An Empire of Love

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Edward is a prince of Volterra and Bella is the new servant in the castle. Both have secrets and have lived through hard times. How can love possibly survive between a prince, who happens to be a vampire, and a servant, who is a lost human girl. ExB

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I never thought this would happen to me. Even when I had lost all hope and thought I would never see sunlight again, life surprised me once more.



My mother and father died when I was sixteen. At least that is what I am told. I have no recollection of them, of who I was, where I lived, or even what was my favorite thing in the world. I had no memory. They told me I had lost it in the accident.

My parents had been taking me to a party when we got into a car crash. They died at the scene and I went into a coma for two weeks. When I woke up, my remembrance of my life was a necklace around my neck. That was the only true thing left of me.

Now at age seventeen, I was the orphanage's slave. They had me cooking, cleaning, even caring for the little kids. Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate kids, it was just that it was their job and they threw it on me.

Every night I lay in my bed thinking of my parents. Imagining what they were like. I pulled out my necklace and twirled it in my fingers. I still couldn't get the locket open. I never showed it to anyone for fear it would be taken away from me. I smiled to myself, this time thinking of how they must have loved me so much. It must have been wonderful, to feel loved. But I knew I was. For on the back of my necklace, engraved, it said: "We will always love you Bella. Love Mom and Dad." I tucked my necklace into my shirt and rested my head on the pathetic lump they call a pillow here.


"GET UP!" I heard in my ear. I rolled over, freezing from the lack of blankets and the pitiable one I had, the orphanage's owner was standing in front of me. "Be changed in five minutes and come downstairs!" The little kids often-called Madison, the owner's name, Mady, since she was always in such a wonderful mood.

I quickly changed and checked that my locket was still tucked in when I went downstairs to meet Mady. She grabbed my arm and hauled me outside, ignoring my pleas for her to let go. Mady pushed me inside of a car and sat down next to me. I looked up at the orphanage to see all the little kids waving out of the windows. A few were crying. I knew what this meant. I was almost eighteen and Mady wanted money for me. I waved back and blew kisses to the kids I could call my own family. The car took off and sped me to a new life.


Apparently, Mady wanted money, a lot of it too. She took me to a slave seller. He took one look at me and smiled disgustingly. I grimaced. The future was beginning to look very dull.

Mady got me for $200. I don't know if that is a reasonable price, but the man grabbed my arm and towed me to his car.

Next thing I know I was at a house that I assumed was this man when he opened the door without knocking and dragged me with his other hand. Two older ladies came into the room and took me from this man. Before a word of explanation could be said, they were tearing away my clothes and throwing me into a shower. I had never been more humiliated in my life. I felt my neck and cheeks burning and I knew I was blushing more than I ever had before.

Within the next two hours, I was clean, my hair was untangled, and I was wearing a blue revealing top with jeans. I would do anything for a hoodie. I was back in the car on the way to another unknown destination.

When the car stopped, I looked out the window to see something that horrified me. There were over a hundred people at this place and I saw several people being dragged around and dressed like I was. I watched in horror as ten people, who looked like me, were pushed onto a stage in front of a crowd. I knew that would be me any moment. I gulped as the man pulled me from the car and hauled me up to the stage. I stood in dismay as I realized what was happening. In less than a day, I went from homeless and parentless to a slave.


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