I OWN NOTHING!!!!!!!!!

"Eward I wont let anything happen to our little bella while you are gone." Emmett told Edward.

"You better not Emmett or I swear you will not live another second!" Edward threatened.

"Pfff Like you will do any thing!"

Edward growled and Bella stepped in."Come on babe he wont do anything. I trust him so should you."

"Well I don't." Edward answered.

"Whatever Eddie just go hunt Bella will be in my hands." Emmett call now from the kitchen.

"Thats what I am afriad of."

"Eddie Babe it will be my Emmett and Jasper. Nothing will happen okay just calm down. Alice will see if anything bad happens okay?" Bella was trying to calm Edward down.

Once Edward, Alice, Esme, Carlisle, and Rosalie were gone Emmett came and sat on the couch next to Bella and turn to Jasper who was sit in the love seat.

"So Jasper what do you wanna do?" Emmett ask.

"I don't know. Party maybe?" Jasper suggested.

"Hell yeah."

"So is that what we are doing?" Bella asked.

"Yeah but you have to drink alittle because I know you never have and Edward wants you to have all of these human experiences and this is on of them." Emmett told her.

"Whatever but I will not get drunk got it?"

"Yeah yeah" Emmett agreed.

So this is the beganing of a lot of fun times with the cullens. But sneek peek for the next time Bella has a slur in her words and can't walk straight.

Love y'all