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Harry Potter and the Forbidden Room

The Beginning of A New Life

Harry Potter woke up and pulled on his glasses from his dresser. He blinked several times adjusting his eyes to the light from the window. He picked his watch up that had once belonged to Fabian Prewett. It was only 2 in the afternoon. Yawning he got out of bed and got dressed. The dormitory was empty apart from him. This made him wonder where Ron was the last time he had seen him Ron had been climbing into the bed next to his.

The common room was also deserted and slightly dusty where bits of ceiling and wall had crumbled during the Battle of Hogwarts. Memories of that night were still fresh and painful in his mind. He breathed deeply and made his way downstairs to the Great Hall which is where he assumed most of the inhabitants of Hogwarts would still be. As he walked though Hogwarts he could see the extent of the damage on the castle. Bits of wall had fallen in some corridors were blocked entirely due to the roof having caved in. Staircases were crumbling and portraits had been destroyed. Finally after taking many detours he arrived at the doors to the Great Hall through which he could here many people talking. Taking another deep breath feeling that he better face everyone and get it over with quickly he walked through the doors.

As he entered silence swept across the room, everyone stared at him and then suddenly the room burst into the sound of applause and cheering as though suddenly someone switched on the sound. Harry looking slightly mortified and blushing saw Ron and Hermione waving him over from the Gryffindor table. He strode towards them quickly noticing that like this morning no one sitting according to house anymore.

'Hi Harry, are you okay?' Hermione asked him hugging him as he came towards her.

'Yeah, I'm good,' then lowering his voice he asked, 'how's everyone else?' he gestured towards the Weasley's.

'There holding up, George and Mrs Weasley are taking it the hardest. There with Fred now.' She said looking upset and she sat down next to Ron again.

Harry took the seat opposite them sighing, the war might be over but it would be awhile if ever for them to get past it.

He grabbed some sandwiches and began eating them hungrily. Looking up and down the table, it was then that he realised that he had sat down next to Ginny. She was pale faced and her eyes were red form where she had been crying. She glanced sideways at him as he watched her, but did not say anything. Mr Weasley was sat next to Ginny and on his other side were Bill, Fleur and Charlie. Percy was sat next to Ron and Hagrid next to Hermione. He smiled at Harry proudly. Harry smiled back. He looked around the hall spotted Neville on the Ravenclaw table still surrounded by a group of girls and Luna Lovegood staring dreamily into space. Then he looked back at his two best friends. It was then that he noticed how uncomfortably they were acting around one another.

Every now and then they would say something to one another but the conversation would be short and break off into an awkward silence. Harry knew exactly what was causing this behaviour. Idiots, he thought. Then he made a loud tutting noise and rolled his eyes so that they both looked up at him.

'What?' said Ron and Hermione in unison, looking annoyed and confused with him.

'Honestly you two, do I have to lock you in a cupboard together to get you to talk to one another.' He asked smirking as they both glanced at one another and blushed.

The Weasley's and Hagrid all looked at the three of them.

'Excuse me,' said Hermione looking offended, while Ron's ears turned bright red.

'Oh, don't play dumb with me; you two have been acting weird with one another all morning.'

'We have not!' said Ron speaking up at last.

'Yes you have you've barely said two words to each other. And after...well...I thought maybe we'd be past this stage by now.' He said smirking as both Ron and Hermione shot him warning looks across the table.

Just then a phoenix flew across the Great Hall and landed in front of Harry. Everyone let out a gasp.

'Fawkes?' said Harry uncertainly recognising the bird at once and reached out a hand to grab the note in its beak. As soon as he had taken it the bird vanished in a ball of flames. The note was written in very familiar slanting handwriting. He unrolled the scroll and read it.


By the time you read this I am afraid that I will have left this plain of existence. If Fawkes does deliver this as I believe that he will, it will mean that you have accomplished what no other could have and defeated Voldemort. I would firstly like to say how proud I am of you. Secondly of how sorry I am that you had to go through so much hardship. And thirdly I have one final request to make of you. As you will undoubtedly remember in the Department of Mysteries there is a door which is kept locked at all times. Only you can enter this room and come out unscathed. You must trust in me one last time and go into the room using my wand to enter. You must not spend any longer than half an hour in this room otherwise you risk being driven to madness. In the room you will find a gift or a reward if you will for everything you have done. Something which I believe you truly deserve. Only you can remove this from the room. I wish you the very best of luck and happiness for the rest of your days.

Yours most sincerely

Albus Dumbledore

P.S Tell Mr Weasley and Miss Granger that I also wish them the best of luck and of many years of happiness and joy. Tell them not to be scared by new changes to old relationships but embrace them for life is too short to tiptoe around these things. Which I, speaking as an old man, know better than anyone.

'What does it say?' asked Hermione in a hushed voice, leaning across the table. Harry handed the letter to Ginny who had been reading the letter over his shoulder.

'You two,' she said looking at Ron and Hermione. 'Need to stop bickering and get it on. Well okay he doesn't put it in those words exactly but that's the gist of it.' she added after receiving glares from them.

'Fine if you don't believe me, take a look for yourselves.'

And she handed the letter to them. They read the letter together and both sat silently staring at the letter disbelievingly until Hermione cleared her voice.

'So, are you going to go to the room then?' she asked Harry.

'Of course.' said Harry. Noticing that she had chosen not to pass comment on Dumbledore's words to her and Ron, and that Ron was watching her too noticing as Harry had.

'He'd be mental not to go Hermione! I mean, what do you think this prize is, gold?' added Ron eagerly.

'I don't think so.' said Hermione smirking.

'Oh and what makes you so sure Hermione?' snapped Ron.

'Because since when has Dumbledore ever done anything normal or expected. It will probably be some useful magical artefact like the invisibility cloak.' she said sarcastically rolling her eyes.

'What so you read minds now do you? You can't know that by treasure he doesn't mean gold.'

'Dumbledore knew that Harry had enough money as it was; besides the letter said it was something he truly deserved.'

'After everything that he's been through I'd say he deserved some gold.' He said indignantly.

'Money isn't everything Ron!' said Hermione snidely.

Ron and Hermione continued bickering, but Harry was so used to this having endured seven years of it that he ignored them. Instead he turned to Ginny who was staring up at him. But as he looked at her she said shyly.

'Can I come with? I realise that I won't be able to go in the actual room but I could wait outside.'

'Are you sure you don't mind waiting, I could be awhile?'

'Nah, anything to get away from Ron and Hermione's bickering.' She said smiling cheekily.

'Hey!' burst Ron offended.

'Oh please, don't even try acting all offended.'

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