Jack was standing just inside the door. The silver jewellery box was standing on her desk, Baby Girl, was inscribed on the lid. Logan was standing right by the bed. An awful silence had come over them. She looked at him, but he refused to meet her eyes. Guilt was consuming him.

"You didn't do anything wrong."

"I know."

But Logan knew there was a mile between knowing and feeling.

"I'm sorry."

He finally looked at her, with a confused look on his face. Logan sat down on the bed, not caring that she was crying.

"I'm sorry I put you through that."

"No. No don't cry Baby Girl."

He sat down beside her, putting his arms around her. She grabbed his shirt.

"I'm so sorry."

"Please, Baby Girl, you didn't do anything."

"I'm who I am."

"Listen Baby Girl..."

He cupped her cheek and moved it up until she was looking at him. He opened his mouth to say something, when he suddenly looked and felt like he figured something out and got some peace.

"I have neer felt inferior to you, but when I couldn't help you I suddenly felt weak."

"You're an ass Jack."

He smiled and rested his forehead on hers.

"You might be right."

"I know I'm right. Being strong isn't just winning, it's fighting when the ods are against you. That's why Batman is cooler than Superman."

He laughed, but Logan could feel that there was more.

"Mom is dead."


"Dad killed her a few days after you woke up. Ray has to move back to LA, so our aunt and uncle can take care of him, and I'm going with him."

Logan kissed him gently.

"I love you Jack. You will always be my first love. You fought fire demons for me. Now, how many girlfriends can claim that."

"I feel horrible. You and Sahara have been like my family..."

"But Ray is your family. He needs you Jack, and it's okay to say that you need him."

He kissed her. She tried so hard she could to comfort him, to say it was okay, that she loved him. That goodbye, that to break up, thou changes the bond, doesn't break it. She hoped he understood. It felt like he did. The couple fell down on the bed as all the lamps in her room simultaneously malfunctioned.


Raven looked up as Logan walked in. She froze, before breaking down and running into her arms. Raven was a bit confused, but didn't say anything. After a few minutes she finally made out the words the girl whispered into her chest over and over again.

"I'm so sorry."

For several minutes Raven just sat there and let Logan cry. Whispering only one thing in return.

"It's okay."

Finally Logan pulled away.

"I saw it."

"You have to be more specific."

"After I was the portal and talked to Lewis I made light and I saw you and dad I think it was the time I was consummated I saw how you learned that you were pregnant and how you turned into Rachel I didn't mean to spy I just did."

Raven gave her a small smile.

"It's okay."

Logan started to breath properly again.

"Can I ask you something?"

Raven nodded.

"Why did you leave them for me? I mean, they're your family. I know how much they mean to you, why?"

"Don't ask stupid questions Logan. I left because if I had to choose, I choose you and your brothers."

Logan placed her head on Raven's lap and Raven started to pet her.

"Dad was so upset."

"I know precious."


"He's forgiven you now."

"He forgave me a long time ago. He doesn't have the personality to hold a grudge."

Logan felt sleepy as her mother gently stroked her, and Raven felt content and happy in finally having her daughter back.


"How are you feeling? Vanessa said Jack left today."

Logan was sitting on the roof letting birds land on her hands, but looked up as Victor came close. She hadn't talked much to him and her eyes went over his arm and leg before she turned her attention back to the birds.

"You know LA isn't that far, and people have laste longer distances."

"We broke up. We're still friends, but nothing more. And thank you for not jumping up and down of joy."

He looked away and Logan looked at him.

"Are you happy with your arm and leg like that?"

"Don't ask stupid questions Logan."

"If you could choose"

"I said, don't ask stupid questions."

Logan got to her feet and grabbed his arm.

"Do you feel that?"

"Not like nerves or anything, but I do have sensores telling me that something is touching me."

"Oh, so I'm a something now?"

He laughed.

"Is it true you're in love with me?"

He stopped laughing, but other than that nothing changed. His feelings didn't change, they just got a new name. He had been right.

"I'll find a way to get you to fall for me Logan. Now that you're not dating him, I'll make you fall for me, somehow. I do have an IQ of 305."

"Cocky much?"

He kissed her hand, before leaving. A bird landed next to Logan, who now didn't hide her tears anymore.

"Just by being near him, I hurt him. What should I do?"

She didn't really expect an answer.


A year later and Lina Lamont was switched with Rafiki. Even without teleporting had her training made her body strong, flexibel and able to do things that really impressed her fellow student, including air acrobatics and swinging up side down from rings while acting. She was still in her costume when a woman came to see her.

"Ms. Roth, I was wondering if you had put any thought into your future?"

"Probably not the way you mean. Who are you?"

"My name is Mrs Johnsen. I work for Tisch School of the Arts. Have you heard of it?"

Logan shook her head.

"It's a department under NYU. New York University. You're teacher is very impressed with your work, and after seeing you I understand why. I was wondering if you would be interested in applying to our school when you are done here. Particularly CAP21. It's our musical theater department."

Logan thought she would faint.

"I'm to understand you skipped a year. I assume you work hard, despite your parents being who they are."

Logan nodded again.

"So, would you be interested in applying?"

Logan nodded again.

"Good. I see he wasn't wrong about you. I'll leave the nesesery papers with him. Good luck Ms. Roth."

"It's bad luck to say good luck to an actor."

The woman smiled, before turning and walk away.


Logan looked down at the paper. She looked up at her family, who all looked at her. She smiled and the room exploded in cheers and congratulations.


Raven fell down on the bed, into her husbands arms, and made a sigh.

"What's wrong?"

"Lucky, he still can't control the telekenises. And what's even better is that he's learned that he can fly using them. He challenged Alfred to a flying contest."

"Without morphing?"

"He didn't morph until he got tired halfway through and fell into the ocean."

Beast Boy whistled impressed.

"I knew you'd be impressed. That's something you would have done too."


"If you suddenly found out you could fly, the first thing you'd do would be to challenge Starfire to a flying contest. He's even made Alfred promis him a rematch."

Beast Boy knew what that tone meant. It meant she thought that Lucky challenging someone who had flown all their life was idiotic, but she was still impressed with his determination to master his new power. He had often heard her tone when she talked about himself.

"And you need talk to Lewis about the beast."

"Something happened?"

She shook her head.

"Logan talked to him when they were fighting my father. He just needs to know that he'll not become evil just because of what might happen to him in the future."

"Okay, I'll talk to him tomorrow. Or do you want me to drag him out of bed now?"

It was a joke and she saw it as such. She gently hit him and he laughed.

"And how's Logan?"

"She's very happy about going to New York, but she's strugeling with the fact that Victor loves her in a way she doesn't. She asked me how I knew I was in love with you and not just mirroring your emotions. I said I never had a problem distinguishing my emotions from every one else's, and asked if she had a problem with it."

"And what did she say?"

"That it normally wasn't a problem, so rationally she didn't think that was her problem. She just hates being the source of pain for someone she cares about."

Beast Boy looked at Raven as she looked up in the ceiling trying to find a sulution to Logan's problem.

"Would you be happier if you had been Rachel Roth rather than go back to be Raven, or if you had chosen another partner?"

"Why this sudden display of insecurity? Don't you usually mask it behind stupid jokes and bad puns?"


He looked like a desperate child and Raven, with a small smile, caressed his cheek.

"I don't know if I would be happier if I had made another choice, because this is the only choice I know the consequences of, but I love you Beast Boy, and I don't want to be anywhere else than right here in your arms."

He kissed her. He was now hovering over her, and she started to play with his hair.

"How about you? Do you think you'd be happier with a blond cheerleader?"

"Give me a N. Give me a E. Give me a V R E."


He looked confused, and Raven decided to put him out of his misery with a kiss.

"When the moon hit your eye like a big pizza pie..."

Raven decided to put herself out misery with a kiss.