CC backed away from Lelouch, their lips had met for a second- it felt very unreal as CC traced her lips with her finger. Oddly, she didn't hate it- but a pain stoned her chest as she remembered the man before him. Lelouch… Looking at him defensively, she opened her lips to ask, the words tumbling out her mouth as she chided him mockingly with her eyebrows- a failing effort in appearing coy, "What did you just do?"

"I kissed you." Lelouch said defiantly- as if it was a matter of fact that he should kiss her, his fingers reached to caress CC's cheek. She winced, how long has it been since someone had touched her so?

"Why?" CC's lips curved up as she looked at him with a mirthless smile, "Do you, like that guard before- had such perverse thoughts about me?" Her hands were trembling a bit at the foreign touch of a man she was afraid to fall for.

"No." Lelouch didn't get angry, nor did he blush as when CC had teased him- he simply looked at her with an infuriating calm, "I simply noticed something."

"What did you notice?" CC said, hiding a quiver in her voice. Is he going to leave me now?

"That you liked being kissed by Lelouch." Lelouch commented- a fleeting smirk on his lips before he turned serious again, "Who was he? Tell me the truth. Or I'll leave now."

"Lelouch Vi Britannia was the only man I loved." CC admitted finally, finding no other option and knowing that Lelouch was serious. Her tone was cold and dead as she spoke the name of the man she loved with all her soul. "He was a martyr. He sacrificed himself for the sake of Britannia- and I helped him with it. Which is why Nunnally now hates me with all her might and wanted to kill me. I am a wretched woman who killed the man I love." A cackle escaped her lips as she saw Lelouch's pained face. How ironic can this situation be?

Not knowing why- Lelouch filled a spasm of pain when CC said all that- and felt the guilt dancing on his stomach, but no- it wasn't just guilt here. And no longer jealousy, it was all replaced by a strong sense to refute her words.

"No!" Lelouch sudden said, his tone emphasizing each of his words, "It's not your fault, CC, and it isn't!"

CC looked at him tiredly and felt dizzy as she saw the shadow of the man she loved saying all that, knowing all along that it wasn't him. "Lelouch, you're a cruel man. Don't say that when you have the same face with him. It's a torture I'm not sure I can handle." CC said- her voice breaking as she averted her glance from him, her fingers pointing at his violet eyes, "And that violet eyes that is filled with the same passion with him. If there's a god, he must have sent you to me to punish me."

Lelouch kissed her lips again, surprising her for the second time. This time the kiss is deeper and more passionate as she dug her nails into his backs- as if to make sure he's real and not merely a figment of her imagination. Lelouch's tongue traveled freely onto her mouth and captured the essence he had seeked everywhere- his arms were holding her to calm her as her tears rolled over his cheeks.

"Lelouch Montrague." She whispered to his ears as they finally released the kiss- the name her attempt to deny her desire, "You really are a cruel man."

"I will be your Lelouch, CC." He said his violet eyes steady as he cupped her face to look at him. "And you'll be my CC."

Before CC could formulate a reply, a loud voice came from below the inn. "We're looking for a couple of fugitives; it's the Queen's order to capture them. Anyone who interferes will be sorely punished!"

CC felt her hard beating louder as Lelouch ran downwards to face the guards.

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