Chapter 1: Returning Home

Nerissa walked around her lair thinking of her next step. Multiple things came to mind but the best idea is definitely heading to earth since the guardians will no longer be there. After gathering up some things, she left through a fold to earth.

In Meridian, Asha sat on the ground, blood on her tail from killing Astroth and wanting to be left alone. No one dared to get near her, not for being afraid but because they know she wants to be alone. After all, she lost her father and then her mother. For what seemed like hours, she sat down crying. "Poor Asha, I can't imagine what it's like to lose both my parents." Kevin said sitting down on the ground.

"We all feel bad for her Kevin but until she decides that she wants to be around people again, we can't do much to help her." Elyon said with a frown on her face while she looked at Asha. Then she turned to Kevin. "What confuses me is how you were able to hold her tail for so long, and why you didn't weaken or die in the process. I guess your need to protect her may have had a part but if that was the case then why did Will die so easily. I guess being hit in the stomach did more damage but the fact still remains that she didn't have the tail in as long as you did and you grabbed Astroths tail not long after Will got stabbed. That's the other thing; Astroth didn't seem to want Will dead before Asha. I get the fact that demons become more powerful if you kill a loved one. What I don't get is why she seemed mad that the leader guardian died and why didn't she run once she got the chance. Unless she didn't know about a demons rage. That brings me to my next question; if she knew nothing about demons, why only target Asha and forget the others which means someone is behind the whole thing. The question is who?" Elyon asked as she put her hand behind her head and rubbed it as she thought.

"I don't know Elyon but I think we should just get Will's funeral ready." Irma said as she looked over at Astroth who changed back to Cornelia. "Hey everyone, look at Astroth, Cornelia, whatever." Irma yelled out. Everyone looked and could she Cornelia in her human form.

Asha had been crying for a while now but she had finally stopped and rubbed her eyes that have grown red and puffy. She thought the most painful experience was when her tail came in but then her mother died right in front of her and her pain grew and so did her anger. She had never been so angry and sad at the same time but now she is and the pain felt unbearable and then a bright flash appeared. Asha covered her eyes with her arm and then put her arm down when the light vanished. When she did, two people stood there in front of her. She finally got a good look and anger and happiness filled her. Right in front of her is Cornelia and her mother. She wasn't sure how this is possible but she didn't really care and then Will spoke up. "Asha, I am only here for a little while so I must hurry. Don't be mad at Cornelia Asha, this was not her fault. Secondly, you must be ready to kill again in order to return things to the way they were and the anger you have now will help you. You must keep the anger down until it's time for you to release it. You will know when the time comes now I must go now. I love you Asha." With that said, there was another flash and the two were gone.

'Mom, I love you too.' Asha said as she got up off the ground and rubbed her eyes and then put a small smile on her face. She slowly walked away toward the group. When she got to the group, there backs are turned to her and so she spoke up. "Hey everyone, what's up?" Asha asked seeing the group turn around and then hug her.

"How are you Asha?" Taranee asked.

"I'm fine but if you squeeze me to hard, I will lose all my breath." The group let go of her and smiled at her. Then a fold opened and out walked the Oracle. "Oracle, what are you here for?" Asha asked somewhat scared that she must have done something wrong.

"It's about Nerissa, she has gone to Earth. You must stop her from taking over which means that Lillian must return. The only thing keeping Nerissa from taking the heart of earth right now is her not getting to your old home. If she gets there and finds you missing, she will then be able to take the heart of earth right from under you. You are connected to earth Lillian and without you there, you are leaving earth wide open as well as the heart. The heart can be taken if it is left unattended and since you have left your kingdom unattended Lillian. Like Phobos did when Elyon was in her trance, Nerissa will do to you Lillian. You're already one heart down, you must return to earth to keep the heart from being taken." The Oracle said not too well but well enough to make a point.

"Oracle, how can we return if everyone wants us gone? They will kill us if we go back." Lillian said concerned.

Oracle waved his hand over her and she became a different person. "I will glamour all of you in order for you to return. Don't worry about the girl, she can't prove anything if without proof and with the heart gone, she can't do a thing. Now go." Oracle made a fold and had everyone walk through as he changed there looks. When Lillian got to the other side of the fold, she hopped that her and the others could pull this off.

She walked over to her old home to see it still standing mainly because people live underneath where she lived. Her and her family walked up the stairs and into the old apartment. Time on earth moved much faster then time in meridian and there apartment now has cob webs, dust, ripped wallpaper, and there couches are ripped as well. All around, it is falling since it has been clearly abandoned. "How long could we have been gone for? It doesn't seem like we were gone for that long." Lillian said looking around. She focused her energy and everything started fixing itself but very slowly. After about thirty minutes, the apartment had been returned to normal, well close to normal anyway. There are still cob webs and dust still but all the walls and couches are fixed and the spiders are gone. Lillian fell onto one of the couches and relaxed as Napoleon came up and sat on her lap.

"Hey kido, we are all behind you one hundred percent but with Nerissa up a heart as I assume that she has the heart of Kandrakhar, this isn't going to be easy since the girls are no longer able to be at full power." Just then, the Oracle walked into the room.

"We have some more bad news Lillian. The heart that Astroth had wasn't destroyed as it was supposed to have been. Nerissa has it as well and so she is up two hearts and you haven't even started. Technically you're down one but she has two plus the power of Astroth and you have one and some weakened guardians. The best thing for you to do now is go to school and getting some hearts with you. Once you get another two hearts with you Lillian, focus on finding Nerissa and do your best to keep her from getting anymore. Right now you have the heart of Meridian on your side which right now makes your heart powers equal however you will need two more hearts then Nerissa if you plan to defeat Nerissa. You must do your best and keep Nerissa at bay, keep yourselves hidden and getting two more hearts. I will have Elyon guide the guardians around to go for some more hearts and others will spy on Nerissa once she is found and if she is found. Right now keep focus on keeping hidden and looking for Nerissa. I realize that this is very confusing and hard but you must do this. Get into school and as soon as possible and look for Nerissa. I have already informed the guardians. Good luck Lillian." With that said, the Oracle left.

"As if things couldn't get any more confusing and difficult. What do we do, guardians are no good without the heart of Kandrakhar and now we come to a world that hates our guts and we have to keep everything a secret while trying to defeat someone with who knows how many hearts. Life sucks right now."

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