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"I'm going tot find Bella, I have to get her back." He said. He had to get her back!? What was it about that little insignificant brat that made everyone willing to give up everything for her?! She was human for Christ's sake. We'd get another one if we lost her. I mean, I'd always looked down on vampires who kept humans for pets, but since the Cullens now seemed so keen on the idea, we could look into it. We didn't need Bella Swan.

I heard the door open and tore out of the bathroom, hoping to catch Edward before he left me. I couldn't stand for another man to leave me. I stopped dead as soon as I saw her. Her eyes were bright, and swimming with something, though I didn't know what, seeing as we didn't cry. The look on her face was heartbreaking, like she'd been disappointed beyond belief, but her stance was firm, like she would fight to get things back the way they should be. I knew she would. For the first time, I felt regret for what I'd done. I felt my sanity start to return to me. And I hated it.

"Rosalie Lillian Hale," her voice was thick with emotion, and I found myself feeling lower and lower with every syllable that left her perfect mouth. I looked to Edward quickly, knowing he wouldn't be any relief. I wasn't prepared to see him look so pained, but then, I should've been. He could hear her mind, and it was probably much worse than what I was hearing. I felt lower still thinking about it, Edward didn't deserve this. This was my doing, mine.

"Esme." I breathed. And she did the last thing I ever expected: she lunged at me.

I saw her coming, but I didn't move. I deserved this. I let her knock me to the floor, I let her hold me there. I didn't so much as hiss when she growled at me, when she sat me up, when she held me by my hair and forced me to look at what I'd become in a mirror.

"What have you done Rosalie?! What have you done to our family!" She shrieked. I looked at myself, and wished for a moment that I looked different, that I looked worse. I wish there could be some physical representation of what I was feeling right now. Esme pulled my hair a little to get my attention. "You may have kept the name Hale, but I'll be damned if you choose now to act like one. The Hales of Rochester were cruel, heartless people that valued possessions more than love. They valued money more than people. You were a commodity to them. Something to be bought and sold as they wished. They sold you Rosalie. They sold you to a man who thought nothing more of you than they did. And Carlisle saved you from that. He saved you from that. This is your family. Its the first real family you've ever known. We showed you love Rosalie! And you have no idea how much it hurts us that you resent that!" I blinked over and over. I wished I could cry. I wished I could show her how sorry I was. I'd do anything to show her how sorry I was, but in the mirror my face was still perfect, still unapologetic. I couldn't change it. I wished I could. "We made you a Cullen!" she continued, "we showed you love. And now....and now!!"

She released me quickly and flew across the room, my head fell against the glass, cracking it. I turned and saw her sitting on the bed, sobbing. Edward moved towards her, "Esme..." he began. She snarled violently, and he froze. "Not you, don't you speak yet. You're just as much at fault for this as she is," she told him. And he wasn't. I tried to tell her that he wasn't, but there were no words. I couldn't speak. It seemed like there was nothing left.

"Is she sure?" Edward whispered, and I looked between them frantically. What silent exchange was this? Esme nodded sullenly, then she looked at me. "Alice can't see your futures. She can't see yours or Edward's at all. She's seen Emmett and Bella's up until next week, then it all goes black." she shuddered for a moment and looked up to me again, "Oh God Rosalie, what have you done?"

And I found myself wishing I was human again, so that I could faint or cry, or pull my hair out or something. But instead I just stood there, frozen to the floor, staring at my mother, the only real mother I'd ever known.

When words finally came, they weren't enough, but they were the only ones I could find. It was barely a whisper, but I was sure they'd hear.

"I don't know."


I was drifting in and out of sleep, so I wasn't sure if the snippets I was catching were snippets of dreams, or snippets of reality. I remember Emmett saying something about the Seattle Hilton, and I figured that was real, because, well wasn't it just like Alice to book us at the best hotel in the city when we were running away? If it were up to Emmett we'd probably be camped in a cave somewhere. And if it was up to me, we'd have gone someplace sunny.

I was confused now though, because the relative darkness of the car had been replaced by bright lights. Was this the hotel? Why wasn't I walking? I couldn't hear anything. Well, I could hear, but it was jumbled, nothing distinct. Then I didn't feel like I was moving at all. Must've been a dream, I thought groggily, drifting back into sleep.

I was almost there too, when Emmett started talking. "Minnie? Minnie wake up, we're here." He said. I moaned and tried to turn over, only then realizing that I was in his arms. He'd carried me in? Such an Emmett thing to do. My stomach growled. "You have to wake up so I can feed you. I'm sorry I didn't earlier, I wasn't thinking ,and then you were asleep, but now you're not, so wake up." He said firmly.

"If I'm not asleep, then I don't need to wake up." I muttered, wondering if any of that made sense, or if I was only having this conversation in my head.

All the sudden I was flying through the air, then I landed on something soft and bouncy. My eyes snapped open. "EMMETT CULLEN!!" I shrieked. "Did you just throw me onto the bed!?!?!?!" I was trying to look stern, but it was hard with Emmett standing there looking unaffected. I struggled to look severe, but the harder I tried, the more amused he got, until we both ended up laughing so hard we couldn't see. Well, he could probably see, vampireness, but I couldn't see.

He got into bed with me, and I snuggled up against him. My body relaxed against his, and he pulled an arm around me, squeezing me closer. I wondered about the eerie calm of the situation. My heart would be thudding in my chest if I were this close to Edward, but with Emmett there was just a sense of comfort, and safety. It made me wonder.

"Emmett?" I whispered, wincing in anticipation. "Hmmm?" He responded lightly. I pushed myself up on my elbow to look at him. His eyes were closed, and he looked very peaceful, despite what we'd been through already. I took a deep breath. "I think you should kiss me." I blurted out, feeling my face flush. I regretted it as soon as I said it, who says things like that? God, stupid Bella, so stupid.

He sat up, and peered down at me, perplexed. Then he ran a hand through his messy brown curly and took a deep breath. "Minnie, we don't have to do anything. Just because we're here, and because of everything with Rose and...Well, we don't have to. We've got a week, you know, we can just....take it slow or something." I stiffened. "I hadn't though about Rosalie and Edward at all since we left, actually. I was thinking...I was thinking that you made me feel different than Edward did. I was wondering what that meant." His eyes flashed with something, and I his lips moved in a flash of words that I normally never would have caught, but somehow I did. "Yeah, I bet its shocking not being treated like fucking glass for once." I shook my head. "It's not just that. You treat me like I'm breakable too...it's just different." I sat for a moment, looking at him. "Isn't this what you wanted? Isn't this why Rosalie was so upset? Because you wanted me?" He nodded. "Yeah, Minnie. But at some point..I don't know, it changed. It was less me wanting to touch you, and more me wanting to make Edward see that you're a great person, and that you're stronger than he gives you credit for, that you're amazing." He looked sad. "I knew...I knew from the very beginning that my....my want for you, would never come to anything. It faded while I was in Denali really. And when you fell asleep that first night, when you said my name like that, I knew that even though I'd always love you...it needed to be like a brother loves a sister." He gushed out, and I stared at him. "So all of this...."I prompted. "So all of this was....an exercise in teaching Edward to do right by you, in teaching Rosalie to be right by me, to give you the balls to stand up to Edward, to not be so shell shocked by him all the time." I stared. I'm sure my mouth must have been open. I felt hot...not like I was flushing, more like my blood was literally burning under my skin. My hands were shaking, but if they were steady I'm sure I would've hit him. I wanted to hit him. Instead I buried my head into the nearest pillow at screamed a little. I felt his hand touch my arm, and his warm voice, "Minnie, I-" I sprang up.

"SHUT UP!" I said, hitting him with the pillow, then again, with my hand, hard enough that he'd get the point, but not hard enough to cause any permanent damage. To myself, that is. "SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!! All of this!!" I waved my arms about frantically, as if they could physically encompass the madness my life had been lately. "All of this was an exercise? An EXERCISE Emmett! And what did you learn from this exercise?" I hissed, pushing myself up from the bed to pace. "That you don't much like my exercises." I stopped my pacing to glare at him, but I couldn't find any words violent enough to fit the atrocious things I was doing to him in my mind. I continued pacing. I realized I was muttering my thoughts out loud. How was I going to get Edward back? Did I even want Edward back? Of course I wanted Edward back, but what if Edward wanted Rosalie? ROsalie. A loud groan escaped me and my knees went a little weak. I started to feel a little light headed, like I couldn't breathe through my nose. I stopped pacing again. I closed my eyes to help clear my head and pinched the bridge of my nose between my thumb and forefinger, so as to help me breathe better. A low chuckle from the corner of the room disturbed me. "You look a lot like Edward right now." I threw a book at him. He was at least humble enough to let it hit him. And that mollified me some. I sank into a chair near the window with a great sigh. Tears were filling my eyes, and though I hated them, I didn't have the energy to fight them back. "What are we going to do, Emmett? Your little exercise, it's messed people up. It's broken people's hearts. it's breaking up the family. We've got to fix it, so what are we going to do?"

Emmett crossed over to me, taking my hand in his, sinking to the floor and laying his head on my knee. I stroked my free hand through his hair, and he leaned into the touch. We didn't speak, neither of us knew what to say. We just sat that way until I drifted off to a sleep that I was sure would be filled with dreams of Edward.

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