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'Oh no . . .' Those two words were the very first things Abigail thought when she opened her eyes and saw she was lying in bed alone with only a sheet covering her naked body. 'What the hell happened last night . .?'

"Ah . . I see you're finally awake." Abby turned her body towards the source of the voice and was greeted by a very naked Sam, walking slowly towards the bed. While Abby felt relieved to see Sam, she knew it wasn't really him who was talking to her – it was Lucifer. She sunken down in the mattress as much as possible and gripped the sheet tightly to her body as Lucifer approached her side of the bed with a smirk on his lips. "Oh! Are you being shy now after all the fun we had last night?"

Images of the what had occurred last night came flooding back to Abby, causing her stomach to twist and turn with guilt and disgust. Lucifer took a seat by Abby's feet as he watched her absorb in what had happened between them last night. He was very pleased with himself, not only for finally getting Sam to say yes to him but also for convincing Abby to finally yield to him, thus allowing all his plans to move forward.

"Uh . ." Lucifer squinted his eyes shut and let out a low groan as he felt Sam awaken from his slumber and was now pounding away at his skull. Lucifer stood up from the bed and began to walk around the room as he pulled Sam back under his control, but the young man was putting up one hell of a fight.

'Let her go, you bastard!' Sam hollered at Lucifer as he desperately tried to fight against the devil's hold. 'You gave me your word that you would let go her if I said yes. I lived up to my part of the deal, it's time you do the same.'

"Sam, I will honor our deal." Lucifer stopped in front of a mirror to see his vessel's reflection. "But I'm not done with her quite yet, so why don't you be a good boy and go back to sleep for a while. That yelling and pounding does get quite annoying fairly quick."

Lucifer smiled as he felt Sam try to continue fighting, but his efforts were useless as he once again fell under the devil's hold and placed some where fair away.

"Sam . .?" Abby sat up and stood from the bed with a that silly sheet still held against her body. She slowly moved forward towards Lucifer, believing that it was Sam who she was speaking too. "Is it you?"

"I'm afraid Sam is taking a nice long nap at the moment." Lucifer stood up straight and turned around to face a terrified Abigail, who looked ridiculous in his mind trying to use a flimsy sheet to cover her body. "Well you please just drop that stupid piece of cloth already. I already know what's hiding under there very well."

A deep blush spread across Abby's face as she tightened her hold on the sheet and took a step back from Lucifer. She could see the hunger in his eyes as he looked her body up and down like a hungry animal eying its prey.

"What just happened there a moment ago when you were talking to yourself?" Abby took another step back, causing Lucifer to move forward as well. He was still giving her that hungry look, which made her feel very uncomfortable.

"I wasn't talking to myself, Abby." Lucifer answered as he steadily forced Abby towards a corner with each step he took forward and her one backwards. "While I am still in total control of Sam's body and mind, he can still from time to time slip through the cracks and cause a little trouble."

Abby tried to hide her fear when she felt her back hit the wall. "How did you get Sam to say yes? It's must have been pretty tough, cause last time I remembered he was determined not to go along with your plans."

"It was fairly easily actually." Lucifer smirked. "I just had to use you as my bargaining chip and he was willing to do anything."

Abigail's heart sank as she came to realize that it was her fault that Sam and her where now under Lucifer's control. If she had just been more careful after she left Sam and Dean, she knew she could of hid and runaway from Lucifer and his demons for a little longer. It would of bough Sam and Dean more time to get rid of the devil, but of course that plan went done the drain just like every other plan.

"If you're wondering what the deal was that I made with Sam, it's pretty simple." Lucifer took one final step and was now standing directly in front of a frightened Abby. He lifted up a finger and ran it down the side of Abby's warm left cheek, while continuing to give her that hungry look. "I promised him that I would let you go unharmed once I was finished with you. It took a little bit of convincing, but he did agree."

"So you're going to let me go . .?" Abby whispered looking up at Lucifer.

"Eventually . ." Lucifer grinned and leaned his face towards Abby's, until their lips were almost touch. "That is if you still want to leave me when that time comes."

A shiver ran down Abby's body as Lucifer began to kiss her, running his hands slowly up and down the sides of her hips. Lucifer smirked to himself as he felt Abby quickly crumbling under his touch as she began to kiss him back. He reached a hand up and began to tug on the flimsy sheet Abby was holding tightly to her body. He tugged lightly the first time, but Abby wouldn't let go and so he tugged a little harder the second time to send a message. When Lucifer pulled on the sheet a third time Abby quickly came to her senses and pulled away from Lucifer, but not before smacking him across the face nails and all.

"Ouch . ." Lucifer reached up to his vessel's face and when he pulled his hand back saw a couple tiny drops of blood. He looked down at a horrified Abby with an evil glint. "That hurt, Abby."

Abby felt overwhelmed with fear as images of Lucifer torturing her ran through her mind. She knew she needed to get out of there quickly, before something else happened as it seemed like this was all a game to Lucifer. Quickly she pushed Lucifer away from her and made a mad dash for the bedroom door, but Lucifer appeared in front of her before she could get no more then five steps away from him.

"Where do you think you're going?" Lucifer smiled as he cut her off from her only exit. Abigail turned around quickly looking for anything to use to protect herself and that was when she something. She ran over to the nightstand and saw a letter opener sticking out of one of the drawers. Abby heard Lucifer moving behind her and lunged herself towards the nightstand.

Lucifer chuckled as he watched Abby frantically opening the bottom drawer and pulling out the letter opener, she pointed it at him as if it could actually cause him harm. He walked casually up to Abby and gave her a look of amusement. "Now you know that thing won't really do anything to me, right?"

"Yeah . . but it can give me sometime." Abby replied and proceed by slashing Lucifer across the chest, leaving a deep bleeding gash. Lucifer let out a hissed and closed his eyes. He heard Abby take a step back from him as she got ready to make a run for it again – she was really starting to test his patience. With a low growl Lucifer opened his eyes and grabbed Abby before she could run away from him again. He yanked her toward him, pulling her up close and personal to his body.

"That wasn't very nice . ." Lucifer growled.

Abby tried to slash him again with the letter opener, but Lucifer caught her arm before she could do anything – twisting it until she dropped the letter opener in his free hand. Lucifer turned Abby around in his arms, with her back pressed up against his vessel's bleeding chest. "Now be a good girl and hold still."

Confusion spread across Abby's face as Lucifer held his wrist up and the letter open in the other hand up by her face. Horror soon replaced the confusion as she watched Lucifer cut open Sam's wrist and pressed the now bleeding wrist to her mouth.

"Open up, Abby." She could visualize the grin on his face as she fought to keep her mouth closed from the blood. Lucifer grabbed her by the chin and forced her to open her mouth, allowing the blood to flow into her mouth. Abby tried desperately to spit the blood out of her mouth, but every time she tried more would come flooding back in. Abigail thrashed around and kicked as Lucifer held her still in his arms with his bleeding wrist firmly held against her open mouth.

"I know this may seem disgusting at first, Abby." Lucifer spoke, "but if you give it some more time I promise you it will be very pleasurable."

Abby continued to try and pull Lucifer's wrist away from, ignoring his words as she did not believe anything that came out of his mouth. She couldn't understand at all why he was doing this to her, why make her choke on his blood? What will it do? As these thoughts ran through her head, Abby began to noticed a change in the taste of the blood. It tasted unbelievable, sweet, but rich with flavor that felt incredible as it went down through her body.

"I see you're tasting the demon blood now." Lucifer grinned as Abby began to gulped down mouth full after mouth full of his blood, along with grinding her butt into his vessel's groin. "Sam loaded up on tons of demon blood before he allowed me in. He and along with all your other friends believed that he needed to consume a massive amount of demon blood in order to hold. Even though that is partially true, that demon blood was really needed for my plans with you."

He lowered one of hands that had been holding Abby to him, down the front of her body until it was placed over her stomach. "I have big plans for you and me."

Abby finally let go of Lucifer bleeding wrist after feeling like she had her full of his blood. Her blood felt electrifying and tingling everywhere, bring a sense of calm and sexy feelings over herself. She felt greater then she had ever felt before! She turned around in Lucifer's arms, not feeling scared or terrified of him anymore, but admiration and the desire to let him doing he pleased with her.

"What kind of plans?" Abby placed a wet bloody kiss on Lucifer's chest that had blood smeared all over from earlier. Lucifer grabbed the bed sheet that had miraculously stayed around Abby's body this whole time, and with one hard pulled ripped it from her body. He grabbed her naked body, pulling and wrapping her legs around his waist while pushing her into the wall.

"Why don't I show you some of them right now."

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