Everything was going to plan. Despite Dooku's near-fatal wounds, Kenobi, Skywalker, and Palpatine were all captured and secured. And to think he had almost decided to stay on the bridge! That single decision to come up here might have won the war for him. General Grievous paced about, waiting until the holonet broadcast he was preparing could be sent to every single receiver in the Republic, as well as the CIS. The Count's stability for now was good enough that he had been brought up to watch Grievous's debut. Dooku wasn't able to do more than watch out of a bacta tank, to weakened to do anything else. Finally, the broadcast could be sent. A battle droid gave the general a nod, and Grievous stepped in front of the projector.

"Good morning, afternoon, or evening, people of the Republic, or Confederacy. I don't know who all is watching this, but it will be entertaining nonetheless. Heh heh heh… You see, I have some surprises planned." Grievous started laughing diabolically. "Look here, it's General Kenobi!" the cyborg exclaimed, dragging Kenobi in front of the projector.

"You'll pay for-" Kenobi was cut off, literally. With a few more movements, he was decapitated by Grievous. The Jedi was dead before his brain realized that it's body was in several pieces.

"Aw… Such a tragic death." Said the General sarcastically. "But wait! What's this?" Grievous dragged Anakin in front of the projector. Skywalker started shouting something unintelligible. "The Hero with no Fear… Ha!" The Hero with no Fear's head rolled across the floor. Palpatine looked shocked. His plans were coming apart before his eyes.

"It's not over yet! I have a special guest here too!" said Grievous excitedly. This was turning out to be the best day of the war for him. The General activated another lightsaber, and prepared to strike down the Supreme Chancellor.

"Grievous…" The Count tried to speak from the bacta tank, but to no avail.

"You will pay for this, droid!" Shouted Palpatine, and smashed Grievous headfirst into the wall with the force. He had knocked out the cyborg, and prepared to kill him. Lightsaber or no, it didn't matter. Palpatine advanced, then stopped as a single shot sounded throughout the room. One of the battle droids, a commander, had shot the Chancellor in the back of the head. The body of Palpatine collapsed on the floor. Dooku went unconscious from a mix of stress, shock, and pain from his injuries. This left the battle droid in charge.

"Uh… Get the bodies out of here; throw them out an airlock or something. Keep the weapons for the General. Bring the Count back to the medical bay, and it wouldn't do harm to get the General in there either. Oh, and turn off the broadcaster." Commanded the commander.

-Invisible Hand, medical bay-

"Finally. I was starting to think you'd never wake up…" Said a voice, probably a droids. "Sometimes you are terribly dull." There were only a few beings in the galaxy that could talk to him like that without consequence: Darth Sidious, Count Dooku, and A-4D, his medical droid. Since it was a droid talking, it had to be A-4D.

"What happened?" Asked the general.

"That Palpatine smashed your head into a wall. He was killed though. You had some serious damage, and I had to take out this chip here for your own good." A-4D showed Grievous a tiny chip, it was almost too small to see. "It was causing serious malfunctions. And I found in the area responsible for emotions in your brain. There was also tampering with your memory, but it's there for a reason." Grievous thought.

"What's the reason? I told them not to alter my mind."

"It's suppressing traumatic memories of the shuttle crash. I didn't think that they would be welcome… And that chip that controls your emotions, I assume you want to know more about it too?" The cyborg nodded. "Well, it seems to block out, or at least dim down, almost all emotions. It only leaves rage, hate, and anger. In fact, it heightens them." Explained A4-D.

"I told them not to alter my mind…" Grievous muttered, crushing the arm of the chair he was in. "I'm going to talk to Dooku."

"That's not a good idea, master. You're still recovering from-"

"Shut up." Grievous stumbled out of the room, to where Dooku was. He half walked, half fell to the bacta tank. "I told you I didn't want my mind altered!" Rumbled Grievous angrily. It took some time for Dooku to respond.

"It doesn't matter anymore." Spoke the Count.

"Altering my brain against my wishes doesn't matter?" Questioned the General. Nearby droids and organics alike backed away without noticing, such was the menace in the cyborg's voice.

"Not anymore. It's over, Grievous. You killed them both." Grievous was confused.

"What's over? And why?"

"The plan. Darth Sidious… He is- well, was Palpatine. His plan was to bring Anakin Skywalker to the dark side, and wipe out the Jedi so the Sith would rule. You killed them both, and Kenobi on top of it. I was temporary." Grievous was shocked. He killed Sidious? "I don't have much time left, but there is something you must understand."

"You don't have much time left?" Asked Grievous. Dooku couldn't die. As much as he disliked him, he knew that the Confederacy needed him.

"This body will die soon. I will not live to see my own plans through. I was going to betray Sidious, ever since I figured out what he was plotting. He played both sides of this war, like a game. It was never a game to me, General. The Confederacy is real. I believe what we're fighting for. I know you don't care why you fight." Grievous was about to protest, but he realized this was true. "It's imperative that you understand. You must realize the larger picture. You must not fight simply because you hate the Jedi, or Republic, or just want to fight. You must fight for what I fought for. What everyone else fights for. An end to the corruption and injustice. A better future for everyone, everywhere, not just the wealthy. That is what you must fight for.

Right now, it seems absurd to you, doesn't it? But with that chip removed, in time, you will believe. The Republic has lost its leader, and two of their best Jedi, and it was broadcasted across the Galaxy. Moral in the Confederacy has never been higher. I leave you in a good spot, General. You're taking my place as Head of State. If there is one thing I ask of you, don't turn the Confederacy into what we've been fighting.

Oh, and there are some things in the box for you…" Dooku finished, and slightly gestured at a metal box. Grievous picked it up and opened it. Inside were several things: Various plans of Republic war materials, plans for a large spherical battle station, several lists of do's and don'ts in the world of politics, which Grievous had a sinking feeling he would soon be entering, and Dooku's Lightsaber. "You will know what to do with it when the time comes. Good luck, Grievous."

"Count..?" Asked Grievous, turning around with the Lightsaber. The human didn't respond. He was slumped in the bacta tank. Grievous thought about summoning the medics but thought again. That wouldn't be what he would want. Dooku's purpose was done; he knew it was his time. "Everything has it's time…" Grievous said quietly. He left the room, and told the medical teams to get Dooku's body out of there. It would be returned to Serenno, Dooku's home world. The General walked to the bridge. He had forgotten there probably had been a battle going on the whole time. When he got there, he saw that he hadn't missed too much. Right after the broadcast ended, the Separatist fleet had gone into hyperspace, back to friendly territory. As quickly as he came, he left, going to his own quarters.

Grievous had work to do.

Author's note: Well, depending on how well people like it, this will probably be continued. Rated T for what's coming up in later chapters. And this won't revolve totally around Grievous, occasionaly I'll throw in people of my own, and legit Star Wars characters. And don't be suprised if I start putting in subtle references to other things.