Hi everyone! I haven't written fanfiction for a long time, and this will be my first RE fanfic, so please be nice, alright?

This is set right after RE: Code Veronica, although the first part spills over from Resident Evil 2 and 3. Reviews (even critiques!) are much appreciated.

Disclaimer (for all chapters): Resident Evil is owned by Capcom, not me (although I wish I could have Chris Redfield).

Chapter I

Barry Burton turned his head to look at the morose young woman who was sitting behind him. "For a girl who just got her life saved, you don't seem very happy about it." Jill Valentine raised her head, brushing her short brown hair from her face, and it was then that Barry saw her brown eyes were bright with unshed tears. He immediately became contrite. "Sorry, that was a bad joke…" He said awkwardly, not knowing how to continue.

"We lost Raccoon, Barry," Jill whispered, her voice barely heard above the whirring rotors of the helicopter they were riding. "All those people… All those lives… If we only just…" She felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't blame yourself, Jill." It was Carlos Oliveira, a mercenary who was escaped the horrors of Raccoon City with her. "We couldn't have done anything about it." He said, awkwardly rubbing Jill's back to comfort her.

"I know, it's just that… We didn't even get one of them out. I could've convinced Dario to go with me, instead of allowing him to be…" She choked on the memory, remembering the man's diary, of his stories about his family and wanting to be an author, brutally destroyed when the zombies attacked him in the warehouse. Even after all that she's seen, the thought of someone being eaten alive still horrified her. Thousands of people died, and it's all because of a company who decided to play god. Umbrella.

"Hey, I'm not chopped liver. You got me out, right?" Carlos said, giving a weak smile.

A faint version of Jill's smile appeared briefly on her lips, but it disappeared almost instantly. Changing the subject, she addressed Barry. "Hey, where's Chris?", she asked, leaning back tiredly.

"Where else? He's still in Europe, looking for leads about Umbrella. That's where we're going right now, we've set up a temporary base so that we'll be close when something happens." He paused. "He wanted to be the one to get you, but a lead came up, and he had to follow it. You know how it is, kiddo."

Jill's lips twisted slightly, as though holding back a grimace. "Yeah, I know how it is. What else?" She said, softly so that no one would hear.