Summary: Ianto finds Jack after he fell off a building.

Disclaimer: I sadly don't own anything.

A/N: just short drabble on a random thought I had after falling off a chair.

Jack gasped, coming back to life flinching as he felt a bone slide back into place.

Something was wrong, different.

He couldn't feel the pavement under his head. There was something else there instead. Something warm and soft and alive.

His eyes flew open, his body tense and ready to fight to get away or hold whoever was there so he could retcon them later, and he was met by Ianto's blue eyes and a sad smile.

His head was in Ianto's lap.

Jack felt himself relax and he closed his eyes again, cuddling closer to his lover and the warmth he provided.

"You really have to stop doing that Cariad. People are starting to set up video cameras." Ianto said softly, running one hand through Jack's hair while the other moved to rest over Jack's heart. "You officially have a following on the internet and we keep getting calls from the police about a ghost that people keep seeing. Apparently you are a heartbroken lover whose fiancée died so you killed yourself during a storm. Your tortured soul hasn't been able to find peace so you relive your death during every storm."

"Where did you come up with that?" Jack asked sitting up but taking Ianto's hand so that they stayed in contact.

"Some ghost chasing website. You are the new favourite." Ianto told him with a small laugh.

"That was the best they could come up with?"

"It's not like they know that you can't die." Ianto said, pulling his had away. "And last time it was lightning, the time before that was the wind, before that you slipped on the rain just before you came down, before that it was a pebble that you slipped on during a storm. Do you need me to go on?"

Jack sighed, upset with himself. He knew how much Ianto hated it when he died. How he thought that he wouldn't come back.

"I'm sorry Sweetheart." Jack said. "I don't mean to worry you and I don't try to get myself killed."

"Standing on the roof of a tall building during a thunderstorm isn't trying to kill yourself?"

"I needed to think. Standing on a roof is the one place I know I will be able to clear my head."

"I just want you to try and be more careful. Please Cariad." Ianto said softly, letting Jack take his hand back. "I mean cleanup is becoming really annoying."

Both men laughed and Ianto stood up and brushed his suit off before helping Jack to his feet.

"So if you could possibly keep standing on the edge of the roof for good weather only I would be very grateful." Ianto wrapped his arms around his Captains waist and laid a gentle kiss on his lips. "And if you think about it, the less time I have to spend cleaning up after incidents like this, the more time we can spend together."

"More time for naked hide and seek." Jack said thoughtfully. "I will try to be more careful Sweetheart. I promise. And I really am sorry for worrying you."

Jack kissed Ianto gently and almost whimpered when Ianto pulled away before he could deepen it.

"So naked hide and seek when we get back to the Hub?" Jack asked.

"Nope." Ianto told him, pulling away completely. "I still have to clean up to do."