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How He Missed Her


A tall white figure stood high atop his perch on a tree. The wind blew carrying his silver locks around his face. Using his demonic senses he spied upon a human dwelling. In it he saw his most beloved girl, Rin. Now she is grown with a family of her own. He scarcely came to see her anymore only during those moments when he truly missed her presence. After he had left her with Kaede, he saw her religiously every week but then he saw she was happy among her people living a normal life. Then his visits became rarer until eventually, he no longer saw her.

She doesn't seem to miss him nearly as much. Then again, what did he expect, she was a busy girl. He smiled like he used to—the way she could only do. She was cooing at her new born baby boy. His little girl had grown up so quickly. There was the old saying that if you love something, you need to let it go and if it came back, it was yours. He realized that he could never own her. She was her own person and he was only happy that she has found joy in this little human village.

He watched her husband come and kiss her tenderly upon her cheek. Rin smiled widely. How he missed that smile. She was greatly loved by this human male. This was good, she deserved all the love she received. He could never have expressed his thanks for her like this man did. Sesshomaru was not afraid to admit that he jealous of him. He got to be with this amazing girl forever.

He wished she could be with him now and look up to him in adoration like she used to. It was like watching a daughter grow up only he did not have much time with his. He would have done so many things differently. He would have showered her with affection letting her know that he cared dearly for her. Then, he heard her beautiful laugh that did not loose its childish ring. At that moment he knew that he made no mistake with her. She was happy.

Sesshomaru lingered for a little longer, memorizing every detail of her lovely face. He would never forget this girl who had broken the wall of his icy heart. He loved her with every ounce of his being and he could only hope that she knew this. Forever will it burn in his memory her trusting smile and her eyes that lit up his world.

He looked down at the household that held his heart, he heard her laugh followed by a tender one of an infant child. Sesshomaru smiled recalling the first time the immaculate sound of her joy carried to his ears. How he yearned for her laugh.

Then he left. Taking it one step at a time, he returned to his lonely wandering in these eternal lands. He would go on to live without her but he would miss her everyday as fiercely as he did the first day he was without her.