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Bella's POV

I may be the daughter of Aro, but I will never abandon my beliefs. That was my latest thought on the subject. Before every one of my hunting trips out of Volturi, Aro and all the guard would ask me why I put myself through this pain of being a vegetarian vampire. Little did they know, that the only reason I was a vegetarian vampire was because of them, the Cullans.

I shuddered when I thought back to my human memories, the last few weeks of my human life being the most poignant. To this day I only have a few blurry memories of my mother Renee, A few more memories of my dad, Charlie and a couple of memories of some dear friends Jacob and Angela. However all of these memories are blurry

But if I ever think back I can see all the Cullans with vision as clear as my vampire eyes. Carsile, is the father figure. He was the first in the family and is the reason they all are vegetarians. Esme, is the motherly one, she is warm and tentative. I remember wish one day I would be her daughter. Emmett was the big brother I had always dreamed of. Rosalise, never liked me much but I could never forget her beauty. Jasper was the newest to their lifestyle but was not the least bit less committed. And then Alice, she was my bubbly best friend. Finally him, I couldn't bring myself to remember his name, he was the one who captured my heart and then broke me into a million pieces.

I can't ever get that last memory out of my head,

'I don't love you anymore'

That one line broke my heart. It ended my life and is the reason I am a vampire today. I used to dream that the Cullans would turn me, but now I only hate them for ruining my entire existence.

I remember really clearly how I went to our meadow, just to be able to picture him in my mind. But when I arrived there I broke down. The memories were too much to handle. I lay on the ground for hours sobbing, until I say a figure at the other end of the clearing.

Victoria, a name I once feared, was approaching me. When she found me she said she was getting revenge for the death of her mate James. However she wasn't going to simply kill me, she was going to change me. She new how much Edward hated the idea and thought it would break him.

I was silent through all of this time because I thought at least if I was a vampire I would loose the pain, and maybe one day I could find them again.

The change was more painful than James attack. More painful than a broken heart. I was screaming in pain. Victoria had moved me to deep within the forest, where no one would here my screams. I woke after a long period of time and new I was alone. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to be a monster so from that moment on I pledged I would stay out in the forest until I could control my thirst and live on animals.

Years past and when I felt up to it I re-entered the world. I had become lonely form living alone. When I returned to forks I saw that Victoria must have faked my death, if I ever saw her again I would have to thank her.

After that I was confused, what should I do. I was lost in a world I knew little about. That was when I decided I would come here and join the Volturi. I knew the Cullans hated the Volturi, but where were they when I needed them.

I have been here over fifty years. I am one of their most treasured members of the Guard. I am even more important than there beloved Jane. This is all because of my gift. When I was human he couldn't read my mind, it turns out that I am a mental shield. I can now shield others and myself. Also when my shield is covering others I can use their powers. This makes me an invaluable member of the Guard. It is why I am known as Aro's daughter because as soon as I arrived he took me under his wing. I never thought I would have any type of feelings for anyone again but I owned Aro so much. I felt so much gratitude towards him.

At that moment I had just re-entered the Volturi, and with a relaxing sigh I when to my room to sit in piece and silence.

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