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Phil flipped his head back from the scalding water pouring out of the bathroom faucet and leaned his hands against the sink. It was hot as hell in there with the steam choking the oxygen right out of his lungs, but it was definitely going to be worth it.

He ran his hand across the fogged up mirror.

He wanted change. He certainly got it.

His eyes didn't look as dark or sallow. His cheeks were still sinking in, but the bags under his eyes were disappearing quickly.

Oh, what blond hair can do for a person.

Phil pushed back the wet strands, making sure there wasn't any black left. The last time he tried bleaching his hair, he ended up missing a complete section right near the back of his head. Bella had laughed about it, he remembered that much.


Phil looked at himself in the mirror once more before he let out a long breath, turning to open the bathroom door. The bedroom was much colder, but Phil went straight downstairs, hoping to catch Bella before she ended up bringing in all the stuff she'd bought by herself.

He skidded into the kitchen, grinning. "Good afternoon, beau—"

Someone behind him screamed and bopped him straight on his newly dyed hair with something hard and leathery. He stumbled slightly and turned, holding his hands up.

"Bella! Someone's in your house!" Georgie hollered, making a run for the door. "Keep Danny in the car!"

"Georgie, it's me!" Phil scrubbed his head thoroughly, glaring at her. "Phil. You know, Danny's father?"

Georgie blinked at him, her purse clutched to her chest. "Phil?"

Bella came in, breathless and pink from the cold. She turned to Phil, freezing.

He smiled weakly. "Surprise."

Bella pursed her lips slightly. "You went back to blond."

"Yep." He shrugged. "Thought it was time for a change."

"Uh huh." Bella faced Georgie slowly, holding up a bag. "Can you... go get some more cold medicine for Danny?"

Georgie looked between them. "He's not sick."

"Just in case." Bella pushed her toward the door. "I'll pay you back, promise."

Phil watched them disappear, still bickering, and then the front door slammed. He had just started moving toward the hallway when Bella came barreling around the corner, spearing him to the counter as she kissed him.

Phil struggled slightly, trying to keep his towel on, but his eyes slowly shut, falling into the kiss he'd fallen into many times before.

"I hate you," she hissed. "You know how much I fucking love your blond hair."

"I didn't do this for you," he said between kisses. "Mainly because I completely forgot."

"It took all I had to stop myself in front of Georgie." Her hand tugged the towel still firm in his grip. "Take that off before I take it off with my teeth."

Phil froze.

Bella kept kissing his slack mouth, going down to his neck. She stopped when he didn't move. "Punk?"

He pushed her back slightly. "You know we can't."

"Can't what?"

"I have AIDS, Bell. How do you think it gets spread?"

"I already have it," she said breathlessly.

He grabbed her shoulder. "No. Don't say it like it's nothing."

She blinked up at him. "I'm sorry."

"You should be." He ran a shaky hand through his hair. "I almost didn't stop myself."

She crossed her arms vulnerably. "So we can't... ever?"

"I'd rather not."

"Even with protection?"

He shook his head. "Bell, I'd really rather we didn't."

"So that's the one aspect of the straightedge lifestyle you kept to?"

He smiled slightly when she grinned at him. "Guess I didn't completely lose myself."

"I'm not really that hungry."

"Punk, you have to eat." Bella put the plate in front of him, frowning when he just stared at it. "Come on, it's your favorite!"

"I don't have a favorite anymore. I can barely keep anything down."

"I always knew you were bulimic," Georgie mumbled nonchalantly. "I'll eat it if he doesn't want it."

"You already ate," Bella snapped.

"No, no, she can have it." Punk stood so roughly that he knocked into the table, causing his plate to hit his glass of water and topple over. "I'd just throw it up anyway."

Bella turned to Georgie after Punk stormed out of the kitchen. "What the fuck is your problem?"

"I hate him," Georgie hissed.

"Punk has AIDS, Georgie. Was the bulimic joke necessary?"

"He's an asshole." Georgie swallowed, motioning to the baby thumping around in the high chair. "He put you and Dan in danger."

"Not on purpose!"

"How do you know? Maybe he already knew about it."

"You're so full of shit, Georgie. Punk wouldn't do that."

"Punk also wouldn't have promiscuous sex, but I guess that one's a given."

"How do you know he got it from sleeping with someone?"

"He dated Maria. If he didn't get AIDS from her, he certainly got something."

Bella turned to Danny, wiping the food from his mouth. "Punk may have had it before we got married but he didn't know about it."

"Well, he's certainly milking it."

Bella stared at her. "Are you serious?"


"No wonder Punk always said you were a bitch."

"He's the one acting like a little bitch! No, I'm not hungry. No, I'm too tired. Stop touching me, my arm hurts. I have AIDS."

"Georgie, you are out of your fucking mind."

"You should talk! Practically moving in with this bastard because the son of a bitch claims he's dying."

"He was my husband, Georgie."

"And you got divorced. Doesn't that mean anything?"

"Not when I still love him!"

Georgie was silent for a minute, eyes searching Bella's distraught face. "Are you serious?"

Bella fell into the chair beside her. "I never stopped. I don't even remember why we got divorced."

"His career."

"Oh." Bella rubbed her palm against her forehead. "God, what a stupid thing to get divorced over."

"You were young, you didn't trust him." Georgie narrowed her eyes at the empty doorway. "Which was clearly legitimate."

Bella sighed, leaning her face against her hands. "I don't know how we're going to deal with all of this."

"All of what?"

Bella looked at Danny. "What if he has it?"

Georgie shrugged sympathetically. "If he has it, he has it."

"What if I lose him?"

"Phil or Daniel?"


"If you lose Phil, your life would be a lot better." Georgie frowned. "But if you lose Danny..."

"My world would fall apart, Georgie." Bella lifted her eyes. "For both of them."

Georgie sighed. "Who thought you'd be going through all this shit when you decided to get hitched to that asshole?"

"I never imagined having to deal with this."

Georgie patted her hand slightly. "You'll get through it."

"I have to."

A loud thump reverberated above them, shaking the kitchen dramatically.

Georgie glanced up. "What a fucking baby. He's having a tantrum."

Bella stood slowly. "That sounded worse than him stomping his feet."

"Don't you dare go check on him."

"I'll feel better if I did," Bella murmured, hurrying toward the stairs.

"Don't! That's just what he wants!"

Bella ignored her and jogged up the steps, turning down the hallway to their bedroom. The scream ripped out of her throat before her feet even started pounding against the ground to get to Phil, who was visibly sprawled across the floor, convulsing.

"Georgie!" she screeched, falling to her knees next to him. "Call an ambulance!"


"Because Punk's having... I don't know! I think he's having a seizure!" Bella tried to stabilize his head, but he kept shaking, eyes rolling back, mouth foaming with spit and blood. "Punk, come on, stop this. Stop it."

He stilled, eyes wide and glazed.

Bella could only hear her breath. "Punk?" She shook him slightly, frowning he flopped with her movements. "Punk. Punk, wake up!"

Silence made her eyes water.

"Punk, wake up! Fucking wake up!"

He stiffened suddenly, and his mouth widened, eyes shaking. He choked out a gasp, his chest rising off the floor.

Bella swallowed. "Punk?"

He melted away, eyes shutting.

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