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Chapter 11: Edward Cullen Saves the Day


"So you're trying to tell me Tyler made you take your clothes off slowly and forced you to blow him...?" Edward asked.

"Precisely." I sighed, just wanting to forget about it. This was nice, sitting by the fireplace with Edward, Jasper and Alice, wrapped in giant blanket. So, you're probably wondering exactly what happened...

-2 hours earlier-

"Blow me, bitch." Just as I was lowering my head, Edward barged into the room. The first thing I felt was utter relief. Then embarrassment. I noticed was that his shirt was drenched in a substance most likely being beer. My face blanched realizing I was half naked, on my knees, Tyler's erection pointing to the sky.

A few things happened in that moment. Edward's jaw drops. I cover up. Tyler begins jacking off. I gag. Edward looks away. I cover my eyes. Edward looks at me. I open my mouth to speak. Tyler cums on the floor. I vomit and pass out...

When I woke up, I immediately wanted to go back to sleep. Other than the peaceful heat warming my eyelids, all I felt was pain. It was as though needles were slowly being pressed into my brain. I heard an echo sounding like my name. It pounded in my ears. I slowly opened my eyes and immediately noticed that I was dressed. I then came to discover that I wasn't anywhere familiar. I was lying on a soft couch wrapped in a blanket next to a warm, blazing fire. My voice was thick as I said, "Alice?"

"Bells! You're up!" She ran to my side from the kitchen.

"Where am I?"

"We're at Edward and Jasper's place." She smiled. Shit. How long was I here for? My mother would...not care. Blood ran to my cheeks as the night's events filled my mind.

"And how did I get here? What time is it?"

"Well, let's see...after you passed out in your own vomit, I put your clothes back on. Then Edward and Jasper helped me carry you to their car and we drove to their house and laid you on the couch. Oh, and it's like 11:45pm." When I didn't answer, Alice asked, "So why exactly were you going to blow Tyler Crowley?"

"Ugh." I cringed. "I didn't want to. We were making out and I was really drunk. We went upstairs and he started going farther and I told him to stop. He slapped me and forced me to strip and give him head. But I didn't. Thankfully Edward came just in time."

"Oh my gosh, Bells! Are you okay? He slapped you?! What a jerk! I feel terrible I left you alone." I nodded sleepily. Edward and Jasper soon came into the room and we filled them in on all the details, which brings us to now...

"So you're trying to tell me Tyler made you take your clothes off slowly and forced you to blow him...?" Edward asked.

"Precisely." I sighed, just wanting to forget about it. This was nice, sitting by the fireplace with Edward, Jasper and Alice, wrapped in giant blanket.

"That's terrible. What a fucking pig." He growled. I suddenly got the urge to jump him. I'd been getting that a lot lately. I then remembered the blonde whore who was pressed against him and the urge left as new ones came. Anger. Jealousy. Major jealousy.

"Yeah. So what did you do at the party? I think I saw you with some blonde girl." I hinted, hoping to come across as nonchalant.

"Oh. Her." He seemed disgusted.


"She was following me around and I kept telling her to leave me alone but I think she was too drunk to comprehend."

"Oh yeah, it must've been terrible having a pretty blonde girl - just about ready to jump you – following you around all night. Oh, the horrors." The sarcasm was thick in my voice.

"It was." He raised his eyebrows at me. "I was looking for you actually." I blushed but didn't say anything. Jasper broke the silence. "So, what do you guys wanna do? We might as well chill while you're here...unless you wanna leave."

"No! Maybe we can all hang out here and watch TV or something." Alice suggested. I shrugged. 5 cups of Mountain Dew, 4 bags of BBQ chips and 3 reruns of 'Friends' later, I was passed out again. Alice nudged me awake. It was past midnight and we needed to leave. Edward decided that because Alice and I had a lot to drink tonight, we needed a lift home so he drove us back to Alice's house in Alice's car.

"Thanks Edward!" Alice smiled as Edward landed in her driveway. "Let's go, Bella." Alice got out of the car.

"Wait." Edward said. "I want to talk to Bella for a minute if you don't mind." Alice smirked and ran inside her house. I breathed out, trying not to expose the shakiness in my voice.


"I just want to let you know I feel responsible for what happened to you tonight. And I'm sorry."

I shot him a confused glance. "Edward, that wasn't your fault at all. We were in a roo-"

"But I should've been with you the whole time." He interrupted. "I saw you dancing with Tyler and I knew you were drunk and I just got...I mean I just decided not to go to you. If I would've been there..."

"Shh." I hushed, placing my finger over his lips. He listened and the car suddenly became intensely quiet. I didn't know where to put my finger next so I just pulled my hand away and looked down self consciously. I then felt his finger pulling my chin up to face him. Could he see how red my cheeks were? Could he tell how nervous I was in his presence?

"Bella, can I ask you something?" Edward asked.

"Yes." I smiled.

He grimaced, looking ashamed. "How would you feel if I kissed the blonde you saw me with tonight?"

Horrified. Angry. Jealous. Stab-a-pole-through-her-brain-and-burn-her-alive jealous. "Uh, fine."

"Okay. Well I did. I just thought I should let you know." I felt as though my heart was constricting. I tried not to make my unhappiness apparent but I was sure he could see the way my face paled. I wanted to leave before I made an idiot of myself.

"That's cool." I said, levelly. "I'm going to go inside now. Thank you for the ride, Edward." I began to open to the door.

"No, wait!" He closed the door before I could get out. "I only wanted to be honest with you. I was really drunk. It was only a couple minutes and I was really disoriented and...angry."

"Why were you angry?"

"Well I saw you with Crowley and I just lost my nerve." My heart skipped a beat. He was jealous of Tyler?

"Oh." I hoped he couldn't see me blush in the darkness.

"Can I ask you one more question before you leave?"

"I guess." At that point I realized we were leaning in closer to each other. I could feel his cool breath caressing my cheeks. His eyes were locked in mine and I couldn't look away.

"Can I kiss you?"