Hero (Seth Clearwater Love Story)

Chapter Two : The Cullens

We stopped in front of a house or mansion if you prefer. It was not the kind of house you see everyday. It's no ordinary house. It's exquisite.

The house was timeless, graceful and probably many years old. It was painted a soft, faded, white color, three stories tall, rectangular and well-proportioned. The windows and doors were either part of the original structure or a perfect restoration. It seemed very welcoming and peaceful.

Seth stepped in the house without even knocking. Maybe, the doctor he'd been talking about live in here. Or he, himself, lives here.

He set me down on the huge couch in the living room. I winced a little as my cuts hit the couch.

"Sorry," he apologized. He sounded sincere and concerned, or was it my imagination?

I glanced at the house now. It's even more beautiful than the outside part. It was very bright, very open and very large. But, my eyes settled to nine beautiful people, which consist of five girls and four boys.

Some of them were going down the stairs while some were standing across the couch. When all of them were standing across the couch me and Seth were, I took in their appearances.

One of the four boys was big-muscled with dark, curly hair. I seriously thought that he was a wrestler or something. The other one was taller, leaner, but still muscular and honey blond. Another was lanky, less bulky with untidy, bronze-colored hair. The last one was blond and very handsome.

The girls were different from each other. The tall one was statuesque. She had beautiful figure, golden hair, gently waving to the middle of her back. The short girl was pixie like, thin in the extreme, with small features. Her hair was a deep black, cropped sort and pointing in very direction. The other girl was slender, a brunette and is unexceptionally beautiful. Another has a heart-shaped face, small, slender, yet less angular, more rounded than the others. The last one, the youngest too I think, had shiny bronze-colored hair that fell in curls or ringlets past her shoulder. She had chocolate brown eyes but everyone else in the room, except Seth and I, had golden eyes.

I froze as I review their features; they are all pale just like the ones looking for me.

The bronze-haired boy looked at me curiously.

"You alright?" Seth asked me.

I sat there unmoving as tears filled my eyes, again.

"You... you lied to me!" I accused as I look at Seth with fear-filled eyes. "You told me you'll help me. You lied."

I suddenly felt shaking. And I am clearly surprised that the one shaking was me.

"What are you talking about?" he asked, his face clearly confusion.

"Carlisle, can you please heal Gabriella? She had many cuts but I don't think they're very deep," he told the blond-haired man.

"Gabriella, huh? Well, the cuts don't look very deep. Let me clean it up to avoid infections," the blond, also known as Carlisle, asked. His voice very calm and very collected.

"Sure. Her name is Gabriella Shawn. I found her in the clearing Alice told me. She looked so scared. She looked like someone is looking for her and… hurting her," Seth told Carlisle but I'm sure everyone else in the room was listening.

"Gabriella, can you tell me what's wrong? Who did this to you?" Carlisle asked as he took a cautious step towards me.

"Aw, get away! Go away! You're the one hurting me! Step back!" I shouted as I struggled out of Seth's grip.

"Seth, let me go. They'll hurt me. Please let me go," I pleaded at Seth.

"They won't hurt you, Gab---" he paused for a moment. "You mean vampires did this to you?" he asked slowly.

I nodded.

"Don't worry, they won't hurt you. The Cullens never hurt humans," Seth reassured me, trying to calm me down.

I stopped struggling for a minute. Seth's arm had relaxed a little. I eyed the door. It's at least six feet away from me. I am a fast runner. I could make it but they're vampires. They are way faster than I am. But, I won't go down without a fight. If that is a fight at all... I escaped them once; I may be able to do it again….

"She's going to run for it," a velvet voice muttered then Seth's arm tightened around me. I winced a little as Seth touched my cuts.

How did he know that? Is it that obvious? What if he also had a special ability? Can he read minds?

The bronze haired boy looked at me and smiled warmly.

I took that as 'yes'.

Carlisle approached me more slowly this time. I, again, tried to get out of Seth's grip. No success.

"Please, Gabriella. They're safe. Carlisle will help you if you calm down," Seth pleaded.

"Why should I listen to you?! Vampires already killed my family and friends. Why should I believed that these ones are different? Wh--" I screamed. I wanted to continue but I can't speak well with me crying out loud.

"We would never hurt you. We only feed on animal blood. There is no chance that we will harm you. You got my word," I heard another voice said. Her voice sounded like beautiful chiming bells.

By now, Carlisle had reached me and was kneeling beside the couch. As he touched me, I screamed - but not from pain but from the cold hands.

I was suddenly calm. My eyes were closing, and I struggled to keep them open.

"Jazz, please take it easy. She's really scared," I heard the same singing voice said.

But before I completely let sleep take over, I heard Seth whispered a "It's cool. You'll be fine. No one's gonna hurt you. I'm here. Just rest."