The room was filled with noise from nine of the eleven children the three pairs of titans had produced. Logan was sitting by Lucky helping him play with Nero and Nicholas. She was now 14, and in two short weeks start her second year in high school. She looked up as Victor and Vanessa, the later clearly angry, entered the room and got to her feet. They had used the last two months to do some testing on their inteligence.

"Does IQ tests are just bogus."

Vanessa pouted and threw herself dramatically down on the couch. At once Abby walked over to comfort her big sister. Logan looked from Vanessa to Victor.

"So I guess it wasn't good news?"

"Vanessa has an IQ of 295."

Logan was shocked. Vanessa was smart, but that smart? She turned around and smiled to her friend. Trying to lift her spirit.

"Isn't that great? Technically you are a genius."

"Well isn't that nice."

"Don't be petty Vanessa."

"That's easy coming from the guy with an IQ 305."

Logan looked at Victor and couldn't help the stupid look on her face. They were both geniuses. Victor smiled helplessly at Logan before walking over to the couch with Vanessa.

"It's ten points."

"Easy for you to say, you got on the right side of 300."

Vanessa looked up at her brother with pleading eyes.

"You know you would feel disappointed if it was you and not me."

"No, because I don't care about a number."

"No, you're jealous about a name."

Victor looked away, but it soon left his mind when Vanessa and Abby pulled him down and started to tickle him. Logan looked at them for a moment, before she shook her head and walked back to Lucky, Nero and Nicholas. Lucky looked at her for an explanation his four year old mind could comprehend.

"Forget it. I'm ten years older than you, and I don't get it."

He sighed and looked at her with a isn't the world hopeless. Logan grinned and hugged her little brother tight. He smiled, but soon squirmed and wanted his freedom. He turned to the twins and transformed his face into a cow. They laughed and clapped their hands. Then he transformed his face into a cat. Again he got a great response. Logan smiled, loving the fact that they were so amused by so little. She looked up at Lewis who was pointing to something in a book for Angela, Bruce and Alfred.

"By the way Logan, this means Victor and I get bumped up to high school with you."

Logan turned around and looked at them. Then she let out a small scream and hugged them.

"Next time Vanessa, you say that from the start. This is great."


"So what part did you get?"

Logan looked over her shoulder at Vanessa and grinned.


Vanessa smiled.

"Of course."

"Vanessa you forgot this."

Victor came up to them and gave Vanessa the cable he was carrying.

"What are you doing?"

"Victor and me are helping out with lights and other technical things."

"Thats great. That's means we'll be spending a lot of time together."


Victor sulked.

"What? Are you sick of my company already?"

"Of course he isn't."

Vanessa stuck her elbow into her brothers side.

"Then what's the matter?"

"Nothing. We have to go. Things to do, math to figure out."

Vanessa grabbed Victor and pulled him down the hall. Logan felt confused and leaned against the wall.

"So what part did you get? Logan."

Logan span around and looked at the two people standing there like she had never seen them before. Then she shook her head and smiled at Sahara and Jack.


"That's so cool. So the three of us got the leads huh."

"You got the fairy godmother?"

Sahara nodded and Logan hugged her.

"That's wonderful Sahara."

"Hey I'm a prince. Aren't you going to congratulate me baby girl?"

"You're always the prince, smart ass."

Jack smiled as he kissed her. Logan felt a wave of jealousy and looked behind her, but there weren't anyone looking at them. She shrugged and turned back to her friends.


Logan swore under her breath as she and Lewis fell over for the third time.

"Are you okay?"

Logan nodded, but was quite green and having Bruce sitting in the sofa snickering didn't help.

"I still can't understand how you can walk straight without help."

"That's not nice."

Angela looked disapproving at Bruce, but Logan could feel she was barley keeping her laughter retrained. Lewis offered to helped Logan to her feet. She hated that Cinderella was going to dance in the musical. And no matter how much she practise, even selliseting Lewis's help, she was still a huge clutch. Humiliated and angry Logan ignored Lewis's hand and got up on her own.

"You want to try again?"

"No, but it's not like I have a choice."

She just wanted him to say she was a lost cause and give up. She wanted to give up.

"Just listen to the music."

"I know."

Lewis was just trying to help her, Logan knew that, and being angry at him was unfair. But Logan was sick of feling like a clutch. Lewis didn't even stir.

"You want me to show you one more time?"

"I don't want you to show me one more time, I want to not have to do it."

He just looked at her. He wasn't angry or upset or annoyed. He was never annoyed no matter how many times she couldn't do it. He had seen it one time when they had picked her up during practise, and he could do it perfectly. Logan had trouble keeping control over her powers and when a vase next to the tv cracked she ran out of there. Down to the sea, pressing both her palms deep into her eyes so not to cry. She was such a baby. She sat down and sighed.

"Frater, familia, amor."

"Brother, family, love."

Logan didn't look up as Victor sat down beside her.

"Mom says the mantra works better if it something you care about."

"You don't even seem to care that I've learned latin."


He laughed.

"What do you want Victor?"

He got to his feet and offered his hand. She looked at it, sighed, before taking in and getting to her feet.

"I hate being one of the good guys."

Victor just laughed again before Logan walked up to the common room. Lewis looked at her with his usual calm face. She opened her mouth to say something, but he interrupted her.

"You want me to show you one more time?"

Logan nodded, before Lewis pressed the play button and started to dance.


"Then when Logan enters everything goes quiet. You just stop dead in your track, even in a note band, and when she walks down the stairs you all walk back in a huge half circle with you, Jack, still frozen at the bottom of the stairs. Then you curtsey Logan and Jack you grabb her and bring her up to your level. She is your equal unlike the other girls here. Now remember flutes and violins you start playing the moment he touches her. Then you grabb her hand Jack and lead her to the circle you talk. You know chit chat. Then as you reach your mark the band will start to play, you will begin to dance and after the first two marks the rest of the dancers will begin dansing. From the beginning of the scene."

Logan walked out on the stairs and everyone stopped and started to look at her. She walked down and stopped just inches from Jack. He grabbed her hand.

"She's suppose to curtsy first Jack, but I like that you're eager."

Some of the dancers laughed and Logan gave him an supporting smile. Then she curtsied and he gabbed her hand.

"Nice to see you."

"Why that's orignal?"

"Oh, and what would you like me to say?"

"I don't know. Something a bit more articulate. You are the prince after all."

He grinned as they stopped by the mark.

"I've never seen anything as wonderful magnificat as you."

Logan opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. His eyes were so earnest, they made her head feel completely empty. She knew that wasn't the princ talking, it was Jack.

"Great dialog, someone write that down so we don't forget it, and now the band starts playing and you begin to dance."

They started to dance. Logan felt like she really was Cinderella dancing with her prince. She didn't need the wonderful gown or the big band. She just needed Jack saying something wonderful magnificat as that and she was in heaven. He twirled her and she didn't even trip. His arms were a promis of security and joy. She could trust him with everything and everything would be okay.


"So, finally finished with Cinderella after nine performances. What do you want to do now Baby girl?"

Logan laughed and leaned her head on his shoulder. Jack continued to play on the piano.

"I don't know, it's your birthday. You decide."

There was a party later with all their friends, and Sahara would be over in an hour to eat pizza, but for now there was only them. Jack laughed.

"You know you shouldn't say that to a sixteen years old boy."

"You mean there's only one thing on every sixteen years old boys mind?"

He grinned, but before he could answer the doorbell rang. Logan got to her feet.

"I'll get that, and you can think if your not selling your sex a little short."

"I'm just being honest."

"Well, if that's true I don't think we are the weaker sex."

She laughed again as she opened the door. Her laughter died abruptly as she looked at the man very similar to the pictures of Barbara, thou there wasn't a singel picture of him in the entier house. His emotions forced themselves on her like she had never experienced and she pressed her hand to her chest. She heard a crash and knew her powers had broken something.

"Is everything alright?"

Jack was suddenly standing next to her.

"Hi Raymond, or is it Jack?"

He froze and looked at the man, then he positioned himself between him and Logan, before grabbing the door and slamming it in his face. Then he turned back to Logan who was still stearing at the door.

"Baby girl look at me."

Logan looked at him finally before breaking down. She was still crying when Sahara came, but now in the living room. Jack had almost carried her.

"What happened?"

"My father visited."

Sahara continued to look confused, and even Jack didn't look so at eas.

"Every person has an emotional signatur."

Logan started, her crying slowing down to a few tears running down her cheek. She dried them.

"You remember when we first met Ray Sahara? I said he didn't feel like Jack. That's because of this emotional signatur. Every person you have contact with is in this emotional signatur and events and people who change your life can be read in this signature for the rest fo your life."

Jack sat down and rested his forehead on her shoulder. She grabbed his hand and squeezed it hard.

"It's the first time anyone has physically hurt me with their signatur."

He screamed and this brought tears to both Logan and Sahara.

"I'm sorry Jack."

He squeezed her hand, but kept his face down. Both Logan and Sahara looked at him.

"Mom had taken Ray and me out to the park to play ball and dad was home with Barbara. He was working and left her without supervision two floors above his office. Who in their right mind leaves a three year old without any supervision. She was walking down the stairs to get him when she tripped and cracked her head open. My mother never recovered and you know what he did with my brother. He has hurt all the people I have ever cared for."

He looked up and at the girls.

"I love my mother and I love Ray, but it's like they're broken. If you two hadn't rung the doorbell, I don't know what would have happened to me."

Sahara bent over and stroked his knee.

"And to think Logan over here didn't want to visit you."


Logan felt betrayed and turned to Jack.

"I have to point out that at the time you did pull my hair and call me baby girl, wich I at that point thought was an insult."

He smiled.

"It's okay. No one has ever accused me of being a good flirter, and especially at the age of eight. I don't think any boy is a good flirter at the age of eight."

"Not that you're good flirter at the age of sixteen either."

Logan and Jack laughed at Sahara's little 'joke'.

"So, anyway, I'm starving. Where is the pizza?"

"We forgot."


Sahara shook her head.

"You guys had one job and that was to get me pizza so I wouldn't starv at the party. I guess have to order. Can I use your telephone, my battery is flat."

Jack pulled his cell out of his pocket. Sahara went out into the hall to order and Logan curled up in Jack's arms. His arms were a promis of security and joy. She could trust him with everything and everything would be okay.