if you had spared me a simple second glance, i might have had a chance

but all because you didn't, despire my every emotion and feeling for you,

i couldn't stand up to him,

to the other you,


i became a nightmares very definitition,

and each time i hurt you, it hurt me, and i cried, and i bled,

i kept calling but even then you refused me that second glance that would save me,

before, before i was lost,

but now it's too late, i've become lost inside of 'myself'

because you could not offer me that hand i needed,

kamui, if i had control, i would die,

to save you from the pain that i keep causing you,

and i regret that pain,

because i love you, kamui

i love you

but wou wouldn't hear me scream, you just couldn't spare me a glance of your time

did you even miss me?

because i barely survived,

just ask those close to me,

i changed, but even now, i try to protect you,

protect you from the Dark Kamui's fantasies of you,

fantasies that make my skin crawl with disgust,

there are times i have enough control to visit you,

but you never wake,

but i wonder if you can feel the soft kisses i lay on your lips,

in the secrecy of midnight,

if you ever knew the times i came,

cloaked in the blanket of sky, streaked, colored, and painted a deep violet and sullen indigo hue

if you ever hear the sweet nothings and promises i murmer

carrassed by the gentle gleam, and sparkle of the stars, shining and glimmering in the velvet sky above

kamui, i love you,

and now,

i need you to look at me,

see me inside him,

i need a second glance,

i can't keep giving each peice of my soul i give kills me

and i just want you kamui

thats my wish

but it won't command me.