount until the end of this year. As well as a small business loan for all desiring Shinigami and Arrancar."

The taichos and fukutaichos looked contemplatively to one another. "Tha's a'right with me, I reckon," Zaraki agreed. "But can we spar? I been itchin' fer a good fight."

"Oh, absolutely! We're building a training arena right now, and it should be open in about a week. You'll just have to call our staff and schedule an appointment," Aizen responded.

The crowd gathered around all agreed, with a few quick nods of their heads.

"Well, if that's everything, I'll just sign this and be off," Aizen concluded. Yamamoto dismissed the others, and minutes later Aizen returned to his new home just in time to rub Hinamori's feet. He thought he might die if she didn't stop retaining fluid soon.


At the celebration party to celebrate the end of the war…

"Okay, so those moving to Hueco Mundo will include: Yamamoto Soutaicho, Sasakibe Fukutaicho, and Kira Izuru," Shuuhei announced. "Let's bid them all a safe and happy trip!"

All present raised their glasses in a toast to the movers. Shuuhei wondered if Gin was going to have a girlfriend and a boyfriend, or if Hinamori was going to have a husband and boyfriend, or if Kira's moving to be with Hinamori and Gin was just going to lead to some twisted love… pentagon.

Renji looked to Shuuhei, apparently reading his mind. A new talent he had only just developed. Thanks to Gin's training, of course. "It's going to be a pentagon, I'm sure."

"Eh, whatever. So long as old man Yama quits, I don't care." Shuuhei hadn't meant for anyone to overhear that, but the people in the immediate area all heartily agreed.

A few moments of silence from Renji and Shuuhei passed. Finally, growing bored, Shuuhei turned to Renji, both of whom were clearly intoxicated. "Wanna dance?" Renji shrugged in response and allowed Shuuhei to lead him to the floor.

"Well, we know who's going to be the dominant one in that relationship," Matsumoto mused happily, grinning widely for her friends.

"Who?" Hitsugaya questioned. "And how do you know?"

"Shuuhei. Because he's the one leading." Matsumoto grinned and followed suit with her little taicho. "Just like me," she grinned again, to which Hitsugaya paled.


Around a year later, in Seireitei…

Hinamori's child turned out to belong to Kira, and they came to this knowledge because Aizen demanded to know when the little boy had the prettiest blonde hair he'd seen in ages. And, since Gin and Hallibel were now living in Seireitei, the pentagon had become a simple triangle. As per the Queen of Hueco Mundo's orders, Aizen allowed Hinamori to have a husband (him) and as many boyfriends as would take her. At least he saved money on dates.

"Oh, Orihime-san and Ulquiorra-san have made the best volunteer parents at the daycare," Unohana was bragging on her new recruit to the Fourth to Hitsugaya and Matsumoto. "Orihime is just such a wonderful asset to us. Her skills are remarkable, and she's finally learned how to train the rest of us in the healing arts."

Hitsugaya nodded wisely, agreeing. Ulquiorra had made an unbelievable difference in his squad's members. He didn't know how, but with the addition of Grimmjow and Nel to his squad, he didn't care.

It was amazing, seeing so many Arrancar and Shinigami working side by side, and enjoying the company of one another.

"I jus' hope th' li'l babeh meh Halli-chan is carryin' is gonna be healtheh, and pretty as 'is momma," Gin responded. After a few days Gin was able to convince Hallibel to move with him to Seireitei, where she quickly took to being friends with Matsumoto, and even joined the SWA. Which had since been renamed to the SAWA, or the Shinigami and Arrancar Women's Association.

Gin and Hitsugaya had even managed to become friends. Gin was no less creepy, but thanks to an invention from the twelfth division, which Urahara and Yoruichi had assumed leadership of, Gin was guaranteed to be honest. Of course, Urahara, being a fellow male, ensured that Gin's 'new leaf' allowed for a few smudges when it came to telling Hallibel she didn't look fat with that swimsuit. Not even if she was six months pregnant.

Hitsugaya and Matsumoto decided to hold a real wedding ceremony, and, though Gin offered to wear a dress while he was Matsumoto's "Maid of Honour," she and Hitsugaya politely declined. The ceremony went off without a hitch, though, and Gin looked almost as pretty as the other girls in his matching tux. However, Matsumoto did learn that her first attempt, yellow, was far from a good color for Gin.

But, now, Hitsugaya and Matsumoto lived next door to Gin and Hallibel, taicho and fukutaicho of Division Three. And, with Hallibel and Gin expecting their first child, it was hard to tell who was more excited, them or Matsumoto.

Renji and Shuuhei were joined in a Civil Union ceremony. Rukia acted as 'Maid of Honour' for Renji, while Matsumoto was Shuuhei's 'Best Man.' The service was small, but their friends and family were there, and that was enough for the two. Renji had assumed the taicho position for fifth division, while Shuuhei had finally received the taicho's seat in the ninth.

Though, all things considered, Matsumoto and Hallibel agreed that it was sad that Renji and Shuuhei couldn't bear children. Both could only imagine the beautiful creatures they could produce. Urahara caught wind of this and was working on an incubation system to take the DNA from both males and create a child, much in the same fashion as Nemu had been created. Only their child would start as an infant and grow from there.

Matsumoto contemplated having a child of her own, but she and Hitsugaya agreed to wait a few years more. They would play with Gin's child first, and think about their own in the meantime.