Chapter One: Stolen Motherhood.

"Give her to me." I said quietly from the doorway.

Edward and Jacob snarled in protest.

"I've got it under control." I promised, feeling rather hurt. "Give me the baby, Edward. I'll take care of her until Bella…" I trailed off in midsentence. Edward hesitated, and then handed me the bundle. I felt like my heart was going to soar out of my chest, as I cradled the baby into my arms.

Although the baby was still soaked in blood, in mouthwatering blood, I was stunned.


The baby girl in my arms would've put angels to absolute shame.

Her face was a porcelain alabaster, following the perfection of Edward's features. Her copper ringlets rounded alongside the perfectly round, gorgeous face. Her cheeks where like pink petals, perfect circles under the chocolate brown eyes, framed by a set of thick, black eyelashes, which brushed her cheeks as her eyelids fluttered. I smiled at her beauty, at her perfect features. And then shockingly, she returned the smile, displaying a perfect array of milky white, gorgeous square little teeth.

Although I was completely engrossed in her beauty, I slowly walked towards Esme's room and flung a cotton towel of the bathroom counter and placed it under the faucet under warm water. I began to brush it against her cheek as I uncovered it, and I realized that the more I wiped the blood away from her face the more beautiful her face turned. I smiled adoringly. She was so beautiful.

I wiped the blood of each of the curls, feeling them slip like silk under my fingers. I dumped the blood soaked towel on the dirty end of the couch and filled a baby bottle with some of the blood in the fridge Bella drank while her baby's life depended on her own.

Her little heart fluttered like a hummingbirds wings. I coed at her, filling my nose with her perfectly balanced fragrance, even though the human fragrance set my throat burning. The dog began to crawl down the stairs loudly, dragging his Saint Bernard butt down the staircase. The smell crawled into my nose, but I didn't care. I cooed at the angel in my arms, and then lifted her up to nuzzle her against my cheek, as I laying the bottle down. I cooed at it again.

Irritation washed through my body. There went my moments of stolen, stolen motherhood. I cooed at the baby again.

"I know, I know." I cooed, patting her gently on the back as I turned slowly to glare at the mongrel.

The idiot's face was turned into a mental-retard façade. His moronic jaw clung to his face by inches. The mongrel's dark eyes where glowing, beaming as he stared into the face of the angel I held.

"What's your problem, dog?" I snarled irritably, stroking her silky curls.

The dog just stood there drooling, his face beaming like he'd just seen an angel, and I sniffed disdainfully at the thought. Obviously, he was staring at a beauty he could only dream of. Renesmee's tiny hand began to travel to my neck, and I felt her warm little dimpled, chubby little hand press slightly against my neck.

I froze at the image in my head. It was of the mongrel. Why I would have such a nasty image in my head was beyond me. But yet I managed to see the mongrel as if I had just seen an instant replay. I saw the morons face in its same trance of idiocy. It seemed kind of evident, the idiocy and stupidity unique to the mutt had been bottled too long—I was right all along. The mongrel was mentally retarded.

Then Renesmee let out a high, ringing wail. I froze in horror. I turned around to cradle her into my arms. The mongrel looked so anxious I felt like I wanted to bang him on the face with a frying pan. He whined anxiously approaching me, but I was to busy cooing and rocking Renesmee to notice he was close. Irritably close.

The dog wove a sausage sized finger and stroked her face. I crushed the finger under mine.

"Take your fingers off!" I snarled. "You'll ruin her!"

Why, oh, why, was Bella best friends with a mongrel? I didn't want her child ruined. She was so pristine, so unspoiled, so beautiful. I had to protect her from any kind of scum. The dog ignored me. I turned to glare at him. Now he took his entire, heavy, stinking, reeking, ugly dirty sausage shaped hang and cupped the baby's face. He was staring at her like a blind man staring at the sun for the very first time, like a mother—I snickered at the possibility; maybe the dog was gay or something along those lines—staring at the face of her newborn child, like a cripple walking for the first time, like a collector who found an undiscovered like the idiot he was, finding intelligence.

"Ew. Dog, get your hands of my baby." I sneered, clutching Renesmee tighter to my chest wrapping my arms protectively as I backed away. I went to stand next to the glass wall, placing a hand protectively over her hair as I stroked it with my long, white fingers.

He followed me as if a chain was pining us together. Thank god that wasn't the case.

I glared at him, irritated. Confused. Wasn't he all up for killing my angel before?

He lunged to touch her but I crushed her as gently as possible into my chest, and gripped the mongrel's hand with crushing force. His bones snapped but he fixed them mindlessly as he drooned over the baby I held. I pinned her closer to my chest and backed a few feet away.

He looked like he wanted to complain, but he then made a circuit to stand so close to me—about a centimeter away—to gaze into my baby. I cringed from the proximity.

I cradled her protectively, glaring at the mongrel murderously. I had never felt such a need to crush a skull.

"Renesmee." He whispered, gazing into her eyes adoringly, smiling like a moron. The baby smiled back.

"I think I imprinted." He whispered, shocked. He added the comment more to himself, as if he needed to restate it to the cosmos. He fell on the couch to clutch at the table for support. The word rang a bell, but it was completely unknow to me. Had I heard Carlisle talk about it?

"What is that?" I sniffed scornfully. "Some mental condition of yours?"

He ignored me as he readjusted his unintelligent thoughts, and then froze for a second. I took it as a chance to lung away with the baby. Nobody needed a mongrel to ruin her purity.

I stood, leaning against the door for a while, half mumbling to myself about showering her to clean her and about werewolves, half cooing at her..

Then her pink chubby lips outstretched into a tiny little O, her fists clenched and gaped and her eyelids fluttered. I stood awestruck, at her beauty. Her eyelids where the color of the sky at sunset. She slept. Thank goodness, she slept.

And then she fell asleep on my arms. I stroked her cheek adoringly, her hair, her eyes, as gently as possible. Then I grabbed her little hand to place over mine.

Although the skin was as granite hard as my own, hers had a little softness to it, a little chubbiness that felt similar to that of a human.

"Rose?" Alice asked timidly, poking her little head over my shoulder. I realized I was still crouched protectively. I was still plotting of ways to get the mongrel a restraining order. "Can I hold her?"

I thought about it for a second, hesitating. I wasn't ready to give my baby up, to this pixie like stranger. Emmet, even Emmet, couldn't have taken her away from me. And then I sighed. She wasn't mine. A little joy made my insides warm as I realized that she could be mine for a few days until Bella awoke. I groaned lightly over the thought of Bella waking up. Then I sighed once again. The baby needed her mother. Her real mother.

"Of course." I whispered, smiling a little as I gazed into Renesmees gorgeous, peaceful face.

Alice's face lit up as I cradled the baby into her arms.

"Oh!" Alice exclaimed quietly jumping like she'd just been tasered. "She's gorgeous."

A slow smile spread across her face, as she cradled the sleeping baby.

Alice strolled softly over the entrance, stroking the baby, with Jasper on her heels, who looked just as adoringly over the sleeping baby.

"Well, she is a beauty." Jasper said after resting his head over Alice's shoulder to glance into the baby.

I rolled my eyes at the comment. "Stating the obvious." I whispered, as I peeked over Alice's other shoulder.

Leave it to the dog to ruin the moment.

"I think I need to talk to Edward." The dog panted, clutching the doorframe for support. Our heads snapped up, irritated. I felt infuriated. "I don't see why that's necessary." I snapped.

"It's urgent." The dog pleaded.

"Well, I think he needs to see his daughter before seeing you, Snoopy." Alice piped, her eyes flashing in irritation.

"I agree." I snarled.

Alice, with a certain hesitance, placed the baby into my arms.

Jasper kept his eyes locked on the baby, and then wrapped his arms around Alice. I smiled as I held the baby in my arms again.

"Daddy." I cooed, as I rocked her in my arms and sauntered into the second floor. She looked so heartbreakingly beautiful when she slept.

I paused hesitantly in the doorway. Edward was blank as he stared into the operating table, clutching it with his hands so hard he was making dents with his fingers.

"Edward" I called timidly, quietly.

His head snapped up, out of the focus he was exerting on Bella's limp body.

"Do you want to…" I asked, hesitantly as I nodded towards the sleeping baby. He turned around from his pose slowly like he was torn between to lifelines. He shouldn't be pessimistic about this. Not many vampires get everything they wanted plus everything they didn't dream ask for in the same day. Not even vampires. People in general.

"You're right." He whispered, smiling a little, but like his lips might break from the effort. It didn't reach his eyes at all.

I cradled the sleeping angel into his arms. He gazed into her face for a few minutes, in which her eyes opened and then closed again. And then a smile crossed my face.

"She's beautiful, Edward. Your daughter is beautiful." I smiled as I gazed into the baby in my brother's arms. He lifted his face momentarily. "Congratulations" I smiled, and then I touched his cheek, feeling the true brotherly affection for Edward that I felt once a decade. He smiled at me, this one more genuine.

And then his gaze locked on his daughter's sleeping face, and an adoring expression crossed his face. There was my cue to leave.

"Thank you, Rosalie."