Third in serise. Spiderman's P.O.V. again.

Ironman knows.


I rather he didn't but apparently after I got shot Ste- Captain threw something the resembled a fit...

Well, a fist..

A fist-fit.

And Tony's gotten a lot quicker on the uptake since he dried out, or at least that's what I've been told.

Since I was told this by my boyfriend while he nursing a few badly bruised knuckles I didn't ask too many questions.

"Worked though," I tried to point out. Except my arm hurt, and my should, and there was a mask on my face made of plastic that hissed with oxygen (they took my mask I swear to god I loose it more often than Banner tears his shirts) so really I just made an grunty noise that might have sounded painful.

"You're lucky to be alive after they pulled you out of the rubble," he says, hood off, leather bomber jacket on. Rest of the uniform, blue and red and metallic. Looks bad-ass. If I tried that I'd look like a jackass wearing some other guys jacket. People'd throw stuff. He looks like Steve McQueen, only hotter because McQueen never wore pants that could have been painted on.

Ahem. Hospitals aren't the places for these thoughts and there's all these little moniter's anyway and I'm sure if I think like that I'll be able to watch my heart skip a few beats.

I start to ask 'what rubble' since I can still taste saltwater up my nose after whateverthehellthatthinwas took me on the short ride to the bottom of the Hudson, but then I realize I'm being told my cover story quickly

"And your Aunt's on her way."

I flinch, then flinch again, because the first flinch hurt. Probably cause of getting shot. WHY a thing like that had been loaded with organic dart shooting things two feet long I don't know. I don't really care. It'd be nice to think someone'd explain things later but they probably won't.

Then I go still because he's closer now, finger's on the back of my hand. It's a light touch. "She'll be here in an hour. I'll see you when you get out, alright?"

I'd protest, because how long will that be? And realize my shoulder's itching HARD and I don't know what sort of hospital this is but I'm healing hellua fast and there's a lot of olive drab uniforms out there.

Well, that thing we'd gotten a ride on HAD almost climbed up Avenger's headquarters.

So he left. And he didn't TELL me that Tony knew now.

Aunt May fretted at me, took me home soon as they let me.

And he still didn't tell me Tony knew.

I didn't know he knew until I got the package from Stark Industries with the plushie in it.

The Captain America one.

The deluxe one that talks when you squeeze it. 'Avenger's Go!'

And the red paper roses.

And the NOTE. I read it, because I couldn't not. Then I shoved everything under the bed and tried not to think about it.

A general statement to inform me he knew and wasn't going to do anything (as of now) was one thing, but the fact it was CC'd to some secretary...

Stark knew.

And so did some secretary.

Unless he was just dicking with me.

So I told Mary Jane, because I needed SOMEONE to talk to about it.

And that's the first time I ever heard the term 'Uke'.


There are somethings you shouldn't ever type into google, and if you're a hero dating a superhero, your masked identies are high on that list.