Plasma scorched the ground where she'd lain just moments before, while she rolled to the side, and flipped to her feet. The green skinned woman lashed out at her with another blast, this one blade like, instead of her usual balls. Kim leaned back on her hands, then flipped up after it passed, and stepped forwards, foot coming around in a spinning kick. The kick knocked her opponent through the air. Drakken instinctively dove for cover behind a pile of crates and Ron turned towards the pair to try and save Kim.

Shego landed on the control panel, hands hitting first behind her. The sparking and burning smell instantly tripped her mental alarms. She hadn't lost her plasma when she'd been kicked. It was unusual, but not unknown. Unfortunately, the control panel was also keeping the PDVI in sync. "Oh shi..." she never finished her sentence as a blue-white beam of energy pierced the darkened lair, sweeping up her and Kim. When the blinding light died away, Ron dug a flashlight out of his belt and shone it across the floor. Lying in the center of the floor was Kim's Battlesuit. Shining the light farther over, he saw Shego's cat suit. A spark caught his eye and he turned his light on the ruined Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer. The light fell to the floor, as Ron's arm flashed. The Lotus Blade drove several inches into the wall, pinning Drakken to the wall by his blue lab coat.

"Where are they?" Ron asked, grabbing Drakken by the collar and slamming him against the wall.

"I...I don't know. I can't even track them. The Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer could have tracked them, but it's broken now. And I stole it because it's one of a kind." Ron tightened his grip.

"So was she." Drakken choked.

"She's... alive." Ron released some. "Whereever she is. I was building it so we could teleport into a bank, and back out. The PDVI couldn't have sent her anywhere that she couldn't survive."

"So if we find one of them?" Drakken shook his head. "They were too far apart. They'll be alive, but they'll be separated. And Shego is going to be mad."


Drakken was completely correct. Not strictly for the reasons he expected, but he was correct nonetheless. She found herself wandering naked through an unfamiliar desert. Green grass underfoot was the only thing she recognized. Stopping under the shade of one of the odd trees, something like a cross between a palm and an ever green, she sat to rest. It hadn't taken much to learn that the trees each held a pool of water at it's base. She knew there could be people around here, and she was hoping her keen senses would alert her to them, before her nudity alerted them to her. What she was alerted to however, as she lay at rest, was a sound. It wasn't a loud sound, but it was enough to throw her on her guard. Good thing, because as she rolled to her feet a six-toed foot crashed to the ground where her head had been a moment ago. Four legged and immense, the jaws split wide revealing the tell-tale teeth of a carnivore. An ear-shattering roar issued from the beast, then cut off suddenly as green plasma burned into the mouth of the beast. It cried again, this one of pain, rather than rage, and lunged, moving fast for a beast of it's size. Shego twisted away, though it caught the outside of her right arm as it came, claws lashing out whip fast. Again she blasted with plasma and again it cried out in pain, an echoing moan. But it turned on her, short thick tail whipping around and toppling the heavy tree. Shego lunged, not away, but close towards the beast, rolling underneath it and blasting as she went. Again the cry of pain, again the turn. But it never made it around.

Eight feet long and steel-tipped, the spear slashed the beast's throat, and pierced into it's brain, twisting in the hands of the man who held it. Shego flushed, and threw her hands close. The man didn't appear to see her at first, but jerked on the spear, pulling it free. Reaching up with his free hand, he unclipped his cloak, and stretched it out, looking the other way all the while. Shego took it, and wrapped it around herself. It wasn't quite as tall as she would have liked, but it was enough. "Thank you. That thing..."

"It is called a Velth. It is a predator which we hunt for meat and skins, such as that cloak." he still hadn't turned.

"I'm covered." he turned to face her, and now she got a good look at his face. An even better look after he blinked, which he did with three eyes. Brown hair, blue eyes, all three, and a hardened look on his face, Shego had to fight off another blush. He was cute. "You saved me."

"You're welcome. Truth be told, I saved you from it, and you saved me from days of tracking. I am Drinz Veriod, of clan Alatia. And you are?"

"Shego." she offered a hand carefully, the other still holding tight to the cloak. He shook it warmly.

"A pleasure." he turned his head, and whistled sharply. From a hillside nearby, a huge brown lizard issued. Shego started momentarily, then noticed it was wearing a saddle. It approached, ignoring the Velth. Drinz dug in his saddle bags, and produced clothes. "You can step behind the tree. I promise to try my best not to peek." he smiled and winked.

"I hope not." Shego said and walked behind the tree. She emerged moment's later, and gasped. In the air, three long bladed energy weapons moved without hands, carving into the belly of the beast, which was on it's ridged back without any support. Drinz stood, eyes closed, except the third in the center of his forehead which was wide open. Shego opened her mouth to speak, but he shifted a hand for silence. She waited until the energy blades vanished, and whipped through the air, fixing themselves to his belt. Shego handed him his cloak back. "What? What are you?"

"I am a Jedi Knight." he answered, clipping the cloak back on. His hands made motions and the intestines of the Velth rose, still steaming into the air. He exhaled and the intestines lifted up, draping over the trees of the grove. "And I am a Trione. We believe that we should give back to the world when we kill. In a few hours, the birds and raven-lizards will have consumed them."

"A Jedi? Seriously? I thought they were..." Shego shook her head. "Never mind."

"Don't worry. I get that all the time." he dug into his saddle bags, and pulled out a series of straps, which he hooked around the Velth's legs. "Would you like to ride Morg?" he indicated the lizard.

"What is Morg?"

"She's a Dewback, and she doesn't bite. At least, not unless you're smaller than she is. They eat anything, but Morg prefers plants." Shego hopped lightly up into the saddle. "Impressive." Drinz followed her up, and landed in front. Shego opened her mouth to object, and realized she didn't know how to ride this particular animal.

"Watch your hands." Shego told him.

"I was about to say the same thing. That green energy doesn't look too safe."

"It's not to anyone else." Shego grinned, though he couldn't see it.

"Morg, Drag." Shego felt the enormously powerful muscles of the Dewback flex then begin dragging the huge carcass.


Kim was angry too, but only for a few moments. Appearing suddenly aboard the bridge of the Imperial Remnant ISD Dominus, Kim found herself not only naked, but also arrested. The captain was a tall, dark woman with striking features and eyes with soft red irises. She walked up to the new arrival, held by cuffs and at gun point and stroked her face. "Such a pretty child. I would suspect a Alliance trick, but even they can manage to properly attire their operatives. Take her to my chambers. I will interrogate her personally." she waved a hand. "And have Biana attire her."

The guards gave her no opportunity for escape, leading her directly to an elevator, then into a room where she was left. A tall blond woman entered after a few moments, from the same door. Kim started to attack, but the woman simply caught the foot, and pushed her to the ground. "I suspect you believe you're something special. I think you will find that on this ship, you are not." the blond twisted Kim's leg and rolled her over. One knee went into her back and Kim grunted at the weight, but didn't move. The cuffs came off, and she was released from the weight. She moved cautiously to her feet. "I suspect these will fit." A black jacket and pants were tossed at Kim, along with undergarments. Kim figured that after the embarrassment earlier, dressing in front of this woman was nothing special. It still took all her effort to dress though. Now dressed and feeling comfortable, she was able to take in the room and the woman. She was dressed identically to Kim, and the captain Kim now noticed, except like the captain she had insignia, while Kim did not.

"Can... can I ask a question?"

"Ask all you want. I will decide if I want to answer them."

"Where am I?" the blond looked at her.

"You truly don't know. You are on the Imperial Star Destroyer Dominus, under the command of Admiral Verya Carye."

"Imperial..." Kim looked around. "When..."

"Evening. That's as close as matters in space." Kim's mouth opened and the door chirped. The admiral entered.

"Ah excellent, she is dressed, and ready for... interrogation." the blond crossed the room, and whispered in the Admiral's ear. "A Force user? Why could I not detect her?"

"She is untrained, and the ability is untapped." the blond answered. "But it is there, and it has potential. Take care in your... interrogation."

"I will. I definitely will."

An hour later, Biana was summoned back into the room. She arrived as Kim was being drug out of the room, unconscious. The two Stormtroopers stood aside as the blond passed. Biana tapped her code on the door. After a moment it opened. Biana passed straight through the room, and pressed her hand to a section of wall that appeared no different from any other. A door slid open beside it, and Biana passed through. The door slid shut behind her. Verya sat in a chair before her mirror, wearing a robe, and brushing out her hair. Biana removed her own robe from the closet, and began removing her shirt as she spoke. "Is she as powerful as I suspected?"

"At least. She doesn't even seem to know what the Force is. She doesn't know what we are either." Verya set her hair brush down and crossed the room to wrap her arms around the now half dressed blond. "Fortunately, the rule of two does not apply to us. She will be a powerful apprentice. And with her and this fleet, we will destroy the Republic. And those damnedable Jedi."

"That we will."

Kim woke as her head bounced off the wall of the brig. The door slammed shut, and she heard it lock. She resisted the urge to throw herself against the wall. Air was provided to the cell by two dozen small tubes at the top of the ceiling. A small divider revealed a bathroom, and the only opening beside the wall was a food slot. Kim slumped onto the bed, lowering her head into her hands. "I have to get out of here." she looked up at the door, then sat on the bed again, legs crossed. Her mind drifted, as she entered her meditation.