Painting the Cul-de-Sac GREEN!

Chapter 1: Meet the Gangreen Gang!

Note: I DEFINATELY do not own Ed, Edd, n Eddy or "The Powerpuff Girls" and by powerpuff girls I mean the american series and not the anime "Powerpuff Girls Z"

This fanfic takes place in a universe of it's own so no Edna and Kimono Sisters!



Where it is usually summer except now it takes place during the winter. The kids are playing, the Eds are scamming, and the Kankers are pursuing the Eds, however all that is about to change!"

They don't need any introduction but somehow...THE GANGREEN GANG SOMEHOW WAUNDERED INTO THE CITY!" Yes those green-skinned rapscalions Ace, Big Billy, Little Arturo, Snake, and Grubber are in the Cul-de-sac and boy are they up to no good!

Kevin is riding around on his bike until he bumps into Big Billy and falls off of it. Kevin then says, "Out of my way DORK!" Ace then says, "Dork? You're talking to Ace Kid! There are no "Dorks" here! ...At least, I don't think so....umm Lil' Arturo, is your name "Dork"?

Lil' Arturo: "Eh heh-heh-heh... NO!"

How about you Big Billy?

Big Billy: "Daaaah.....No..."

Grubber?" Grubber then blows a raspberry since that's how he communicates. Ace continues, "Yeah I thought so. Hey, is your name "Dork" Snake?" Snake laughs in a snake like way and says, "Hss-sss-sss-sss! Yessss!" Only for Ace to uppercut Snake in the nose and he replies, "I meanss no!"

Ace looks back at Kevin and says, "So it seems that none of us are "Dorks" so I guess the only dork you! Alright gang, let's have some fun... Gangreen style! Let's beat him up, take his money, and his bike!"

Kevin cringes and says, "Stay back you dorks.... I mean it...NOOOOOooooooooooooo!"

(A half hour later)

Kevin is roughed up and says, "The greenskinned people came and took away my bike!" Double D, Sarah, Jimmy, Rolf, and Nazz sees Kevin like this and Double D then says, "I think Kevin is suffering a mild case of delusion but if these "greenskinned people" did exist... why did they take his pants?" Nazz giggles and says, "I know I shouldn't laugh at Kevin's predictament but... is that "rainbow monkey" underwear he's wearing?" The others try to hold in their laugher but they couldn't except for Double D who decides to investigae what just happened.

(At the "Park n Flush" Trailer Park)

Marie Kanker was taking a bath and washing clothes at the same time. Then a doorbell rings and then Marie puts on a towel and May and Lee show up as well, as they open the door and to their suprise, the Gangreen Gang are sitting on their stoop and Ace says, "Hello ladies, the name's Ace!" May then says, "Wow! A real man!" Marie then says, "You naughty boy, you got me in the middle of my bath!" and Lee says to Ace, "How about coming to our "Casa de Kanker" for Kankerburgers and powdered milk?

Ace then says, "Actually, me and the gangreen gang are new to their neighborhood so we need a place to amscray!" The three girls are shocked and May says in shock, "You want us to leave our own home?" Marie tells Ace, "Over my bathed and toweled body!" Lee then says, "Girls, let's show those green skinned weirdos the way out!" Ace then laughs with the gang and says, "Looks like we have ourselves a fight... ATTACK!"

(15 minutes later...)

The Kankers are hanging on a clothesline while Marie holds on to her towel, "Lee then says, "This is the most embarassing thing to ever happen to a Kanker since the great beef jerky battle of last month... let's go back in there and show those green skinned bullies that this is our turf!"

(15 minutes later...)

The Kankers are hanging on a clothesline but this time they were upside down. Marie struggles to keep her towel on. Lee then says, "Ok girls, those guys do play rough, I guess we have no choice but we have to..." May then interrupts Lee and tells her, "But Lee we can't, they hate us! After all the stuff we did to them... it's no wonder why we have no friends (cries) now we're forced to go homeless!" Lee then says, "Well we have to try, our home and reputation is at stake!"

(Double D's house)

Double D is studying on what could do such a terrible thing to Kevin but then he hears a doorbell and he thinks to himself, "Hmmm... who could stop by on such a short notice... OH NO! BUT IT'S NOT MY TIME YET! And why are you wearing nothing but a towel Marie unless you're..."

Marie then says, "Double D this isn't what you think!" Lee then says to Double D, "Listen "Sock-head"... You don't like me and I probably like you and your little friends but between Kanker and Ed... May lift up the bangs on my head to expose my eyes... We have one thing to say..."

The three are on their knees and they seem to pleading and the three makes sad eyes and Lee continues, " us! Please let us stay at your house for a while... we are cold, hungry, and homeless!" Double D then looks into Lee's eyes and says, "Wow, I guess Eddy is wrong, you are not a "cyclops"! But... I don't know..." May then hugs Double D and with her sad eyes she says to him in a cutesy voice, "Pweeze Double D...pweeze help us out!" Double D then says, "Ohhh... how can I possibly say no to that? Come inside girls, Marie I got extra clothes for you. However my parents do not approve of unwashed guests to a bath is mandatory."

Lee grumbles and then Marie smacks her head and Lee then says, "We should be grateful you helped us, you won't regret it!"

The Kankers are in a bath and then Double D comes in wearing a blindfold and tells them, "I got your towels and extra clothes girls, but tell me... what happened to you and the trailer?" May then tells Double D, "Well when we were watching a monster truck rally and Marie was bathing and washing our clothes, our home was invaded by five green skinned boys and no matter what we did to get our home back, they beat us up and left us hanging...literally!"

Double D then asked, "Oh my goodness! You too? Umm I mean... well how come you didn't ask Ed or Eddy?" The three girls looked at eachother and says, "W...we did!"

(Flashback 1)

Ed opens the door and sees the Kankers and before they can say anything, Ed screams and runs off shouting, "HEFFALUMPS, WOOZLES, AND KANKERS ARE AFTER MY GRAVY!"

(Flashback 2)

Eddy opens the door and the Kankers explain their dilemma and then Eddy has this to say: "BWAHAHAHAHAHA! SERVES YOU THREE RIGHT!" May then says, "But please Eddy, help us!" Eddy then says, "Yeah, right! Me? Help you? The day I help you three is the day I give to charity... ain't gonna happen! I hope the green skinned weirdos break your stuff!" Eddy closes the door on their faces, locks the door, pulls down his pants and gives them a "pressed ham" through the window while laughing loudly.

(Flashback ends)

Double D sheds a tear and says, "Wow...that is sad. Ed is scared of you three and Eddy was being...well...Eddy. And you said a group of green skinned teenagers attacked you and took over your trailer?" Marie then says, "Yes they did!" Double D then says, "Well they also attacked Kevin and stole his money, bike, and pants." The Kankers couldn't help but giggle at that and Marie asked, "Did Kevin....(snicker) wear Rainbow Monkey underwear?" Double D asks, "How did you know?" May then says, "Because I saw it graffitied in school by Eddy... I am the only Kanker who is literate!"

Marie then says, "We're done! So unless you want a "free show" I suggest you leave the bathroom. Double D then says, "Oh pardon me ladies but at least now I got new leads on the "green skinned people" Lee then says, "Oh and Double D...thanks!" Double D blushes and goes back to his room.

Shortly... Double D gives the Kankers the guest room and says to them, "Well is you need anything just tell me, I will be busy looking up those brutes. Lee lays down and says, "You know... I was wrong about Double D, he seems to be the only one in town with heart. He gave us a place to stay and hospitality, perhaps we should stop our ways or risk being in the same level as those green guys." Marie then says, "If I ever see them again they will so get it!"

(Stroke of midnight)

Double D is still looking up information on his computer and he feels a hand on his shoulder and jumps up a bit. It was May Kanker and she appears to be a bit frightened. Double D then says, "Oh right, I forgot you were here after working so hard... what's the matter May?" May then says, "Sorry Double D but I had a horrible nightmare... about the green skinned brutes..." Double D then says, "Well... I understand your fear so... you can stay in the room with me if you want." May giggles and hugs him and says, "Oh Double D, you are such the sweetest guy ever! So what did you find out about them?

Double D then shows her the info:

Name: The Gangreen Gang (Ace, Snake, Grubber, Big Billy, and Little Arturo)

Real Names: Ace D. Copular, Sanford D. ingleberry, Grubber J. Gribberish, William W. Williams, and Arturo De La Guerra

Ages: 19, 17, 17, 17, and 15

M.O.: These mutated teenage hoodlums are known for causing trouble in Townsville such as crank calling, bullying, robbery, loitering, etc.

Additional notes: Big Billy is a Cyclops and Grubber can imitate anyone's voice despite communicating in raspberries.

Double D then says, "So May...long story short... WE HAVE CRIMINALS FROM TOWNSVILLE IN OUR VERY NEIGHBORHOOD! But technically they're just mutated punks from a neighboring town. May is even nervous. Double D then yawns and says, "Well I'm tired and perhaps as I sleep I shall plan out something. I will see to it that you ladies get your home back and those brutes get what's coming to them!"

Double D then falls asleep in his bed but all of a sudden he feels something and notices May is sleeping on him and she smiles and sighs. Double D then thinks to himself, "Wrong as it may seem, at least she won't have any nightmares tonight...but I shall see to it that the Gangreen Gang will get their comeuppa...ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ.....