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A/N: Here's the full summary: The hot punks, Bella & Alice, survive in a jungle full of teenage animals, where some are the menacing predators, and the rest, the unlucky prey. What adventures will arise when the gorgeous Edward & Jasper join the high school cycle? When their status becomes high on the social chain, how will thier chances with Bella and Alice change? AH, AU, OOC

Prologue: Welcome To Our Life


Everyone is apart of one. Everyone wants to be a part of another one. Everyone gets eaten by one. Cliques. They are everywhere and are unavoidable. Some intimidate and some are intimidated. That's what separates the popular cliques from the nerds, I guess. It's screwed up. Can't we all just be friends? Haha, I was joking. Like that could ever happen. In Forks Washington high school, there are six main cliques.

1. The Sluts.


Basically, their title says it all. They are the bitchiest people you will ever meet. And of course, that means they are popular. They are spoiled, stuck-up, selfish, attention hoggers, who get whatever they want whenever they want it.

2. The Man Whores.


They are perverted, hormonal assholes who's minds gyrate only around sex, beer, and more sex.

3. The Wannabe's


They are almost as bitchy as the sluts. They think they are popular and utilize every opportunity they are given, to suck up to the sluts, when clearly they are just not accepted.

4. The Computer Geeks.


They are nice guys. They may not be the best-looking men you will ever see, and sometimes they come across as smart-ass, know-it-alls, but at least they have brains, unlike most of the clique members.

5. The Art Freaks.


These are the type of people who eat their feelings. 'Nuff said.

And then there comes the best people you will ever meet.

6. The Punks.

Just Alice, my best friend, and I.

We are the most rebellious and the coolest of all the cliques. Technically, we cannot be considered a clique due to the fact that our group consists of just my best friend and I. We don't care shit about what people think of us and we always break the rules. Since 'The Sluts' are all ugly and personality-stricken, most of the guys at our school are all over us. Sometimes we hear what 'The Man Whores' have to say about us. Ugh. Too perverted to even mention. As Alice says, "Who can blame them? We are the sexiest punks alive."

For Alice, I can agree with that last statement. She is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She has spiky, black hair with awesome red highlights. She has perfect ivory colored skin, electrifying sapphire eyes and dark pink, plump lips. I'd have to say her biggest flaw is her retarded laugh. She sounds like a choking hyena. No offense Al.

Alice describes me as beautiful as well, but I don't think so. She always tells me that I don't see myself clearly. Bullshit. She said that with a little pampering, I could be prettier than her. As if. I have brunette hair with amazing sea-blue highlights at the tips of my straight hair. I have large brown eyes and the same skin tone as Alice.
We are both seventeen years old and about 5'4 in height. We are such good friends that we think alike. It's almost scary. We call it 'best friend telepathy.' We have been friends since our middle school days.

I even remember how we first became friends. The experience still makes me laugh 'till this day…


September 15, 2005
Grade 8

"You all will receive partners for our Space and Universe projects." Ms. Haberman instructed us, her left eye twitching slightly. Creepy. She started calling out the partners from a sheet of paper.

"Mike and Ben.

"Kate and Maggie

"Angela and Claire." She continued the list until I heard my name,

"Bella and Alice." I looked over at Alice, her face a mask in disgust. Let's just say, my looks in my middle school years were…not too great. I have changed a lot since then. I got braces for my terribly crooked teeth, my acne disappeared after puberty, and I purchased contact lenses so I didn't have to wear my round, 'Harry Potter' glasses.

I got up from my seat and went to sit next to my angered new partner. She pulled out our worksheet and glanced briefly over the questions. She turned to me hesitantly and raked her eyes across my outfit. She grimaced and I looked down self- consciously.

"Ugh, can you button up your shirt?" She asked rudely, "Nobody needs to see your chest." Wow, bitch alert. I looked at her face. She wasn't great-looking back then either. She had a huge gap between her two front teeth, and had major acne. She definitely changed.

Not being the most confident person out there, I looked down and followed her orders.
We started working and, abruptly, she made a disgusted noise in the back of her throat. I looked over at her curiously and followed the direction of her eyes. Tanya Denali. Leader of all bitches. Ugh.

She shook her head, seething coldly, "I hate that bitch, Tanya. Her boobs are basically falling out of her shirt."

I chuckled and added, "I wonder what they would be like if they weren't implants." We were both laughing now.

-Flashback over-

And we have been best friends ever since…

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