"I know- as soon as he starts the course leave and don't trust him an inch off duty." Kathryn's words of wisdom were not lost on Tom, they sounded like they were born of experience but he knew better than to ask, especially if she was as good at practical jokes as Chakotay claimed- besides she was the Captain, and that was enough to scare anybody.

Meanwhile Chakotay had chosen Icheb to guide him, knowing that he would be safe with the next youngest crewmember.

"Okay Chakotay do you want to stand on the start line and I'll put the blindfold on you?" Tom said, distracting Chakotay while Kathryn quietly made the modifications and had pre-warned the Doctor in a low whisper "Get lots of images, and I want copies please."

The Doctor knew that Janeway was up to something, but readily agreed. After all, laughter was the best medicine and it was nice to see the Captain so relaxed.

Her last duty was to tell Naomi and Sam that she would be back after Chakotay's round. "Just get good seats near the end, I'm off to see how Tuvok is getting on." she hinted with a wink, and then together with Tom they quickly left the holodeck. She checked in with Tuvok. "I will relieve you in twenty minutes so you can join in Naomi's birthday party." Tuvok acknowledged this and it was quiet at the moment.

Janeway disabled their commbadges location beacons. "Okay Tom now we hide, and at certain intervals, ask the computer where he is and go back to Naomi's party. He will change before going back which means we can delete his 'extra features' so we don't get them and restore the commbadges."

"Captain, I hope we can collaborate more often- we make an excellent team. Good hiding" Tom said, shaking her hand in admiration.

They separated but unknowingly chose hiding places in the Jefferies tubes on the same deck very near each other, as they wanted to see Chakotay leave the holodeck. Janeway had set the computer to tell her when Commander Chakotay was on another deck. She had no intentions of missing Naomi's party and she wanted to see her handiwork.

Icheb, unaware of the prank about to unfold, directed the blindfolded Commander very concisely. The last part of Chakotay's course was to step on the finish X which would trigger a big bucketful of cold water to be poured over him.

Kathryn and Tom quietly sniggered when they heard Chakotay's yell. He had asked the computer the location of Captain Janeway and Lieutenant Paris. The computer replied "that information is not available" and Kathryn's smiling voice added, "No cheating Chakotay, I've 'served' you your punishment for the wisecracks and for getting me to admit that I can't cook. By the way that's not cold holographic water." Everyone laughed, including Chakotay, who left the holodeck-dripping wet. Soon the computer alerted her that he was in the turbolift, heading towards his quarters. Tom heard the computer relay that information and had decided he was safe. They had seen from their relative positions a wet Chakotay. They were a bit surprised when they saw each other emerging… "Great minds think alike, hiding in plain sight." Tom commented. Kathryn grinned, "What's that line in Harry Potter you love so much? Mischief Managed?" Tom nodded, before both laughed at the sight of the wet Commander.

They entered the holodeck and went up to the Doctor who showed them the photos as well as a video he was making of the party for Naomi. "I would like copies of those please Doctor" Tom said, before he went to delete Chakotay's water feature, before anyone else could make use of it. When the crew noticed Tom and Janeway they applauded the mischief-makers.

Janeway restored their commbadges and went up to Naomi and asked her was she enjoying her party. "Yes thank you Captain. I think everyone is enjoying themselves even Commander Chakotay." Naomi giggled at the memory of the wet Commander.

Kathryn chuckled. "I'm sure it's the company they seek Naomi." Seeing Naomi's puzzled face, she clarified, "your company Naomi." She gave Naomi a hug, before straightening. "Hello Chakotay." She didn't turn round but greeted the Commander who had returned and silently had approached behind his Captain. Chakotay wasn't too surprised; he too could tell when Kathryn was in the room.

"Thank you for the cold shower Captain. Did Paris have anything to do with this?"

"No, but I think he has more respect for me now, I just need to find a joke especially for him. I would appreciate any ideas." Her eyes twinkled. "Now I'm going to relieve Tuvok, I know he wants to give Naomi his gift."


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