Painting the Cul-de-Sac GREEN!

Chapter 3: The Big Green... I mean the big plan!

Note: I DEFINATELY do not own Ed, Edd, n Eddy or "The Powerpuff Girls" and by powerpuff girls I mean the american series and not the anime "Powerpuff Girls Z"

This fanfic takes place in a universe of it's own so no Edna and Kimono Sisters!

I got the idea for this fanfic from a clip of the english dub of "Powerpuff Girls Z" (Snake is now a girl named Ivy in the dub) and I saw the episodes "Buttercrush" and "Telephonies" in the original Powerpuff Girls



The Eds then start their fool-proof plan to save the Cul De Sac from the Gangreen Gang...

Ed then pulls out his monster make up kit and uses it on Lee, Marie, and May Kanker while Double D stitches up some costumes. Eddy figures out how to work the levitating strings. Double D then calls Kevin and says to him, "Hello... are you there Kevin? Good, if you want to get back at the Gangreen Gang you have to do the following (whisper whisper whisper whisper) Good! See you later!" He gets off the phone and says to himself, "I bet he's serious about helping us, he didn't even call me a "Dork" the entire time!"

After the plan is set and the Kankers are ready, Eddy pulls out a bubblegum cigar and says to his friends, "I love it when a plan comes together!" Ed just says, "I pity the foo' who messes with them!" Double D then rolls his eyes and says, "Umm... if Captain Murdok had a catchphrase then I would have no choice but to say it.

(In the dead center of the Cul De Sac)

The Gangreen Gang are having fun in their most usual way. Grubber rides on Kevin's bike and he shapeshifts into Kevin... but still has green skin, bulging eyes and protruding tounge. Little Arturo is on Grubber's shoulders, smashing mailboxes with a baseball bat. Then Big Billy hauls the Kanker's trailer to the middle of the street and he tries to juggle their dishes but ends up breaking them. Snake has Jimmy captive and plans to forcefeed him pop rocks and coca-cola... until Ace uppercuts him. Ace then says, "Don't you dare! You aughta be ashamed of yourself... I should be the one who does this and instead of pop-rocks and coke... use Mentos and Diet Coke!"


Before Ace can forcefeed Jimmy Mentos and Diet Coke, he sees Eddy outside. He says to Snake, "Looks like the shrimp still hasn't learned his lesson about scamming on my territory, let's give him a "burning reminder" Then Ace and Snake pull out their lighters.

Eddy stands in the street with a piggy bank in his hands and he shouts at Ace, "Hey Atreyu! I'm over here!" Ace appears annoyed and says, "Kid, the name's Ace, not Atreyu! You dare make fun of my green skin?" The gang grabs Eddy and Ace then says, "What should we do to him?" Eddy then says in a high pitched voice, "I say we let him go!" Ace then uppercuts Snake and Snake replies, "But bossss, it wassssn't me!" Ace then says, "I know that, how about we give him a red nurple!" Eddy then says, "Umm isn't it called a "purple nurple"?" Ace replies, "Not when we go through with you...AHAHAHAHAHA"

The gang laughed out loud and before they can do anything, they see three familiar girls "flying" towards them on a wire. They are actually Lee, May, and Marie dressed as Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup...THE POWERPUFF GIRLS!"

Ace sees the three and shouts, "OH NO! IT'S THE GIRLS, THEY FOUND US! BUT THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!" Snake sees them and says to himself, "Well Ssssslap me around and call me Ivy!" Ace slaps Snake and says, "Let's amscray Ivy!"

The Gangreen Gang then run off, past the candy store, the creek, and end up in a alley. Lee grabs Little Arturo's collar and says, "This is for our "shipinnabottle"!" She picks up Arturo and throws him at Big Billy, Marie and May take turns uppercutting Snake in the nose, Lee steps on Grubber's foot and Marie tackles Ace and keeps punching him.

Ace grabs Marie's fist and says, "Hey wait, I barely felt that! Hey you're not Buttercup! This has been a set up boys!" Big Billy pulls on invisable strings and Ed falls down and Billy says to the gang, "Duuuh... the fake powerpuffs were flying on strings!" Grubber shapeshifts into Micheal Buffer and he says, "Llllllet's get ready to rumble!" and turns back to normal and starts fighting May Kanker. Big Billy rolls down Lee and Marie. Ace pulls out a knife and before he can do anything, he sees three streaks of lights in the air.

Ace then says, "I bet those dorks are really good with special effects, they're trying to make it look like those girls are the Powerpuff girls! Let's show them what we do to phonies!" The gang laugh and then sees Buttercup and Snake clubs her but the club breaks and Buttercup uppercuts Snake in the nose. Ace sweats and shouts, "HOLY SCHNIKES!!! IT'S REALLY THEM! THE REAL POWERPUFF GIRLS!" Snake gets up and asks, "But Bossss, how did they know where we were?" Ed is seen with "The Powerpuff Signal" and he says, "A little man that looked like "the Monopoly guy" gave it to me!"

Ace, Snake, Big Billy, Grubber, and Little Arturo back away and Ace then says, "Umm...uh... Hey what the heck is that?" The Powerpuff Girls didn't fall for it and they start fighting them while the Kankers recover from their last fight and eat a large bucket of popcorn, May shares some with Double D and Ed.

The Gangreen Gang manage to slip out of the fight and run off, with the Powerpuff Girls in hot pursuit. Ace then punches Snake and tells him, "Sorry about that, I needed to blow some steam!"

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup continued to chase after them until they hid out... IN ENDSVILLE! Ace then tells the gang, "Hey, it's either here or Moralton? And I don't think they like our kind over there!" But then the gang see what happens to be Hoss Delgado, Irwin, Jeff the Spider, Fred Fredburger, and General Skarr...dressed in their Underfist uniforms. Hoss then sees the gang and says, "Looks like we have some green skinned monsters to deal with!" Ace stammers and says to Hoss, "But we're not green skinned monsters... we're the gangree..." Hoss knocks Ace out and says, "UNDERFIST! ATTACK! And watch out... they have gangrene!" Soon Underfist defeated each and every member of the Gangreen Gang in one violent battle... then the Powerpuff Girls picked them up and took them back to Townsville.

Back in Peach Creek, all the kids surround the Eds and the Kankers and they hoist them into the air in victory and Johnny shouts, "THREE CHEERS TO THE KANKERS AND THE EDS! HIP HIP HOORAY! HIP HIP HOORAY! HIP HIP HO..." Johnny gets hit in the face by a flying spatula. Kevin then says, "Well Eds, I guess I shouldn't call you guys "dorks" anymore... thost green guys are the real ones after all!"

The Powerpuff Girls fly by and Blossom says to the Kankers, "Hey, great job in defeating the gang before we showed up, I just hope other villians don't have the same idea of attacking other towns beside townsville. The last thing we would need is "Him" in Moralton or Sedusa in Aron City. Bubbles then notices May hanging out with Double D and just giggles. Soon the girls give their thanks and fly back to Townsville.

Double D then says, "We did it May! We just got rid of the Gangreen Gang!" May Kanker then says, "Yep! We defeated the Gangreen Gang...and met the Powerpuff Girls!" and Double D continues, "You know, now that we got to know eachother a bit more, you can always hang out with me if you want... but not between the hours of 3 and 4, it's the times I check on my ant farm. May Kanker blushes and then says, "Double D you are so sweet, but it's a shame only you can see the good in me... too bad about Eddy."

Eddy hears this and Ed grabs him and drags him to the Kankers and Eddy in a flood of sweat says them,


The Kanker Sisters look at eachother and then laugh evily as they drag Eddy to their trailer...

(The Kanker's trailer...after Ed and Double D repaired the damage the Gangreen Gang caused)

Eddy is playing "Goldeneye 007" on the Nintendo 64 with Lee, Marie, and May Kanker, Lee then says, "What were you expecting?" Eddy then says, "Nothing...but still I'm suprised, I didn't even see this coming! And I like James Bond movies...but have you girls ever heard of a Wii" Marie then says, "Hey! We're not rich, we have to be glad with what we have. Also I thought Goldeneye 007 was a very popular party game.... oh and thanks for fixing that "shipinnabottle" Double D!" Double D just nods.

Eddy played with the Kankers...but keeps getting fragged by them. But then the walls burst and they see Fuzzy Lumpkins, armed with his "boomstick" Fuzzy then puts a pawprint on the TV and he says, "THIS HERE'S MAH PROPERTY!" The Kankers prepare to fight and Eddy then says, "Here we go again!"

So once again, the day is saved... thanks to... The Kanker Sisters and Ed and Double D!

Eddy then says, "Hey I helped too!"

Uhhh... nope!