Myde had always hated seeing people getting hurt, even when they deserved it. He felt that no one deserved to be hurt, no matter what they had done. Pain was never a good punishment. He knew this to be true, yet no one else ever shared his sentiments. Actually, everyone else in the world seemed to be filled to the brim with sadism. It was disgusting. Myde's feelings being as they were, he couldn't help but want to save the young man he saw being attacked so close by.

Myde knew this person. His name was…Zexy or something. The slate blue hair and short stature were impossible to miss. Everyone knew him; he was practically a child prodigy! Myde wasn't even quite sure how young he was, but he was half a head shorter than himself and already in his third year, while Myde was only in his first. He had never spoken to the genius himself—the small male was far too intimidating; as if his brilliance wasn't enough, he was pretty overbearing too—but he had been witness to several encounters others had with him, and he didn't seem all that bad, once you got past the blatant dislike for just about everything and the never-ending sarcasm. So it was even harder for Myde to watch the young male being attacked by that one silver-haired kid, Riku. Myde had no trouble remembering Riku's name; his sister's name had only one letter different, and was pronounced the same. But that was where the resemblance between Riku and Rikku ended.

Riku was a source of great dislike for Myde. He had never found himself actually hating anyone, but his feelings for Riku were about as close as he had ever gotten, and right now he wasn't entirely sure he didn't outright hate the silver-haired bastard. He was the same age as Myde, and taller by, what, half a foot? Poor little Zexy-something was dwarfed by his attacker, and was half Riku's size in width. He didn't stand a chance.

That is, unless Myde did something about it.

He wasn't the biggest in terms of muscles either, and even if it was himself and Zexy-something against Riku, they'd both be pummeled, no doubt. But he had something else he could use. He knew it was stupid, that it obviously wouldn't work—seriously, a notebook that could kill people?—but he still felt even more stupid just sitting there, watching the merciless beating Zexy-something was receiving. Pulling out the notebook he had found the day before and kept on a whim, Myde studied the first few rules written in it for what felt like the millionth time, though it was really only the seventh. All he had to do was write Riku's name in the notebook, and concentrate on his face…and then he'd have a heart attack. Or so the notebook said. It was obviously a joke, or something started by some cult.

When Myde glanced up from the 'Death Note' in his hands and saw a flash of metal in Riku's, he didn't even think about what he was doing. Taking out a pen, he wrote Riku's full name on the first page, in big uneven letters taking up several lines, concentrating on Riku's smug face. When it was done, he looked up to where the attack was still happening. Zexy-something—Myde really should have remembered his name by now, this was ridiculous—was against the wall, pushing himself further against it as Riku advanced, what Myde assumed to be a knife still in hand, and raised threateningly. This had gone too far, Myde decided, and obviously writing down Riku's name wasn't going to do anything. Standing up from his position sitting at the base of a tree nearby the confrontation, he was ready to go interfere, even if it got him hurt as well. He had already watched as Zexy-something was hit and kicked and picked up just to be shoved around some more, and he wasn't about to watch any blood being drawn. Even as this thought passed through his mind, he saw Riku finally get close enough with his knife to bring it to the smaller male's neck, who didn't seem to even react except to wince slightly. Myde began to run towards the pair, but stopped in his tracks as Riku flinched backwards, clutching at his arm and dropping the knife.

A heart attack. Wasn't that what it looked like when someone had a heart attack? Scrambling backwards to where he had originally been, Myde watched in horror as Riku made a strangled noise and fell to the ground, then stopped moving altogether. Oh, no. No way. This could not be happening…Holy shit. Riku was actually dead! This was impossible! What was even more impossible was Zexy-something's reaction, or lack thereof. He just stared at the body—Riku really was just a body now, wasn't he? Oh, this was not good, not good at all!—and then straightened his tie and glanced around. Upon laying eyes on the horrified figure that was Myde, he made sure they were the only people in sight, then approached him. Myde didn't move. He couldn't move. He was frozen in place, still trying to figure out if what had just happened had actually happened or not.

"That was a very stupid thing you just did." Zexy-something's voice was as cruel as it always had been, whenever Myde had heard him speak. Quiet, but impossible to not hear. Something about him commanded attention, in spite of his stature, quiet voice, and unimposing air. It took a moment for Myde to register the words that had been spoken, and once he had, he was no less confused. But that wasn't all Zexy-something had to say. "You're lucky. If there had been anyone around besides myself and Riku, or if I had been anyone else, things would be going very differently. But you were lucky, and circumstances were in your favor. Now, if you don't want me to hand you over to the police for murder, I suggest you follow me."

Myde wasn't really sure what to say. What could he say to a monologue like that? So instead of saying anything, he stood on shaky legs, and began to follow Zexy-something as he made his way back to Riku's prone form. The slate-haired male stopped, causing Myde to almost run into him in his daze, and said, "Don't forget your things." He said it in such a nonchalant way, as if nothing was wrong, that Myde immediately did as he was told, not even conscious of moving his limbs. When he had grabbed his bookbag, slipping the Death Note inside without a second thought, he returned to Zexy-something to find him picking up a small briefcase from where it had fallen earlier, just a few feet away from Riku's body. Remaining silent, the smaller male didn't seem perturbed in the slightest by the corpse, even bending to check its pulse momentarily, before continuing on as if nothing had happened.

The walk that followed was a long one, and silent. It was unnerving. Myde had never been one for silences, preferring to fill them with music, or conversation. Zexy-something didn't seem one for conversation, and Myde didn't have his sitar with him, even if he had half a mind to play something. And so, the silence reigned. Myde kept checking his watch, wondering just how long it was going to take to get to wherever they were going. Finally, with his tone betraying his annoyance, Zexy-something said, "We'll be there soon."

Taking advantage of the sudden possibility for conversation, Myde spoke up immediately. "Why don't you drive or take the bus or something?"

As if he hadn't heard a word Myde had said, Zexy-something continued speaking. "I have a roommate. He may be home when we get there. If such is the case, you aren't to speak a word. Understood? If he speaks to you directly, remain silent. I'll answer for you."

Well, that was a bit disconcerting. Searching for something, anything to say that would get an answer from the other male, Myde asked, "So, we're going to your place, Zexy?" He was pretty sure that was at least how his name started…it would make a suitable nickname at least, right?

Apparently, Zexy-something wasn't too pleased with being called Zexy. He spun around immediately and glared threateningly up at Myde. "Only one person is allowed to call me anything other than my name, and you aren't him. You are to address me as Zexion." Oh, yeah, Zexion. That was his name.

"U-um…sorry…Zexion?" Without another word, Zexion spun back around and continued on his way. The rest of the walk—another ten minutes, by Myde's watch—was as silent as the first fifty minutes had been.

Amidst his boredom during this incredibly long walk to Zexion's house, Myde had been careful to completely avoid thinking about the Death Note, and the dead body that had been left behind on the college campus. Instead, he spent all that time examining the back of Zexion's head, and trying to remember everything he had ever heard about the young male. All of it basically amounted to a single fact: Zexion was a genius. He was so engrossed in this task that he didn't even notice that Zexion had stopped until he ran into the back of him.

"Watch it," Zexion spat angrily, causing Myde to flinch back. Wow, that guy could be scary. Had Riku seriously had the nerve to beat him up? It was crazy. "We're here, Myde." Wait, how did Zexion know his name? "Remember what I told you." Without another word, the small male walked up the front steps of a pleasant little house with a plain white paint job and a crazy display of flowers. There were like a million different colors and shapes and kinds of flowers, all very tastefully arranged in the windowsills and all around the front of the house. Myde found himself wondering vaguely if Zexion had planted all these, but couldn't wonder for long before he was forcefully dragged into the house. "Stop gawking."

The inside of the house was equal to the outside in terms of tasteful floral decorations, and was otherwise very simple in design. And it was insanely clean. The flowers, Myde wasn't quite sure about, but the cleanliness had Zexion written all over it. Zexion slipped off his shoes, and Myde followed suit, still unable to really do much at all other than following Zexion and making odd observations. From the other room, an obviously male voice called out, "You're late. You were starting to worry me," and was followed by a not-so-obviously-male person entering the room. His hair was a light shade of pink, his eyes were a brilliant crystalline blue, and if it weren't for that voice, Myde would have been sure he was a very flat-chested she. Upon closer inspection, Myde decided that if it weren't for the odd hair color, the mistake would have been much harder to make. The man wasn't especially feminine…but he wasn't especially masculine either. It was kind of really weird, actually. Suddenly, Myde knew that Zexion had absolutely nothing to do with the overabundance of flowers.

"You don't have to worry about me, Marluxia." Okay, Marluxia, he had to file that away for future reference. Marluxia, Marluxia, Marluxia. Wow, that was a really weird name, perfect for such a weird person. But then, Myde wasn't exactly normal either. "I can take care of myself."

"If it was a question of you outsmarting someone, I'd agree completely. But you aren't exactly well-rounded; you've got no brawn to back up your brains. Now, let me see the damage." Immediately Marluxia started examining Zexion, and he seemed to find something as soon as he started. He traced his fingers along Zexion's neck, and assumingly some sort of mark that had been made when Riku held his knife there. Myde hadn't noticed any blood…Had he been that out of it? He couldn't see what Marluxia had found, but his exclamation of, "Ouch! That had to really hurt," made him start worrying. Was Zexion hurt badly? Had he been bleeding all this time, and Myde had never noticed? "Well, obviously you've already taken care of it…So he had a knife this time, huh? Did he get you anywhere else, knife or otherwise?"

"No." Myde balked at that one-word lie, amazed that Zexion could say it so easily. There had been no hesitation, no visible sign of lying that Myde could see…Zexion was an expert liar, apparently. That wasn't good. Myde was horrible at lying, and worse at telling a lie from the truth.

Marluxia must have either seen something Myde hadn't, or been an expert at telling Zexion's lies, because he was just as quick as Zexion's lie to say, "I don't believe you."

"Your point being?"

"…Alright, I'll take care of it later. You've brought home…a friend?"

"No. This is Demyx. He's…an acquaintance. He helped me out of a tight spot, so in order to repay him I've decided to tutor him for a reduced price."

The conversation was dizzying, and the lies Zexion spouted off so easily didn't make any sense. Demyx? Who was that? His name was Myde, not Demyx. Zexion knew that, he had called him by his real name just fifteen minutes earlier! He didn't seem the scatter-brained type…Myde wasn't allowed any more time to ponder before he found himself inadvertently staring into Marluxia's bright blue eyes, being scrutinized.

"How did he help you scare off Riku? He's not much bigger than you!" At this point, Myde received a painful poke in his arm courtesy of the incredibly tall man, who had bent over to look him in the eyes. Without thinking, he opened his mouth to protest, but he realized that he had nothing to say. Marluxia was right. There was no way he would have been able help Zexion with Riku. He couldn't exactly say he had killed Riku with a notebook. It took Marluxia's arched eyebrow for him to realize his mouth was still open, and he closed it with a snap. Zexion had told him not to talk at all, and now he knew why. "You got saved by one weird kid, Zexy." Oh. So Marluxia was the one person who could call Zexion 'Zexy.' This was getting harder and harder to understand by the second. The pair had a really strange relationship. It was like they didn't trust each other, but they pretended to, and Zexion seemed to almost despise Marluxia in a way.

Marluxia returned his attention to Zexion, and Myde was glad to be rid of the piercing stare. Marluxia's eyes were such a bright blue, it was like he could see anything. If eyes were the window to the soul, Myde's soul had just been read like an open book. It was scary. But Zexion seemed unfazed by it, just like everything else Marluxia did. His voice was unwavering as he gave an answer that Myde never would have thought of. "I never said he scared off Riku. That's ridiculous. No, nothing so noble as that. Some idiot thought it would be funny to toss my dictionary into a tree. He just happened to be in that tree, and brought it back to me safely. My dictionary is a bit worse for wear, but at least it isn't up a tree." Wow, he was good at lying. Even Myde was starting to believe it, and he had been there!

Marluxia seemed to accept this story, though apparently he saw that something was off, because he asked, "So, how was it you got away from Riku anyways? He obviously didn't get bored of you that quickly, if he'd just pulled a knife…" Wow, this was even more confusing than before. At this point, Myde figured it must have been a regular occurrence for Riku to beat up Zexion, though he still wasn't sure why. Sure, Zexion was a bit of an asshole, but there were plenty of assholes around campus, and none of them were attacked like Zexion had been.

Zexion seemed to have an answer for everything, and this was no different. "I'm still slightly more agile than Riku is, and I can fit into small spaces. Apparently that's all I've got going for me anymore." The explanation made it sound so obvious, so matter-of-fact.

"Alright, well, have fun teaching the idiot to read." The tone of Marluxia's voice betrayed nothing as to whether he believed the lie or not. Myde was so concerned about the lie working that it took him a moment to realize that the pink-haired man had insulted him. He opened his mouth to defend himself again—he wasn't about to put up with yet another insult—but was reminded by a sharp glare from Zexion that he wasn't allowed to say a word.

This was crazy. But it just got crazier. As Zexion turned to go upstairs, Marluxia grabbed his arm and spun him back around, successfully planting a kiss on his lips. Myde gaped. He hadn't had much experience with guys, but a few girls had found him dateable, and the relationship they had shared was nothing like how Zexion and Marluxia treated each other. And yet, Zexion suddenly seemed…happier. Or at least, a bit less irritable. And the smirk on his face matched the smirk in his voice as he said, "Honestly, Marluxia, am I that irresistible?" Then, as if nothing had happened, he started up the stairs, pausing only to say over his shoulder, "Hurry up, Demyx. We've got a lot of work to do if you plan on passing any of your classes."

After a moment of blank staring, Myde realized that he was now 'Demyx' and thus he should respond accordingly. "O-oh! Right!" he exclaimed before he could stop himself, and quickly followed Zexion up the stairs. Just as he got to the top of the stairway, Zexion disappeared into a room around the corner, leaving the door open just enough so that Myde got the picture that he was supposed to keep following. Opening the door slowly, tentatively, he was unable to keep himself from gaping for the second time since entering the house. The room he had entered was nothing like the rest of the house. It was a mess! There were books everywhere, on every available surface, including the floor, stacks and stacks of them. It was incredible, and intimidating.

Zexion was nowhere to be seen—probably on the other side of a stack of books or something—so Myde was unsure of what to do with himself. An open book on top of a nearby stack caught his attention, so he moved towards it, and reached out a hand to turn it so he could read what it was about—

"Don't touch anything." The voice was calm, but it came out of nowhere, and surprised Myde to the point where he jumped back, almost knocking over a stack of paperbacks. "You break it, you buy it. Those books are priceless, so I suggest you don't do anything that might ruin them." Zexion emerged from the back of the room, weaving his way through the maze, doing so while his face was half-buried in a book. This book looked incredibly familiar.

"I-is that…?" Myde trailed off, not really wanting to say what he thought it was. He could only see the back cover, which was just black. He didn't have to finish his sentence though, because it was brushed off as it had never been spoken anyways.

"Your name is now Demyx whenever you are speaking to someone who does not know you. If you slip up and call yourself Demyx to someone who knows you are Myde, tell them Myde is just a nickname that you've stopped using. If you tell someone you are Myde when they know you as Demyx, tell them the same thing. Overact. It will make it more believable for you. Understood?" After a few blank seconds of trying to comprehend the slew of words that had been fired at him, Myde—or rather, Demyx—nodded numbly. "Now, give me your Death Note. You can't be trusted with it. You act with your emotions, not your thoughts. Either that, or your thoughts are even less intelligent than I had previously imagined. With a weapon like this, emotions can't get in the way, or things go to Hell before you know it. If you're discovered with the Death Note, it will be immediately clear to anyone with half a brain that Kira also uses a Death Note. That, Demyx, would be catastrophic."

Silence reigned. Demyx's mind turned cogs that he didn't know he had before that moment. Zexion was patient for a full two minutes, then snapped. "Give me the Death Note." He didn't shout, or even sound angry. In fact, his voice was completely devoid of emotion. But still, it was icy cold. A shiver ran down Demyx's spine, and that spurred him into motion. He fumbled with the clasp on his bookbag, taking three tries to open it, which earned him an icy glare from Zexion, and finally, after leafing through the mess of papers in his bag, pulled out the Death Note, which was promptly snatched from his hand. "God, you're worse than I had thought. We really do have a lot of work to do." With a roll of his eyes, Zexion returned from whence he came, weaving through the stacks of books until Demyx lost sight of him again.

He shifted his weight nervously, not quite sure what to do with himself, which seemed to be the usual in this place. Finally, he found the courage to speak up, and spouted off the first thing he could think of that wasn't, 'So, you're Kira?' Instead, he said something much less relevant to the situation. "You have a library in your house?"

For a second, he wasn't sure whether Zexion had disappeared down a trap door or something, but then he heard the voice that had dominated most of his hearing for the past ten minutes. And he didn't sound nearly as pissed as he had just moments before. "It used to be my room. But then there got to be so many books in here that we decided to just make it an official library."

"So, um, where do you sleep now?" Oh, wow, that was tactful.

"Marluxia and I share a bed." He was so matter-of-fact about a subject that was usually so touchy, Demyx felt his face heat up considerably. He then jumped back as a head of slate blue hair popped out from behind a nearby stack. "Why? Does that make you…uncomfortable?" His mocking tone just made Demyx more embarrassed.

"N-no, not at all! I consider myself one-hundred percent pansexual! It's just…how old are you, anyways?" Oh, wait, no. He had been doing fine until that last part. Why did he have to be so…tactless?

Zexion seemed unfazed by the question. His answer was a simple, "Seventeen."

"Wh-what!? Seventeen? But, but, you're in like your third year! Of college! That's insane! So what about—" He cut himself off, realizing just how stupid he was being by continuing his current train of thought.

"Marluxia? Twenty-three. Which means yes, I'm illegal, and yes, we do share a bed, but I'm still a virgin. Are all your questions answered now?"

Demyx wasn't really sure what to think. Zexion was so…open. But he was so quiet too! He was completely weird. There was no way to understand him, and there wouldn't be even if he tried. Zexion was…was…oh, what was that word he had learned in his science class last year? An anomaly! That was it! Zexion was a complete anomaly. Nothing about him made sense. He was so tiny, but he apparently knew what a Death Note was, and how it worked, so he had killed at least one person, and hadn't he already implied that he was… "Wait, you're Kira? Th-that's impossible! You're so…"

"Small? Smart? 'Innocent?'"


"Don't go by what you see. You'll end up dead before the end of the week." With that, Zexion again disappeared for a few seconds, then reappeared with a slim book, which he thrust into Demyx's hands. "You need to study that."

Demyx looked down at the book in his hands, thoroughly confused. "A Beginner's Guide to Chess? Why do I need to read this?"

"By picking up and using the Death Note, you have entered a real-life game of chess. Just remember as you read this…I'm the King."

The King is the overseer, the quiet influence in the background pulling all the strings.

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