Miss Innocent-and-Way-Too-Sweet

Summary: With Sam having an appendicitis attack, Dean calls in a favor from an old friend, Dr. Allison Cameron. Crossover with House. Feel free to review or critique! I love to hear what fans like/don't like about my stories so I can get better!

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Chapter 1:

Sam was curled up in the backseat of the Impala, his breathing erratic as he gasped through the pain. "Getting…worse," he rasped.

"We're almost there, Sammy. Just hang on." Dean saw Sam give a brief nod in return. "I called Ali, left a message with lots of 'please's' and lots of begging, and I'm waiting on a call back. We're like 15 minutes away. If—." Dean turned his divided attention between the road and Sam into doing three things at once as he picked up his ringing cell phone. "Yea?"

"Dean Winchester, what the Hell is going on?" whispered a harsh voice in disbelief. A harsh voice that Dean immediately recognized.

"Look, Ali, I don't have time to go into details." Dean knew that would cover everything. "The only luck we've had within the last forty-eight hours is the fact that we're close to the hospital you work at. How much does an appendectomy cost without insurance?"

Dr. Allison Cameron walked quickly down the hall and into an unoccupied room, closing the door behind herself. "What? Ah…like $15,000. Why?"

"Because we're about fifteen minutes out and we don't have insurance. And we were on national television for the hostage crisis like two days ago. We need some help."

"Are you insane?" she cried, trying to keep her voice to a minimal volume.

"No, Ali, actually I'm pretty sure I'm very sane at the moment. Very calm and down to Earth. Seeing as my brother has gone from dizziness to fever to nausea to him in the back seat of my car curled up into a fetal position because of lower right abdominal pain he's experiencing." Dr. Cameron opened her mouth for a second, then closed it. "You were close. I figured I had nothing to lose by calling you," Dean said.

"And you need me to prep a room and surgeons for an appendectomy for someone coming in fifteen minutes when he and his brother just happen to be wanted felons?"

"You've got to have doctors that'll help you. Friends you can count on? Guys high up the food chain that owe you favors? Or who you can promise special favors to—?"

"Dean!" Allison exclaimed, partially offended and partially annoyed at his desperation.

"Look, I don't know much about appendicitis, but I do know that if you don't remove it before it explodes, things get a lot more complicated. If you can't help or don't have the money to loan me, which it is by the way, a loan, we'll take our chances coming into the emergency room blind, but I was hoping I could get some help from an old friend. Being as I'm in a tight position here, she maybe could possibly help me out."

Dean heard the pause and knew that she would say yes. Cameron sighed, less of regret of helping him out and more of just exasperation. Another few seconds passed. "You know I can't say no to you. You're practically family." She paused. "You aren't being followed by anyone? Or anything?"

"Quite honestly, I can't completely promise the anything, I never really can, but we weren't on a job and I don't think we're being tailed."

"All right. There are a couple other things it could be, but we can pretty much confirm it when he comes in. If we're unsure, we'll get a CT scan, but I'll ready an OR anyway. Pull around back to the parking lot near the clinic. Park as close as you can; if there's a handicapped spot, use it, it won't get towed. Leave the car off but the lights on. I'll take care of the rest."

Dean let out a silent sigh of relief of the assistance. He paused. "Thanks, Ali."

"Yea. Call me if symptoms progress."

"Will do."