Breathe. I reminded myself. Paul's large grayish wolf was flanking me next to Jared's, both baring their teeth at the blonde vampire now standing in front of me.

Carlisle seemed to be repeating the same line in his head, though if there was such a thing as an absolutely patient person, it was Carlisle. He closed his eyes and seemed to inhale. How the smell didn't bother him, I didn't know. God, the man reeked.

"I suppose this puts everything into perspective," Carlisle breathed, crushing his fingers against his temples. I nodded my agreement.

"What do you suppose would be the best course of action?" he asked, gazing at me sincerely. He really did trust me. Strange.

I took a deep breath. "You do know the bond of imprinting is stronger than any bond to ever have existed. We are tied to her in every possible way, in a way, more strongly that we are tied to each other, meaning that the entire pack is at stake when a brother imprints. The ties are too strong."

Carlisle nodded his understanding, a new gleam, strange and hungry in his eyes. Engrossed, he nodded again so that I continue.

"So," I breathed, ready to voice the resolution I had talked to no one about. Paul would jump at me when I voiced it, but clearly there was really no other way to proceed. He had no way of arguing, really, because the ties really where, unfortunately, too strong.

"Since the ties are too strong," I started, slowly accentuating each word, somehow waiting for the contradicting growl, snarl or bite. "Renesmee really does belong to this pack through the ties of imprinting."

Paul growled and bared his teeth at me, his eyes betraying the urge to jump. Before he could pull himself up to jump at the doctor, Jared stepped on his paw. Paul whined in protest, and then the gray wolf nodded angrily.

"One of the pack's most binding laws" I began and then contradicted my own statement, thinking about the unthinkable suffering of Emily… "No. The packs most binding law is that no wolf may kill the object of another's wolf imprinting." After Carlisle nodded, relief flooding his face, I turned to look meaningfully at Paul, who growled at me angrily. I sighed. He was probably cooking up some scheme to get rid of the new vampire hybrid, how difficult it was not to think of it as spawn, or of the coven, or whichever.

"So, really, I think what might be most convenient in this situation, is that we really do not abolish the treaty, because that would be uncomfortable for both sides, and stick to the key pointers as planned."

"Definitely," Carlisle agreed, and then continued in a graver tone. "But, you do realize that we did overlook, well, the term might be incorrect, we asked for Jacob's permission to specifically bite Bella, with no intention of ever doing it again."

I sighed.

"I suppose there's nothing I can do about that, given that Jacob has the right to do that by blood." Paul and Jared growled in unison at my statement, but I shot them quick meaningful glances.

Carlisle breathed in apparent relief.

"I assume the feud is behind you?" Carlisle asked, a new tone of concern taking over his velvet-like voice.

"The feud is, but, Jacob has decided to go separate ways." I didn't add how the Clearwater's would chase right after him. Carlisle nodded.

"And, if I may, I assume there is no immediate or long term plans to harm my family?" Carlisle asked, a new surge of joy appearing in his voice. "Or my grandchild?"

The tone of absolute awe and joy was so apparent in his voice I almost wanted to smile.

"Renesmee really is untouchable. The pain—I glared in Paul's direction—of such a thing would be intolerable for Jacob and the entire pack." I shot another glance in Paul's direction, highlighting entire as I spoke.

"The truce is more binding than ever." I concluded, holding out my hand. Carlisle's freezing skin reached mine, and I tried not to flinch from the touch. I could swear my lips twitched up during the effort.