Maybe its the way Lelouch commanded them- the fact that he just oozes off charisma that astounded the guards. Or maybe it was the face too similar that had terrified one of the soldiers- a Japanese soldier who once worked for Zero, that had let them through. The command was simple- and even without geass, it was still very effective.

"I, Lelouch Vie Britannia- command you to escort us to the queen, Nunnally Vie Britannia."

He had delivered the words with such articulation that had astounded those who had seen him- because he looked just like the splitting image of a man who- years ago- had become the hero of justice, and the villain of destruction.

CC, astounded had followed him wide eyed- they were in the car- on their way to face the queen of the land. Yet when she braved herself to touch his sleeve, he only turns back and smiles a comforting smile. That's when she knew he was not Lelouch- at least not the conniving, sarcastic, disagreeable Lelouch she once loved.

Yet she felt her heart beating so hard when he said,

"Don't worry. Everything will be fine."

She didn't know what makes her so angry when she stuttered, her face hot with embarrasment and doubt, "W-who are you?"

Lelouch smiled cryptically, "Who am I indeed. If I were to give myself an identity, I'm the man who had fallen for you." Lelouch immediately tipped his finger to her chin- the move was sudden- and for a sudden, CC could have sworn the friction between them was real- that the thing she had been trying so hard to deny exists- his violet orbs dancing with her golden ones mischeviously. "Who do you want me to be?"

Who does she want him to be?

"Nunnally will kill us as soon we reached the castle." She looked at him. She doesn't really want to involve an uninvolved person, but something... something that she can't really pinpoint- maybe his determined violet eyes reminds her of her Lelouch- the man who had single-handedly upturned the world and rewrite the history.

She is such a silly woman- even after living for centuries. Secretly she felt like sighing at her own situation.

"Would she? Nunnally is a gentle person, the queen is- from what I've heard." His voice banished her fear with an infuriating calm.

Indeed. Would Nunnally have it in her heart to execute a man who just looked like her brother? But times had changed. Nunnally had changed, so much so that CC had lost all concept of her personality. She knew that Nunnally was also breaking- like her, after Lelouch's death.

"You looked pale." Lelouch said, frowning. His fingers slipped into hers, causing her to jump inside. "I will handle everything. Do you not believe me?"

All of a sudden, CC found herself not to be able to reply. Instead, her hands trembled under his hold. His hands clutched hers tighter, and she felt like suffocating.

Don't smile, don't say gentle words- I'm begging you.

Don't make me betray Lelouch. He's the only one I will ever love.

Don't make me fall for you.

"I... I love Lelouch." She said.

He laughed, amused. "Am I not Lelouch? Eh?"

"You-you're not Lelouch Vie Brittannia." She said, it felt odd saying it.

His face was unreadable for a moment, and he looked away- to the window where the sky just seemed too red- because the sun was getting ready to take its bow. Birds were chirping and outside, there were kids running- their unblemished eyes brimming with innocence, and their arms seem ready to embrace the earth- the wonderful world which had been carefully designed for everyone to be happy, yet happiness came with exceptions- there were grief after a loss so dear, and the death buried under the soil.

There were also gardens not meant to be touch.

"We're nearing our destination." Was all that Lelouch would say. And the smile plastered on his lips had worn off.

But where- where lies the place which is their final destination- CC longed to ask- her heart aching when she saw the straight lips- the upwards twitch of the lips disappearing as the sun began to set.

Suzaku watched as Nunnally smiled at him- her pale face angelic.

"Suzaku san. I wonder if my brother hates me." She said, her voice gentle and painful. "After all, I've always been a burden to him."

Suzaku's face contorted to a painful expression. "If he hates you, then he would not have loved anybody. He always treasured you more than anyone else in this world."

"He loves that green haired witch." Her anger mixed with a sort of yearning. "And I was jealous. But more angry, because you know- I am rather fond of that witch once. She seemed so harmless and nice- who would've thought... I hate her as much as I can hate anybody, Suzaku san. But I am not that stupid to know, that no matter how much I detest her, my brother wouldn't return, would he." She left the word with a remnant of hope. And Suzaku suddenly feel ashamed.

It was supposed to be a beautiful world.

They're supposed to purge the world- stripping it of its impurities and hatred. Was such a world too much to ask for?

What is it that you died for, Lelouch? Euphie?

Nunnally cracked a small laugh- the sort of which one let out when they're embarrassed, but the embarrassment that had existed only in the past- one that now that they've grown up, they can talk about it freely. "I used to have a crush on you, Suzaku san. The gentle way you treated me and my brother- your admirable sense of justice moved my heart. Maybe thats why- as some kind of tribute to the past- I could not hate you- even if you're just as guilty as CC in my brother's death."

Suzaku was supposed to be shocked- but he wasn't. He knew he had seen it coming. The sweet- unassuming way she had let his hand led her way- and the occassional longing in the strain of her voice was enough to give him proof. But Euphie was still fresh in his memories, her pink hair spreading out the blue sky, white dress fluffing around.

"You liked Euphie-oneesama." Nunnally said, not in a bitter tone, but in an understanding tone. "I knew it. I always envied people who was loved." Her violet eyes became slightly hazy, "Because- no one had ever loved me, that way- the wholehearted-way you seem to treasure Euphie onee sama, or the way brother seem to love that woman."

"Nunnally." Suzaku said. There seemed to be nothing he could say at this point. Everything's become so mixed that its hard to point where the head and tails lie.

"Don't pity me." Nunnally's voice was hard- like the brittle mirror about to collapse. "CC will pay for my brother's death."

What should I do, Lelouch?

Suzaku remembered those days where the three of them used to laugh happily- sheltered with ignorance. Was that the bliss we actually used to long for? The bliss- that no matter how fake it is- provide a balm for our soul?

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