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Bella's POV

As soon as the words escaped my mouth I had set of on her trail. I new this scent well, so I didn't need Demetri's power to track her.

I had no idea what she was doing. I mean from the few times I had met her and the times she had caused my so much pain, I knew she was smart, and if you are a smart vampire, you don't feed in Volterra.

I could here Felix questioning what the hell was going on behind me as we ran out of the city walls. Her scent led east. I knew as soon as we left the city, the guards would inform Aro. I was for all intensive purposes his daughter; I knew he loved me, because I had borrowed his power. Therefore I knew we had to work fast, for the entire guard would be after us as soon as twilight sets in. they would want to know what we were going. Two members of the senior guard going off, they would also want to protect us.

We left the boundary of the city and I slowed to close the gap between Felix and me so we could talk.

'What the hell is going on?' His tone was just about shouting level.

'The vampire,' I had to dodge a tree, 'She is the one who changed me,' this time the pause was so I could steady my voice, 'Her mate caused me some pain years ago.'

With the last words I sped up and Felix had to follow. I could tell we were closing on her because her scent was becoming stronger. The problem was as soon as she knows were following her she will become harder to capture. However Felix and I had tracked hundreds of vampires in Africa and I thought we could put some of those skills to work.

'Felix, we need to split up.' He gave me a crooked smile, however that smile always gave me the creeps.

'Ok, I will go up wind of her and you go down wind. Speed up so you are in her track. Then I will close the distance; she will smell me, and hopeful run right into your grasp. Then we can take her back to the full power of the Volturi.' I liked the plan and was once more thankful I had come on this trip with Felix instead of any thickheaded vampire.

We both set of and soon enough I was down wind so I was hidden, however her set was sending me wild. I wanted to kill the vampire who helped drive a wedge through my heart. The trees had thickened and I had to admit Victoria had chosen her spot well. It was going to be a fast flight to capture her and I knew the prospects of injury were high. I didn't care too much. There was little in my life worth living for anyway.

Suddenly her scent got stronger as the fear of being caught set in. She was heading towards me blind of my existence. I was just about to become overly confident when she set off. She ran towards my left and I shot after her, I knew these woods backwards, so I was planning on trapping her. I laid scent trails then looped around her, almost herding her into a corner. Finally I caught a glimpse of her heading straight for the cliffs. I also saw Felix flanking my other side. We had her trapped.

There stood my attacked and the vampire who hunted in Volterra. She looked us both in the face, a vicious smile on her own.

'Oh, if it's not little Bella.' She was now a few meters away from me and I had to restrain the urge to attack her and kill her. We had to return her for trial.

'Oh, don't you look beautiful. You're not screaming for Edward now. Working for the Volturi now are me,' She went on for ages, I tried to tune her out but each line was even more insulting. Just when I had reached my breaking point I opened my eyes and saw Felix leaping forward and holding her mouth closed.

'Sorry Bella, but she was really annoying me.' We both let out a slight laugh and I joined Felix as we dragged her back to the Volturi to face her fate, which was going to be painful because she disobeyed an important rule.

As we entered the city walls it was dark and members of the guard greeted us. After explaining what had happened they took Victoria of to be held and both Felix and I we told to go change and look smart. We had an important visitor Aro wanted us to meet.

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